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 on: Today at 11:07:52 AM 
Started by Jeff Traxler - Last post by Motorman
What resin are you using?

 on: Today at 10:48:34 AM 
Started by Scott Richlen - Last post by bob whitney

a Jet-x 50 on a hand launch glider was a great HI POINT event just use 1/2 a pellet anything more and it would come down faster than it went up y1

 on: Today at 10:30:58 AM 
Started by frank mccune - Last post by frank mccune
       Hello All:

       Today, I did an A-B test with a ST G20/.23 vs. a Brodak .25 engine.  I used the same plug, fuel,5% nitro and 25% castor, and prop on both engines.  The test was done as fast as time permitted.  Here are a few findings:

      The Brodak required a few flips to get started and turned an 8x6 prop at 12000 rpm.  The ST was a one flip starter and turned the same prop at 14000 rpm. Both engines were permitted to reach operating temperatures and were adjusted for maximum revs. I think that the Brodak sells for $109.95 and a good used ST can be bought from the Bay for less than $30.00 including shipping.  One of the best ST .23 engines that I have was a swap meet one that cost me $5.00.

       I know that a small sample as the one that I did is not very valid, but it gives one food for thought.

       I have a few drawers full of old style engines that suit me very well for Sport and Stunt flying.  Among them are Fox .40 Stunt circa 1970,Fox .36, OS .30,.35 and .40 stunt engines, ST of many sizes a few Enyas, McCoys etc.  All provide great stunt runs!  Oh yes, I do have some more modern engines ABC, AAC etc. but what do I gain by using the latest technology!

        I guess that I am stuck in the 60's!  Lol

                                                                                                            Be well,

                                                                                                            Frank McCune


 on: Today at 10:10:41 AM 
Started by Scott Richlen - Last post by peabody
I saw the topic and my fingers hurt from the many burns I suffered with the damned things growing up....NEVER got one to work!

 on: Today at 10:07:51 AM 
Started by Jeff Traxler - Last post by Jeff Traxler
Last summer I had the good fortune to spend a bunch of time with Bill Werwage talking props.I have made a few CF glow props for him and Chris Rud and have been making molds for a few other glow props as well.Being a E kinda guy I knew it would only be a matter of time before I started making molds for the e community.I consulted with Dennis Adamisin a bit before I started this first one and here it is.I will be shipping him a couple for testing tomorrow and hope the rain and wind machine stops so I can have a little testing time as well.More E props are in the planning/mold making process and I will share them as they start to materialize.We need more E prop choices and I'm going to see about providing a few.......Stay tuned!!

 on: Today at 09:52:02 AM 
Started by Fredvon4 - Last post by Jeff Traxler
RevUp 10x6EW front and back shots.

 on: Today at 09:50:24 AM 
Started by Fredvon4 - Last post by Jeff Traxler
11x4 and 10x5EP

 on: Today at 09:48:52 AM 
Started by Fredvon4 - Last post by Jeff Traxler
Here are the 10x4 and 10x5

 on: Today at 09:47:15 AM 
Started by Fredvon4 - Last post by Jeff Traxler
If these take I'll post a couple more

 on: Today at 09:42:11 AM 
Started by Scott Richlen - Last post by Steve Helmick
20 hours of maintenance for every hour flown.  Hoff

Isn't that less than a helicopter?  Layingdown Steve

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