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Open Forum / Re: NATs Help wanted
« Last post by Darkstar1 on Today at 09:47:26 PM »
Ok Gang,
Here is the motel situation
First the bad news There is no room at the Comfort Inn Or the Fairfield. They were already booked for our dates well before I was able to do anything.
So this is what I have All at the AMA/Pampa rate. I blocked ten rooms Half single bed Half double bed @ each motel on the scheduled dates with one exception.

Hampton Inn Of Muncie. PH 765.288.8500
Rates are 115 per night But there is a catch.
The dates are only for July 8-13 so checkout is Friday morning. But lets face facts the majority doesn't stay the whole week anyway.
And this is a better rate because of the earlier checkout day.

Holiday Inn express and suites PH 765.289.4678
125 per night The rooms have to be reserved by 6/01/18 or the regular rates will apply.

Baymont Inn Muncie 765.284.4200
This is probably the "official" NATS motel
They don't block rooms
Rates are 74 Single 84 Double
So reserve these rooms NOW!

Super 8 Muncie 765.286.4333
Rates 55 Single 65 Double
Call in by June 8 for this rate
But there are still rooms available even if the blocked ones are taken
But ask for this rate anyway.

Open Forum / Re: Tigre 60 really?
« Last post by Dan McEntee on Today at 09:27:20 PM »
Hi Skip,
I've been reasonably competitive with my old V60 Tigre powered Golden Falcon. it's an old 80's style 60 ship. It's all wrong. But I've flown it a lot and it's really reliable.
My pipe ship needs some maintenance and I'm actually slower than Randy at getting models done but it has a PA 61 on a 65 Aero Pipe and the model has a few little quirks so I'm not flying it right now but it can fly more competitively than the 60 ship. But only if it shows up to the contest.
Build your ships, put in the engine that suits you, practice (or have fun).
You if desire to compete, and can fly in Advanced, you can kick everyone's butt with a 60 ship almost everywhere in the country if you practice with a coach and fly regularly. After 1,000 flights on one or two ships with reasonable shapes sizes found by a flying with a good outside observer/coach, you'll be competitive.
Once you're in Expert, one has to step up a lot, and my 60 ship suffers from slow speed recovery in hard corners and trim issues from having a forward CG.
I'm building a Thundergazer for a PA75 like David Fitzgerald has, but I'll have a hard time beating he, Brett or Paul ever because I won't fly as much as them. Not enough fire for it anymore, too many hobbies, etc.
Have fun with the 60, it gets one to 95% all at once better than any other engine, and easier.

    Hey Chris;
    There may be a Mini-Me Golden Falcon in the future. Sean was asking me about the airplane and I'm sure he has talked to you about it. One of these days, I'll type my version of why the American flag decal is on the right wing tip!  That one one of the wildest things I ever saw!  I always loved the paint scheme on that airplane!
    Type at you later,
     Dan McEntee
Open Forum / Re: Manual for Sig Magnum
« Last post by Matt Spencer on Today at 09:22:57 PM »
The POINT BEING if youve already a pile of R C Motors , your likely to already have something thatll suit .
Building techniques / Re: Hutch's P-38 Lightning
« Last post by Crist Rigotti on Today at 09:22:15 PM »
What's on the bench?
Open Forum / Re: PAMPA subscription
« Last post by Crist Rigotti on Today at 09:19:47 PM »
Scale Models / Re: When photos and 3-view don't match
« Last post by Dan McEntee on Today at 09:14:52 PM »

Navy fighters are easy.  They were just painted dark blue and pushed over the side at the first sign of trouble.


   That is not only wrong but one of the stupidest, asinine remarks I have ever seen on the forums! A lot of brave men flew from those decks, great pilots all, some Medal of Honor winners and remarkable men on and below deck also!
   Dan McEntee
Engineering board / Re: Stiletto tail size
« Last post by Matt Spencer on Today at 09:06:56 PM »
Perhaps youd better let Les McDonald Know. He might want to change it before He starts Flying It . :) ;)

Open Forum / Re: Skin cancer
« Last post by Dan McEntee on Today at 09:05:28 PM »
   Uncle Mikey,
I'm sure I can speak for a lot of people on here in offering up prayers and good thoughts for you while you deal with this. Hang tough and keep punching!
   Type at you later,
   Dan McEntee
Open Forum / Re: Sig Mfg
« Last post by Dan McEntee on Today at 09:01:58 PM »
   Thanks to Sean for helping the old man out with the photo. Mine is just biog enough for the power panel and a 12 volt, 7 amp gel cell underneath it. I divided the other side in half for space in a simple drawer and an open top area for odds and ends, spare plugs, and a few tools. I just want all the power I can get for a good clean start, and the occasional use of a starter if necessary. It's made from hardware store luan wood, 1/4" thick, a simple rope and pvc pipe handle and some cord for a drawer pull. This is the second one I have built, after wearing the first one out. I used a the brass corner hardware from the first box on this one. Gave it a coat of some sort of urethane that I had laying around. Makes a good surface for stickers and such. The battery needs to be charged just twice a year or so. I used it today to get my January flights!
    Type at you later,
    Dan McEntee
Engine set up tips / Re: Balance a Engine
« Last post by Matt Spencer on Today at 09:00:57 PM »
Maybe Someone knows how to balance One of THESE :

 LL~ >:(

Early Aeromuddler picture has a conventional 180 degree full counterweight , most injuns unfortunately have thick ' V ' narrow at crankpin .

Figure get the Arc Welder & grindstone out .  >:(

If its ok on a 426 / 440 etc , should hang in ( counterweights ) if a homogenous welders employed .

Actually , a FP 40 crank something like starts to fit , At the end of the day youd end up with a Raduga/ Rainbow Cased FP 40 . ( tearing hair out Icon )  LL~
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