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Building techniques / Re: 1/8" Elevator/Stab hinging
« Last post by Dan McEntee on Today at 10:36:42 PM »
    I thinkyou are way over thinking and over engineering a simple part of the Ringmaster. I have never seen a sewn hing fail, nor have ever heard of one failing. If we are talking about a 1/8" stab/elevator on a Ringmaster, if the balsa doesn't fold on a maneuver, the sewn hinge will hold. Just use good strength carpet thread. I have read where 1/2A flying line is the favorite choice. I think four decent sewn hinges on each side will out last the rest of the airplane! Barrel hinges on 1/8" balsa , no matter how neatly installed, doesn't leave much meat left for stress and strain. One tweak on a cartwheel from a rough landing and they will rip out.  If you are entering OTS contests, you can't change the thickness as per the rules. If you go with the tube hinges, I would recommend a slight gap between the tubes. Space them with little bits of paper or card stock that can be torn out after assembly. Sitting in the sun, you may be surprised how much they may grow and bind. Dust and dirt will get in no matter what you do, and a decent gap will allow it to work it's way out also or allow you to clean it.  If you fly this model a lot, I will be interested in know how much vibration affect the wire/brass joint and if any metal gets hammered and they get sloppy over time.
   Type at you later,
   Dan McEntee
Speed Talk / Re: 2017 NATS speed report?
« Last post by Dane Martin on Today at 10:29:33 PM »
All of these are copied from AMA reports, and of course Joey Mathison texting me speeds and offensive language.... lol
I'm only doing this to report to those without AMA and our wonderful friends in other countries.
Speed Talk / Re: 2017 NATS speed report?
« Last post by Dane Martin on Today at 10:27:30 PM »
Henry Nelson was first at 107.15 mph, followed by Butch
Andrews in second with a very close 106.07 mph, and third went
to Carl Dodge at 99.62 mph. Bill Hughes won the average prize
with a speed of 85.26 mph.

Fox 35 was also won by Henry Nelson at 105.57 mph, followed
by Bill Hughes at 100.20 mph, and Carl Dodge won the average
prize at 85.34 mph

Formula 40 was also very close this year. Chris Montagino
is again the National Champion in F-40 at 157.14 mph. Glen
VanSant took second with 153.81 mph, follow by his son, James,
at 152.10 mph

21 proto
Howard Doering, with a fine 126.98 mph.
Speed Talk / Re: 2017 NATS speed report?
« Last post by Dane Martin on Today at 10:16:22 PM »
Thursday A speed

. First place went to Bill Hughes at 179.86 mph, Glen
VanSant passed Chris Montagino into second place by .15 and
they would remain like that until dayís end.

5th place was my friend Howard Doering with a flight at 145.93. Howard is 74! He is an amazing pilot, and a darn good runner!
Speed Talk / Re: 2017 NATS speed report?
« Last post by Dane Martin on Today at 10:14:21 PM »
Thursday ( copied and pasted direct from ama nats news)
VanSant has won B Speed every year including 2017 with a fine
175 mph flight with his piped Nelson .40. Second would go to
Bill Hughes with an OPS at 171.61 mph. Third would be Glenís
son, James, with 168.06 mph.

NASS Sport Jet had 10 entries this year. The early ones on
the field Thursday morning had great difficulty finding the
right metering jet. Team NewMath found it on its third attempt
and posted a fine 152.79 mph and would end up the National
Champion for 2017. Butch Andrews bumped into second at
147.05 mph on his second attempt. Steve Perkins finished third at
146.88 mph.

Team NewMath is Joey Mathison and Johnny Newton, in case anyone didn't know.
Open Forum / Re: F6F HELLCAT by Pat Johnston
« Last post by larry richards on Today at 09:54:12 PM »
Thanks George.  I did not find a F6F Hellcat canopy but did find another canopy I was looking for thank to you. 
Engine set up tips / Series V Fox .40
« Last post by Motorman on Today at 09:27:20 PM »
I have a Fox 40 with single rear ball bearing iron piston schnurrle ported with the big tall back plate and square intake. Did anyone try to run one for stunt?

Open Forum / Re: Your favorite "looking" engine?
« Last post by Brian Hampton on Today at 08:51:19 PM »
As of yesterday I now have a new favourite looking engine, sorry little Dooling 29 :).
Building techniques / Re: 1/8" Elevator/Stab hinging
« Last post by jfv on Today at 08:17:14 PM »
I don't do anything specific about the spacing between pieces along the length of the hinge line.  I just put the pieces on the wire and glue in place.  Also, I think the glue and monocote should work.  Just get the monocote nice and tight around the  tube.  I'm assuming you are going to have separate pieces around each tube then a final piece over the surface.
At the Bench / Video Hangout - Friday, July 21 - hosted by Rusty
« Last post by RknRusty on Today at 07:44:17 PM »
Here's the link to tonight's live hangout:

We gather twice a week to talk about aeromodeling; building and flying. Either Sparky(RC Storick) or I will be hosting. Mostly Control Line, but R/C modelers are welcome too. So is anyone who just wants to participate.

To join us live, you need to be logged in to Google. If you subscribe to the Stunt Hangar YouTube channel and turn on "notifications" for it in your 'Tube settings, you will be notified by your channel each time a new session begins. You can elect to recieve email, text, or just the notification "bell" at the top right of your own 'Tube channel. Otherwise, the link will be posted in this forum, called "At the Bench" under the forum called "Live Streams."

If you wish to only watch without joining or signing in, you can do so on the Stunt Hangar Youtube channel.

We usually do it on Monday and Friday nights, or other times as our schedules dictate.
Thanks and Welcome from
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