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Engine set up tips / Re: Trying a 3-blade prop for P-40 ARF, LA.46
« Last post by Jim Carter on Today at 06:58:05 AM »
Hello Rusty!  Generally I try to avoid sharing my experiences / opinions because there are so many variables between models, environments, equipment and even modelers themselves but I can say "give it a try", you may be pleasantly surprised.  A few years ago and even until now, I have been building a Claus Maikis model called the Big Tiger.  Honestly I endorse the design without question.  One of mine uses an OS 40FP with a 2-blade 11x6 and two of them used Fox 40's r/c, with the throttles locked open, and Master Airscrew 10x7 props with greater than expected performance.  Recently, because I accidentally broke one of the props and subsequently I mounted an APC 11x6 four blade prop.  I was pleasantly surprised and have not regretted the change.  Now, that's my experience, for what it's worth.  So, in conclusion, my suggestion is try it  ;D!!
Engine set up tips / Re: OS Max 45FSR NVA
« Last post by Mike Bufkin on Today at 06:09:17 AM »
shtterman on Ebay will have what you need.Randy Smith our moderator here will have them also.
Engine set up tips / Re: Trying a 3-blade prop for P-40 ARF, LA.46
« Last post by Mike Bufkin on Today at 06:07:21 AM »
I tried several of the JZ 3 blade props back in my RC days.

My opinion,while they look good,just won't pull as good as a 2 blade.
Open Forum / Re: Oh - Oh! The Goldfish has flown!!!!
« Last post by Scott Richlen on Today at 05:54:52 AM »
It obviously needs to have a shorter bottom fin and tail wire so it can get enough angle of attack to take off.  Also, once in the air, the rear grommet kept coming out and the rear leadout sliding back, messing up the controls.  I made the adjustable lead-out slot pretty long and can see now that it doesn't need to be, so I'll fix it so the grommet won't come out.  I think I'll leave the fin and wire alone as I sort of like the Rhode Island Chicken take-off.

These flights didn't have the third line attached.  Next time out I'll hook that up and see if it will be a disaster or not trying to saber-dance.

I love the eyes!  Especially with the motor running.

My flying buddies obviously do not think its a Walker Cup contender.  Oh well.
Gettin all AMP'ed up! / Plettenberg Orbit 15-20
« Last post by Matt Piatkowski on Today at 05:38:26 AM »
I am considering Plettenberg Orbit 15-20 in the system with
Igor's 12x5 narrow blade, 11x5 wide blade or other suitable 3 blade carbon composite propellers will be used. APC 12x6 E will serve as backup.
What timers will work with Plettenberg?
What ESC is the best for this motor?
Thank You,

"Learning may lead to mistakes that can be corrected by more learning"
Classifieds / Over 40 Good Wooden Props...$40.00 shipped CONUS
« Last post by peabody on Today at 05:27:57 AM »
Good wood props…
Some were mounted…..
Some are balanced….Ward was a terrific balancer.
Master Airscrew 10 X 6 NEW (4)
Master Airscrew 9 X 6 NEW (2)
Started as 11 X 4 W, mounted, 3.75 indicated pitch
12 X 4 Zinger…mounted, balanced
12 X 4 Pro Zinger….new…balanced (2)
11 X 5 Rev Up ….mounted, balanced (2)
11 X 4 Zinger Pro…mounted and balanced
10 X 6 Rev Up….mounted (3)
11 X 4 Rev Up Pro…mounted
10 X 6 Top Flite  …. Mounted (2)
11 X 5, cut to 10.5 X 5 Rev Up…..balanced (2)
11 X 4 Top Flite Super M….mounted
10 X 5 Rev Up…New
10 X 6 W Rev Up Pro, balanced, new
11 X 4 Rev Up balanced and 3.8 pitch…new
10 X 6 Master Airscrew ….mounted (2)
11 X 5 W Rev Up Pro mounted
10 X 4 Rev Up pitched at 3.5 balanced, mounted

9 X 5 Zinger
12 X 4 RC Power Prop…new
12 X 4 RC Power Prop….mounted
14 X ???? Top Flite mounted
11 X 6 Twister….New
12 X 6 cut to 11.25 Rev Up 4 Cycle….mounted and balanced
10 X 6.5 Rev Up….mounted
10 X 8 Master Airscrew NEW
10 X 6 Top Flite Super M….mounted (2)
9 X 6 Rev-Up…balanced and mounted
10 X 7 Top Flite Super M….mounted
9 X 6 Top Flite…..mounted
11 X 4 Nice….new and balanced
11 X 4 Power Point, 3.75 pitch…mounter and balanced
11 X 4.5 balanced…mounted
Shipped CONUS
Classifieds / Fuselage JIG....$35.00 plus frieght SOLD! Thanks
« Last post by peabody on Today at 04:38:41 AM »
From Ward's stuff, a nifty fuselage jig! Mounted to a piece of finished board, OR, just the pieces and you can make your own board.
Very clever,
The pieces (forms and screws) will be inexpensive to ship, the board, not so much.
Have fun
Engine set up tips / Re: Trying a 3-blade prop for P-40 ARF, LA.46
« Last post by Don Coe on Today at 04:16:48 AM »
I've got a 3 blade prop on my Brodak P-40 ARF,  although electric.  If nothing else it looks so much better than a 2 blade.  good luck.
Engine set up tips / Re: Trying a 3-blade prop for P-40 ARF, LA.46
« Last post by GERALD WIMMER on Today at 03:35:26 AM »
Hello Rusty

I bought a 12x6 3 blade Master Airscrew to replace the 13x6 APC on my old Enya 60 MkII but when it arrived found it was a narrow blade prop and did not feel keen to try it.
When I have used 3 blade props in the past they were Tornado Greys or the Glass filled Magnum wide blade props which looked the part but are not as efficient as a good two bladder so used them on scale models. Wonder if the LA 46 will run away with the extra pitch but you have less choice with 3 bladders. Realism and prop clearance still seem a good reason to use them on semi-scale stunters. Good to hear your P40 is nearly ready to fly.
Regards Gerald
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