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1/2 A building. / Re: Houluzko Venturies?
« Last post by Larry Lindburg on Today at 01:48:44 PM »
2nd pic.
Building techniques / Re: Twister kit question
« Last post by Tim Wescott on Today at 01:48:20 PM »
   As it has been mentioned, no need to get hung up on weight just yet at this stage. ... The Twister air foil is capable of carrying a fair amount of extra weight. I have seen Twisters bastardized  up to 50 ounces or more and still fly a pattern.

My Fancherized Twister weighs 54 ounces dry, and has done better than 500 points and better than last place in Expert in local contests.  So -- yes.  Build the kit with the wood that's in it, and don't lard on the paint, and you should be fine.
Open Forum / Re: Camo pattern
« Last post by Steve Helmick on Today at 01:47:49 PM »
Camo applied in WWII was typically applied by the plane's ground crew, with mops or brushes, no masking, no patterns. Easy to duplicate, no, but easy to approximate.  H^^ Steve
1/2 A building. / Re: Houluzko Venturies?
« Last post by Larry Lindburg on Today at 01:44:12 PM »
Hope these pictures come thru.
Engine set up tips / Re: NVA height in the venturi
« Last post by Steve Helmick on Today at 01:36:06 PM »
In a profile model moving spraybar further away from crankshaft may actually improve the situation. You'll end up with a better lateral position of fuel tank, in comparison with spraybar.
With engine mounted cylinder up or down, you just have to move fuel tank to correct height.


Experiments done separately by Ted Fancher and Al Rabe both proved that the spraybar location in the engine had no effect on the fuel tank height requirement. Both published their findings while they did the Stunt column in American Aircraft Modeller.

When I changed from a stock-ish ST G.51 spraybar location to a Tom Lay spraybar (drilled through the case), I found no need to do anything but modify the cowl area to stick the NV through. Spraybar was lowered by about 1/4".

Needing a bigger tank in my SV-11 for the PA .51, I added a sump to the bottom of the tank, and again had no need to adjust tank height. The 6 oz tank was enlarged to about 7 oz. I'd classify the tank/spraybar alignment myth as being an "Old Wives Tale" and wish it would go away. The sooner the better!  H^^ Steve
Open Forum / Re: Tom Morris takeapart system
« Last post by Mike Haverly on Today at 01:15:20 PM »
Here is what came up on Google.

What is the biggest bag you can check on a plane?
The maximum number of linear inches on a checked bag for most airlines is 62 inches. This means that when you add up the length, width and height of the luggage you intend to check, it should not be more than 62 inches. Most standard suitcases, garment bags and duffel bags measure 62 linear inches or less.

I've been flying to Muncie and back for the last five years.  They always look inside the box and are not always careful.  I haven't seen them measure my travel box but it is within a half inch of being exactly 62".  The controlling dimension (for me) is the length of the fuselage, and it fits diagonally in the box.  Wings are about 28" and will fit with the flaps. 

As far as I know you can check larger items for a phenomenal fee.
Open Forum / Re: Thunder Tiger 11x4.5 prop replacement?
« Last post by Steve Helmick on Today at 01:11:37 PM »
Meanwhile, this week brought an email from Mike Hazel, aka "ZZ Prop". My guess is that Mike has not been terribly into the TT 11x4.5 project because he's not using them on his current stunt model (a PSJ profile Corsair with a Saito 40).

However, Mike said: "have noted interested on Stunthanger regarding that TT prop again.  I should have these in production by January.  I actually have the mold cast, but need to do the finish work on it.  No time for that right now, but soon. Mike"

So, there is still hope for a CF replica of the TT 11x4.5, but I have no idea what the price will be. Meanwhile, remember that Eliminator makes some CF Rev-Up replicas that might do the trick.  D>K Steve
Open Forum / Like a kid in a candy store, I want one of each...
« Last post by Ty Marcucci on Today at 01:02:15 PM »
How many of you guys are like that?  I was so frustrated not being able to build and fly while I was in the Navy, too many years at sea, that I swore if and when, I'd built every thing I had always admired. Only trouble is they keep coming out with more and more models I "just have to build". The ones I have built more than two of, are the Barnstormer (my first"big" plane), Shoestring Stunter, Magician, Ares, Nobler, Cavalier, Volunteer, Chief, Sneeker, Voodoo, Demon, Bosta, and a host of free flight HLG, Stardusters, Satelites, scale, Peanut scale, tow line, rubber power, etc. Yesterday I finally got started on my Roadrunner.  Not sure where I'll put it. In the house I guess.  LOL  So far, the best I can think of at least 37 different  CL models by name, some only one, others 9 or so, but very seldom more than two. Flying them is secondary for me. D>K
Open Forum / Re: Tom Morris takeapart system
« Last post by Dave_Trible on Today at 01:00:00 PM »
Randy I donít know the answer to those questions though Iím sure there are special provision for caskets. Years ago I recall people bringing snow skis on board but havenít seen that in a while.  I flew to the Pasco Nats with a one piece airplane in a crate with a minimal extra charge.  But  today all the airlines have a spec to say height + width+ length to max of 60Ē.  Thatís about the total dimensions of a standard suitcase.  When considering this I had thought about boxing all but wing and carrying that on my lap as carry on....that, literally might not fly.

Open Forum / Re: The Imitation
« Last post by Ty Marcucci on Today at 12:38:50 PM »
My first Imitation was an attempt to keep it simple as to paint and the pale blue on the top of the rudder was to make it blend with the sky and give a straight line effect ala Genesis.  The black line  on the fuselage was for the same effect. Not sure if it actually "worked" but my mind had fun with it.  A mind is a dangerous thing!!!

The plane grooved and was a joy to fly and much bigger than I realized, when I bought the kit from Steve at a contest in Texarkana.  I think it was one of the Moon brothers first kits offered.

My  third contest with it was at Memphis and a top flyer helped me with the trimming.  My mistake was in reading an article by a very top flyer and not realizing what exactly he meant and that silliness caused me to pull out a tad late and in slow motion I could see the prop strike a small mound of dirt three times and the plane flipped over onto it's back... End of plane.  Ah, well, I still had two more kits. D>K
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