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 on: Yesterday at 09:42:45 PM 
Started by mike londke - Last post by Sean McEntee
Thats it...the press has seen too many "Indian Jones" Movies!   Layingdown

From what I can gather, he did everything right.  Engine failed shortly after takeoff.  Declared an emergency with intent to return to the airport but realized that wasnt going to happen so he shot for the golf course.  Considering he didnt lose consiousness in the impact and the "relatively" good shape that the plane is in, he didnt hit all that hard, which is awesome considering the fairly small clearing he landed in. 

Naturally the news is spinning the doom-and-gloom story about the "vintage" airplane like its a rusted-out '71 Ford Pinto  They even initailly reported him in critical condition before he even got to the hospital!  Thats news for ya...

 on: Yesterday at 09:38:26 PM 
Started by Mike Griffin - Last post by Gerald Schamp
My prayers as well. Eric actually came to the Northwest Regionals one year to sell his kits and stuff. He decided not to come back as there were others selling stuff as well. Neat guy, has done a lot for the Hobby. Get well soon Eric.

 on: Yesterday at 09:29:10 PM 
Started by Carl Cisneros - Last post by Carl Cisneros
Thanks guys

If any of you are going to Brodaks this year, I hope I can meet up with you.
Will be my first one.

 on: Yesterday at 09:21:56 PM 
Started by REX1945 - Last post by REX1945
I'll be in Albuquerque for 10 days before heading off to Tucson.

On the trip I damaged a wing tip on my Strathmoor.  I have some more silk, but I need to find a
source of butyrate dope in Albuquerque and a place to test fly the airplane.


 on: Yesterday at 09:16:05 PM 
Started by Shug Emery - Last post by RknRusty
Hi, Shug.
I can't add anything to the above comments, but I assure you I am equally impressed. I was pretty proud of my Osprey, though it was a comparative hack job to your artwork. Now it's in pieces, but will fly again. Looking forward to seeing in real life.

 on: Yesterday at 09:15:54 PM 
Started by Mike Griffin - Last post by Bill Morell
Knowing a little bit of what's going on I thought that maybe Eric would enjoy seeing comments that were directed to him. Might make him feel better.

 on: Yesterday at 08:52:23 PM 
Started by Marcelo Cremon - Last post by MarcusCordeiro
I'm gonna have my go... i'm gonna have my go!! Cool Cool


 on: Yesterday at 08:36:10 PM 
Started by Wayne J. Buran - Last post by Andrew Hathaway
I have no dog in the fight, but just as an FWIW, Fox part numbers are generally pretty straight forward.  The 2nd and 3rd digit are generally the engine the parts fit. The last two digits are the part type, ie needle, case, whatever.  Just from the part numbers, the 14016 needles would be the large 40 style, which would be appropriate for some of the 36s, but also most all of the larger later Fox CL engines.  The 26013 prop washer and 26012 prop nuts are probably the 5/16" variety rather than the 1/4" type used on the Mk IVs.  I haven't looked up all the part numbers to verify the above, but that's the way the numbers usually decode.  I wouldn't say anything, it's none of my business, just wouldn't want anyone to be disappointed.  GLWS.

 on: Yesterday at 08:33:23 PM 
Started by Mike Griffin - Last post by Randy Cuberly
I didn't realize I had to make a post in order to say a prayer or make a good wish for Eric's diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. I met him briefly at VSC in '07 or '09. "Good guy" was my impression.  Coffee Steve

Amen Steve...I seriously doubt that there are any folks involved in CL that don't know Eric and wish him well and a speedy recovery.

I think it's probable that a lot of us are waiting for the OK to call him and tell him to get out of that bed and stop wasting good space and get back to "business".

They don't come any better than Eric and I suspect they broke the mold after he was made!

Randy Cuberly

 on: Yesterday at 08:25:53 PM 
Started by Alan Resinger - Last post by wwwarbird

 I knew this was gonna be good before I even opened the post. Your models are as good as it gets Alan, another phenomenal job. y1

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