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 on: Today at 08:23:03 AM 
Started by John Leidle - Last post by big ron
John could you give Dave and Joe's setups for us

 on: Today at 08:18:16 AM 
Started by Shug Emery - Last post by NED-088
This is a video I did for my You Tube Veiwers explaining the Stunt Pattern as many of them  have asked what it is all about and what the stunts are.
Just a play by play of some flying I did today with the Brodak Electric P-40B ARF. Just wanted to show the maneuvers in the order they are flown and a brief description.

This is sorta preaching to the choir to all you on here.

Trying to get more of 'em intersted in some Control Lines. Several of my viewers have informed me that they got kits built and getting back into it.

Whoooooooo Buddy))))))

A wonderful work of art! I especially like the first bits of sound that appear to be 'Jerusalem Ridge', another work of art...
Never tried that one on mandolin, though, banjo yes....
I will put a link to this on our dutch forum.

Something else.... About colors contrasting with the background ('You need a better lit background though, the model dissapears when flying low against the trees. '), I've got my own solution to that. It constantly screams 'I'm here...':

Bruno van Hoek

 on: Today at 07:39:39 AM 
Started by AirClassix - Last post by Howard Rush
I should explain that Redmond is Microsoft HQ.  The Microsoft guys all have lunch at those places. 

 on: Today at 07:28:04 AM 
Started by #Liner - Last post by john e. holliday
How do you do that?  I was thinking "glued in = impossible".

Acetone will let the glue release the cloth.  It will also remove dope.

 on: Today at 07:17:41 AM 
Started by Tim Wescott - Last post by john e. holliday
Well Joe,  hope you and Ginny have lots od fun.  Was so hoping to be there and do more flying than last time.

 on: Today at 07:09:59 AM 
Started by Matt Colan - Last post by john e. holliday
Great looking plane,  good smooth pattern,  but I took pattern points away.  It's 2 1/2 laps between hour glass and over head eight.  You should be in the running where ever you go with full pettern points.

By the way I looked at that several times to make sure these eyes weren't deceiving me. Hoff

 on: Today at 05:25:29 AM 
Started by Peter Germann - Last post by Peter Germann
Battery re-charge after flying the FAI pattern with a.) the gear locked down and b.)  gear up after 10"s and down 3 secs after motor stop has shown a difference of 5% or 1'922 mAh gear down vs. 1'824 with gear retracted.

Airplane: F2B 683  64 oz
Gear type: Fuselage mounted 2-legs 1/8 piano wire, 2 in wheels, folding back.
Lines: 0.015 x 64 ft
Speed: 5.25 sec/lap
Motor: Hacker A40 A40-14SV2 14 Pole 530 RPM/Volt
Propeller: AeroNaut CAM carbon light 14 x 6 L
RPM set, Gear retracting: 8'976
RPM set, Gear locked down: 9'042
ESC: Castle Edge in high gov.mode
Timer:Hubin FM-9 LG

 on: Today at 05:20:16 AM 
Started by #Liner - Last post by #Liner
    I would sure fix that (and any other similar issues elsewhere) before flying it. I haven't seen anything like that before, and I don't even know how I would do it on purpose!  I would try steaming it out with lots of steam, but it might require some cutting - cut slices all the way through, bend it straight, apply thin Hot Stuff. It will take more than just one slice.

   Alternately, you could cut away the aft section of the flap, glue on a new aft section, sand it all smooth, and then tissue/paint over it.

Now you're taking!  I like that idea

 on: Today at 03:32:35 AM 
Started by Fred Cronenwett - Last post by goozgog
Nice looking pattern until it wasn't.   Roll Eyes


 on: Today at 02:10:56 AM 
Started by John Leidle - Last post by Randy Cuberly
   Thanks Randy.  Is the venturi  stock ?

Sorry... No it's not stock.  It's .006 larger than stock, but has one layer of panty hose over it!  I typically trim this way.  Keeps out the pebbles too!  It does not have a "spigot".  I tried that but found it temperamental to tune.  I realize a lot of the "big boys" use the spigot but it didn't seem to work on this particular engine for me.  It might have if I had spent more time fiddleing with it but I simply went back to the afore mentioned setup because it worked very well and was very easy to deal with.  I would imagine that at sea level things might be a bit different and a smaller venturi might work better.  I would mention that it regulates very well with this setup and a bit better than others that I tried without the pantyhose which probably indicates that a slightly smaller venturi coul be used even here!

Randy Cuberly

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