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 on: Yesterday at 09:21:59 PM 
Started by Peter Germann - Last post by Brett Buck
Trying to investigate the influence of stabiliser vs. elevators thickness on altitude holding ability in level and inverted flight, turbulator strips of different thickness have been installed at the hingeline of the stabiliser. Repeated test flights have been conducted at governed constant RPM in calm conditions.

  Peter, have you tried the conventional hinge line setup with the corners knocked off?  Anything I did along the lines of what you are doing made it worse rather than better. Also, what tail incidence are you using?


 on: Yesterday at 09:21:36 PM 
Started by Tim Wescott - Last post by RandySmith
Sigh, even my second try is ambiguous.

I just double checked the rulz, and, indeed, the part of the maneuver that's scored is exactly three loops.  The half-loop to recovery shouldn't be scored (how nicely you do it probably bears on your score with a lot of judges -- bit it shouldn't be scored).

sigh....  not really  keep reading  Tim :-)  you have to do the 1/2 loop to complete the proper correct manouver, if you do not , you did not do the manouver right and you will lose many point, so 3.5  loops you can get 40 points, 3 loops you can get 10, and lose your  25 pattern points

now  if your just talking about  not doing  3 loops and not  a Pattern manouver  that, as I stated is different.   and  it was your second try that promoted my  post  :-)

don't believe me  just  do not  do the half loop at your next contest, just do  1080 degrees let me know  that score  

 on: Yesterday at 09:12:24 PM 
Started by Jason Greer - Last post by Fred Underwood
My new 2800 ProliteX and the replaced 2700 Prolite seem very similar.'ed-up!/calculated-or-stated-battery-capacity/msg462559/#new

 on: Yesterday at 09:07:10 PM 
Started by Kevin Wright - Last post by Kevin Wright
Yes, but still a lot of work compared to the simplicity of Stuntrib. I'm taking a look at Stefano Durante's DevWing which looks like it can do the job.
I'll have to shell out E70.00 euro though. He also has a version that will generate G code for CAM processing.


 on: Yesterday at 09:04:26 PM 
Started by Fred Underwood - Last post by Fred Underwood
My original TP 2700 6S Prolites now have about 60 - 70 cycles and while the IR has remained about constant, the capacity has not.  Now for comparison, there is a replacement battery of the same model as original, and a new 2800 ProliteX 6S.

One flight on each battery is about 1925 ma and according to the PL8 charger, this took 75 - 76% on the old 2700's.

The new 2800 only took about 72 - 73%, and the new 2700 took 71 - 72% of capacity.

That calculates to a capacity of 2520 mah for the older used 2700s, and they were 2700+mah new, above. The new TP Prolite 2700 @ 2710 mah and the new 2800 ProliteX at 2675.

The new TP 2800s are stated to be 351 gm for 6S and mine weigh 362.2 with the Deans.  351 gms must before the electrons were added!
The new TP 2700 replacement is 362.8, and the old ones about 368 gms.

The new batteries have about 1/2" shorter battery leads which may account for the weight difference.

Hmmm, the old used Zippy 2700s had a capacity of about 2500 mah calculated and the used TP 2700s about the same....  I don't have a comparative number for new Zippy 2700s.
The new TP 2800s seem about the same as the older 2700s, though only one tested.  The price is better.

 on: Yesterday at 09:01:28 PM 
Started by Ara Dedekian - Last post by Matt Spencer
Wot About The DROPPINGS .  Stir the pot mad-wife

 on: Yesterday at 08:59:07 PM 
Started by Ara Dedekian - Last post by wwwarbird

 C/L genius. y1

 on: Yesterday at 08:51:56 PM 
Started by Ara Dedekian - Last post by Scott Richlen
Is that the attic?



"Hey honey, did you notice those spots on the living room ceiling?  I wonder what they're from?"


 on: Yesterday at 08:50:21 PM 
Started by badbill - Last post by wwwarbird

 That thing's gotta be a screamer!

 Looks great too, brings back memories of the Li'l Jumpin' Bean I had many years ago with a Missile Mist fueled Tee Dee .051.  Devil

 on: Yesterday at 08:06:32 PM 
Started by RC Storick - Last post by RC Storick

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