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 on: Today at 06:45:01 PM 
Started by Matt Spencer - Last post by Matt Spencer
More toil & trevail .you can see the flanks of the spar shaved in to match the sheeting.knock off the ridge curved and presto. An Airfoil .

 on: Today at 06:43:33 PM 
Started by Allen Eshleman - Last post by Allen Eshleman
I have a vacant LA 40 and some dubious Fox's and several McCoys. Wish I had an LA25 or and FP 25, but have been passing on buying one.  I see them occasionally on the Bay.

 on: Today at 06:32:34 PM 
Started by Allen Eshleman - Last post by Chris Behm
Sounds like wise counsel Tim.  
My brother does my building. Right now, he is retired and has lots of time. 
It sounds like we need to think of more mods to keep your builder busy then, Allen! HAHAHA!

I'd probably recommend to select the power you want, make sure it runs well, then decide what to do (in other words, if you have a light Fox .35, forget the nose shortening, but if you have a heavier mill you're going with, then cut it back!)...

That's basically what I did, my C/L adviser bought and modded a used OS .40 for me, and knowing it would be heavy, he told me to cut the nose back 1.5", which was about perfect.
If I were to build another, I "might" extend the fuse, or make a slightly larger fin and horizontal. I had noticed that the stab seems a bit smaller than others on the Banshee, and my C/L buddy said, "Yeah, its a but smaller than some, but it works fine", when I asked about it.
And, it is fine.
We are flying on 60' lines.


 on: Today at 06:26:30 PM 
Started by Allen Eshleman - Last post by Tim Wescott
Some crashing is to be expected.  I made the mistake of starting out trying to put my bottoms right at 5 feet.  That's all well and good, except that at the time I could place my bottoms about +/- 7 feet or so of where I wanted them.  Someone suggested to me that I just put my bottoms at 10 feet, and then I stopped crashing nearly so often.

I just got into the habit of placing my bottoms high enough so that the occasional "oops" pullout didn't involve unauthorized contact with the ground, yet always trying to put them lower and lower.  This left me with safely doing the pattern with too-high bottoms.  Interestingly enough, for most of last year it left me flying too low -- I had to consciously bring my bottoms up to five feet.

 on: Today at 06:26:21 PM 
Started by Howard Rush - Last post by Scott Richlen
What?  No one likes my poetry??

 on: Today at 06:21:13 PM 
Started by Allen Eshleman - Last post by Allen Eshleman
Charles, I like that plane you built around the Banshee wing. 

 on: Today at 06:10:03 PM 
Started by Allen Eshleman - Last post by Allen Eshleman
Sounds like wise counsel Tim.  I don't know how to assess how often I crash.  I know it's enough that I have become very cautious and tentative in working on maneuvers.  It was probably twice this summer, right before Brodaks.  But I don't fly that often.  Any changes I make will be easy ones.  My brother does my building. Right now, he is retired and has lots of time. 

 on: Today at 06:04:31 PM 
Started by Bill Little - Last post by Bill Little
OK, Brother C/L aficionados,  I know I did not dream this one! Layingdown  I distinctly remember a first version Miss Behave that was for Sparkers.  A typical '40s design that might have only gone round and round.  Definitely OTS legal.  Therer was also a 2nd version Miss Behave for stunt in the mid '60s.  About 50" W.S., maybe slightly more.  This was a model I dearly wanted (for some strange reason) during my HS years.  I have never seen plans for either one, can anyone help out this poor old mountain boy with knowledge of where to acquire a set of plans for the '60s model??  (plans for the first Sparker version would be icing on the cake!)

Thank you, I will be forever grateful (or for at least 24 hours!).

BIG Bear

Disclaimer: Since the models referenced cover both the OTS and Classic/Nostalgia 30 era, I could only put this post in the Open forum.

 on: Today at 05:41:37 PM 
Started by RC Storick - Last post by RC Storick
Stunt Hangar YouTube page gets a new look  Be sure to subscribe

 on: Today at 05:40:23 PM 
Started by Bill Little - Last post by Bill Little
8 parts Cub Yellow, 1 part Cessna Green.

Hi Mike,

I know this is very late, but my feeble mind "thought" I had thanked you on this thread!  SORRY!!
I actually do want the color mixture called out of the Goldberg plans, not the actual Shoestring color since I painted my first one by that Goldberg formula and I am building a "scale model" of my first BIG plane!  That was 1964 and I have actually "some how" saved the wing decal with the original silkspan around the edges.  This is the model that eventually ended up with a pair of nylon stockings used to cover the wing.  I had no where near enough to home to buy actual silkspan so we ended up using all sorts of things to cover wings for repairs like parachute nylon (they were plentiful Fort Bragg's drop zones started maybe 10 miles from my house)

If I wanted the Cadillac Chartreuse I would go down to my paint guy at the NAPA store and order a can.  But thanks to ALL for the help!  I have talked to Keith about actually building a scale Shoestring.

Bill "Coach" Little

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