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 on: Today at 05:40:35 PM 
Started by RandySmith - Last post by RandySmith


Why haven't you quoted your price for the new 75's. According to the rules stated above you are supposed to tell us what your price is for one of these new engines.

I heard at the field today that they go for $450.00. Is this true?HuhHuh

And how much is the header-pipe/muffler to go with it? Or does it come with a muffler?

Just curious. I'm to old and feeble (read weak) to actually buy one of these fantastic engines.  Undecided


Hi Jerry

 The engines will not be ready for about 6 months, did you want to order one? The orders close today I will be more than happy to ggive you all the details if you have an interest.  and no the are not 450 they are 499, but there is more info than just that, the price is for the engine


 on: Today at 05:13:07 PM 
Started by Gene Martine - Last post by Dennis Toth
Although  December is a bit milder it is difficult to get a free weekend. The MLK weekend gave us two days for the contest and one day at home or to travel that many didn't need to take a day off work. One option would be to try to move it south a little.

In 1994, the first KOI I flew in when I move down here,  was held in mid February (I think it was Presidents Weekend) which was the same weekend as the Daytona 500. The contest was held at the Flagler Airport near Palm Coast. With the 500 going on hotels were a problem, next year they move to MLK weekend.

I know we had some issues with guys driving across the active runway but if there are other areas on the Flagler airport property maybe it would work. It was a great location, easy to get to off 95. Don't know how we get a dialog started but maybe there are some guys that live near Palm Coast that could test the waters.

Best,    DennisT

 on: Today at 05:11:15 PM 
Started by Bill Smith - Last post by John Paris
Will there be practice allowed on Saturday at the site?  A few of us coming in from out of town would like to get the needles set and drool at how flat your flying site is.
Thank you,

 on: Today at 05:10:22 PM 
Started by MarcusCordeiro - Last post by MarcusCordeiro
Buffed.... I need a vacation... Grin


 on: Today at 05:05:11 PM 
Started by Allen Goff - Last post by John Paris
Allen, Will and the entire support staff,
It has been a while since I made the trip to the FCM event.  It was great to make it back this year and see all the familiar and a few new faces.  Great event, great fellowship and great flying.  Thank you all for such a good time.  Will keep an opening on the event calendar for next year.

 on: Today at 04:54:24 PM 
Started by fred cesquim - Last post by fred cesquim
I have bought this great kit from Brazilian Champion Bene Rodrigues but no longer will build it
itīs the special version I-Beam, not the one that was sold a few years ago wit D tube wing
excellent balsa and plywood
clear canopy
the build up plane picture is jus for example
up for trade with brodak big shoestring + shipping
located in brazil
email me at

 on: Today at 04:26:08 PM 
Started by Perry Rose - Last post by Chris Wilson
As Mark S. pointed out, the shear web closes the box structure if the LE is sheeted.  After that, it is nearly impossible to straighten a warped wing!  

Razor slit the sheeting, twist to correct, massage glue into the slits and do not release the twisting pressure until the glue dries.

 on: Today at 04:11:06 PM 
Started by t michael jennings - Last post by t michael jennings

In the  late 1970's or early 1980's, I purchased a new Fox 15 Schneurle engine.
Was never able to get it running reliable. 
At that time, my engine knowledge was even less than it is today. 

This is what is known about this engine,
  1)  It appears to be a bushing engine,
  2)  It has great compression,
  3)  It has a flanged bolt on ventura,
  4)  It has a 4 bolt head,
  5)  Likely has not been run more than 15-20 times,
  6)  Have not attempted to start for at least 25 years.

  1)  Is this the infamous Fox 15 that many want to hurl?
  2)  What is the real issue with the engine?
  3)  Does this Fox 15 require an all castor oil fuel?

Thanks for any info you may supply.

Michael Jennings    Huh
Knoxville, TN.

 on: Today at 03:48:34 PM 
Started by Dave_Trible - Last post by Terrence Durrill

         Hey, if the last suggestion didn't convince you on the "crop circle" problem ...... check this one out:


            This is not a joke.....    Coffee     Hoff

 on: Today at 03:45:47 PM 
Started by RC Storick - Last post by RC Storick
I need 10 more now before I can send order in

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