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I've been working hard to add some more plans to our plans list. We only
add plans that are original, or were from a model kitted by us, or if I've
drawn/inked the plans for a designer and was given permission to sell them.

I've recently added two Stunt/Sport/WWII Combat planes: The Japanese
Zero by Bill Bischoff and the Hawker Typhoon by Steve Moon. These are
easy to build and great flying planes. I'm almost finished with the P-51
Mustang designed by Bill Bischoff and will be adding it soon.

Thanks, Steve

Glenn (Gravitywell) Reach:
Would love to see a picture of the plans with a little more detail.  Size, etc. H^^

bill bischoff:
The plane is a simple profile design with a Gotcha 460 foam wing. External controls, no flaps, landing gear if you want 'em. 44.5 span, 420 area. Plans are single sheet 24x36.

The Zeros in the pix were built for WWII slow combat. I won the very first P-40 (profile/ 40 max) stunt contest in Houston with one in the early 90's. Doug Moon flew one in Beginner at the Lubbock Nats in '94. They are quick and easy to build and fly great. With some minor cosmetic changes they can turn into lots of other warbirds as well.

I've sold dozens of copies of my original chicken scratch plans over the years, and I was quite pleased that Steve wanted to do them up right. I even bought the first set!

Bill Bischoff

Here's a couple of pics of the Typhoon. My brother Doug is working on
a Mustang right now. When he's finished I'll post some pics of it as well.


Steve, I saw the Unbearable Plans on your website.  I have old ST .51 & .60 engines which I am interested in making a larger profile stunt plane for (vice getting an ARF/ARC). I've never seen or heard of the Unbearable (other than your plans listing) and I'm curious about its history & how competitive it might be.  I have been flying an Imitation profile, which I still see & hear about.  Thanks, Bill


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