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  • May 28, 2023, 06:35:22 AM

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Author Topic: Message From Tom Dixon  (Read 1433 times)

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Message From Tom Dixon
« on: March 30, 2020, 10:50:15 AM »
To: C/L Stunt Flyers ….especially Beginner &Intermediate
From: Tom Dixon    Controline Sales, LLC
Re:  “Covid-19 Plan”

I had been building up kit and wing inventory in anticipation of attending “Brodak Fly-In”, Huntersville Meet, and Joe Nall.  As of a couple days ago Brodak’s was cancelled, and I expect the others to be (At this moment Brodak Mfg. is “closed for two weeks” too.)
So, I have listed below items on hand available to you.  I will ship these FREE , anywhere in USA, approximately a $25-$40 savings.  If you bought these at meets, you wouldn’t be paying shipping of course……but now I don’t have any travel expense either now, so it’s all the same to me.
Take advantage of your “down time” and build up your fleet!
Call to order, or check on what’s available at 770-592-3279.  Leave a detailed message, and state your phone number, slowly, if we’re not available to answer.
I’ll return calls on my cell---770-714-3988.
Stay healthy out there!

Profile kits for $175.00
1 Tornado  (mod Twister)   
1  Midwest Magician
1  Vector 40 (Brodak’s)
1 Time Machine 40
1 Challenger (Sarpolus, Nost,Legal)
1 S-1 Ringmaster ---$150.00

Full Fuse Kits  for $200
1 Ringmaster 576 XL
1 Dagger

Sheeted Wings
1 Impact (Walker)  wing, l.g.        $175.00
1 Impact (Walker) fuse l.g.           $150.00
1 Time Machine/Dagger               $150.00
1 Vector    40                              $150.00
1  ½ A Time Machine                     $50.00
2 Stiletto 660                              $175.00

Bare Foam Cores all $60.00 each
3  Vector 40
2  Ringmaster 576 D
1  Cardinal 40 (Brodak)
1  Skylark (Southwick)
1  38 Special Bipe (2 wings )
1 Jamison
1 Humongous

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