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Author Topic: Profile Scale F4U Corsair  (Read 283 times)

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Profile Scale F4U Corsair
« on: October 01, 2018, 09:51:36 PM »
This is a 54” wingspan 536 square inch laser cut Profile Scale F4U Corsair. The CAD plans show the parts full size. The airplane has the standard Corsair bent inverted gull wing. The wing does not transition from anhedral to dihedral in a sharp turn. The wing has the proper 20°anhedral on the inboard portion and 9° dihedral on the outboard portion. The ribs have the proper NACA 23018 root profile and the NACA 23009 tip profile. When the wing chord and the horizontal stabilizer are at 0° angle of attack the thrust line is 2°-45’ down. The Bellcrank is mounted through the fuselage on a pin against the outside of the fuselage. The airplane does not have flaps. The airplane is designed to compete in Profile Scale competition. With a good .45 engine the airplane is capable of level flight, inverted flight, inside loops, outside loops, figure 8, and wingovers. The gear is mounted in the wings. The adjustable leadouts do not go through the wing. The kits sell for $183.00 plus shipping cost for 5 pounds from Zip 60449.
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