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Author Topic: More Flying Models listings  (Read 1726 times)

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More Flying Models listings
« on: July 14, 2009, 07:11:30 PM »
Here is a listing as I have found them. From Jan72 on.  Plane; designer/author/eng listed/ SS(semi scale if so); other design features not typical or special at the time.

Jan 72;  F14 Tomcat; Vic Macaluso; SS; OS.35;

Jan 75; Metaphor I; Bill Bradford; Profile

Feb 75; P51B Stunter; Jim Vornholt; .60; SS

Mar 75; Scorpio;  Bill Simons; ST.46

Apr 75;  Panic; Jack Sheeks; .35-.46; Foam wing

Jun 75; Astarte; John Hagen; ST.46; foam

Nov 75; Sundance; Chriss Lella; OS .35; foam

Dec 75; Miss Jill; Jack Sheeks; profile; I-beam

Jan 76; Typhoon; Steve Ashby; ST .46; SS

Apr 76; Squirrel; Jack Sheeks; .35-.46; modified from Chipmunk kit

Jun 76; Metaphor 2; Bill Bradford; Full size version of Metaphor profile

Aug 76; AT-9 Jeep; Jack Sheeks; twin eng; SS; foam wing

Oct 76; The Torch; Dick Sarpolus; Fox .35; SS, foam

Nov 76; The Dazzler 40; Dave Rees; OS .40H; upright engine; foam

Mar 77; Hanriot-Biche H-110 Pursuit; Dick Sarpolus; rear engine pusher; SS (different)

May 77; ME 109-G; Jack Sheeks; .35-.46; SS; I-beam

Jul 77;  The Wild Goose; Dick Sarpolus; Canard

Aug 77; Genesis 46; Bob Hunt; ST .46; foam

Apr 78; Care; Jack Sheeks; OS .35; foam

Jul 78; Druine Turbulent; Larry Kruse; .35; SS; profile

Sep 78; Aura; Bill Bradford; ST.46

Dec 78; Starduster; Ed Capitanelli, Jr.;ST .46

Apr 79; Sea Fang; Jack Sheeks; ST .46; SS; foam

May 79; The Pretender; Dick Sarpolus; .19; profile; trainer

Aug 79; Mirage; Lou Wolgast;.40-.46; foam

Sep 79; F84 Thunder Jet; Joe Demarco; profile

Dec 79; Foxy Lady; Don Winfree; 1/2A; reminiscent of the Rivets Tee tail racer

Jan 80; Juno; Bill Werwage; ST.46; I-beam

Mar 80; Genie; Jim Armour; ST.46; foam

Apr 80; Aquila; Bob McDonald; HP.40; I-beam

Jul 80; Spectrum; Jim Casale; OS .45; foam

Aug 80; Mirage 049; Lou Wolgast; 1/2A version of Mirage from Aug 79 FM

Oct 80; My Blue; John Poynter; ST .46; anhedral stab

Nov 80; Orange Crate; Dennnis Adamison; OS .35; Dihedral stab; bicycle gear ala B47.

All of these plans are readily available from Flying Models plans section.  They usually come with a copy of the article. H^^



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