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Author Topic: First flight on new Imitation  (Read 479 times)

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First flight on new Imitation
« on: December 30, 2018, 01:36:34 PM »
Went flying today. First time since early October. Two hand surgeries kept me out of the shop and off the field.  Low 60's, high humidity, full over cast, winds light and variable. Also it is my wife's and my 37th wedding anniversary. Great wife or what?  Plus she was still here when I got home. LL~ y1 y1 #^ #^

So, Imitation, OS .46 LA-S, Top Flight 11 x 5 prop, GMA fuel, 62 eye to eye .018 lines. 

Two flips and engine starts, made a half turn on needle, launch was crazy as plane started to come in at me. Found out why later. Into the air, like on rails level flight, inverted was a tad up and down, but that was me.

Bench trim was right on. Did full pattern, first flight. BUT it flew for over 10 minutes.  Lean setting and full fuel tank.  I am using a plastic Sullivan, 6 OZ tank. Why? Hell, I don't know, Next time only 4 ounces of  fuel. OS engines do not use a lot of fuel, unlike my old ST engines.  Still a nice pattern but I need to adjust my handle for this plane and of course many, many more flights.

On landing it make a loud metal scraping noise, did a ground loop and we found the entire tail wheel gone. Well it must have happened right at take off which would explain the odd ball take off.  H^^ LL~ LL~
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