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Author Topic: Alphabetic grouping, N-30  (Read 7699 times)

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Alphabetic grouping, N-30
« on: February 23, 2010, 12:55:52 PM »
 I have decided to list all the known, to me, N30 planes in alphabetic groups.. MANY of these are classic era as well, but I went by the magazine they were presented in. No other reason. THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LISTING BUT I will add to it as more come out of the wood work or they reach the N30 cut off date.  Please do not interject any comments until it is finished. Thank you.

Astarte-John Hagen
AT-9 Jeep- Jack Sheeks
Aura-Bill Bradford
Aquila-Bob McDonald
Akroshark-Randy Scott
Avanti-Bob Baron
Alania-Gary McClellan
Apex-Bob Baron
Aetos-Roger Greene  (received an email from Roger. He's getting back into CLPA. Welcome back Roger Greene.)
Avenger- Don Shultz
Avenger 76- Don Shultz.
Akro Master-Dennis Hancock
"Lews" Akromaster-Lew McFarland
Stephens Akro-Tom Dixon
Akrobat-Sig Kit
A Better Mustang P51D-Al Meyers


Bearcat-Al Rabe
Bishop-Jack Sheeks
Be-witched-Jack Sheeks
Beechcraft D17-S-Clarence Haught
Banshee-Sig kit (profile)
Buccaneer 46-Allan Brickhaus
Buccaneer II-Allen Brickhaus
Black Sunday-Windy Urtnowski

Chipmunk-Jim Van Loo
Citabria-Dick Mathis
Care-Jack Sheeks
Cardinal Sinner-Clarence Haught
Chipmonk 9-Peter Tindal (note the "o" in monk-not a misspelling)
Citation-Ted Fancher
Celtic IV-Elwood Bell
Classic-Tom Hartvigsen
Cessna Ag Wagon-Larry Kruse
Citation II-Arlie Pressler
Condor-Kevin Capitainelli
Commodore-Claus Makis
Cresendo-Claus Makis
Cessna Twin Engine-Roy Alberson


Das Kraut-Mark Bauer
Dazzler 40-Dave Rees
Druine Turbulent-Larry Kruse
Dargette-Dennis Duval
Double Exposure-Dan Shafer
Dewoitine D 250-Art Adamisin
Diplomat-Phil Granderson
Dancing Girl-Peter D. Miller
Dove-Stan Powell


Eagle 5-Norm Whittle
Eaglette-Gilbert Rodriques
Evolution-Doug Brown
Eagle-Glen Meador
Euclid-Bob Zambelli


F6F Hellcat-Mike Wagner
F86D Saber Stunter-Bob Lampione
Fly Baby-Jack Sheeks
F4B-3/4-Joe Demarco
F84 Thunderjet-Joe Demarco
Foxy Lady-Don Winfree
Fokker D23-Dick Sarpolus
F4J Phantom-Bill Suarez  (also Classic legal)
F8U Crusader-Victor Macaluso
Focke Wulf TA 152-Keith Trostle
Fouga Magister-Dennis Adamisin
Fokker E1-Lew Wollard/Mike Tallman (Part of the Two for the show article)
Focke Wulf-Claus Makis
Fat Cat-Randy Smith
FW 190A- Mark Freeman
F82B Twin Mustang-Dick Sarpolus
F14 Tom Cat-Roger Barrett
Flying Red Horse-Charlie Reeves(profile)
Folkerts SK-4-Allen Brickhaus
F4-U Corsair- Jack Sheeks


Gieseke Nobler 46-Bob Gieseke
Genesis I- Bob Hunt
Genesis 46-Bob Hunt
Genie-Jim Armour
Gypsy40-Jim Silhavy


Hurricane-Jack Sheeks
Hallmark 46-Gene Schaffer
Heinkel 100-Jack Sheeks
Hurricane (mod Gieseke Nobler)-Takashi Hara
Humbug IV-Bob Baron
Howard Ike-Bob Emmett
Half Breed II-John Poynter

Illusion-Jimmy Mitchell 1981
Impulse-Frank McMillan
Imitation-(profile)Ted Fancher
Ike 1977. ( See Howard Ike in "H" )

Juno-Bill Werewage
JU 87-Dyke


Kestral-Steve Buso
King Cobra-Midwest Kit .15 & .35 versions(all profiles)
Kawasaki Hein (Tony)-Vince Micchia
Kitty Hawk-Draper
Kingfisher-semi scale-Les King MA Aug 75


 Lil Miss Kell 1/2A-Bob Whitely
L'Oiseau-Pierre Morel
Loriot-Claus Makis
Lucky Bipe-David Marshall
Lucky 14-Piotr Zawada

Magnum -Sig kit.
Magnum Plus- Tom Dixon mod version.
Martin Baker-Frank McMillan
Moby Dick?-Ted Fancher
Me 109-Jack Sheeks
Magister-Jack Sheeks
Miss Dora-Dennis Duval
Miss Jill-Jack Sheeks
Miss Poppy-Karl Hiel?
Macchi 202-Dennis Duval
Metaphor I-Bill Bradford
Metaphor II-Bill Bradford
ME 109G-Jack Sheeks
Mirage-Lou Wolgast
Mirage .049-Lou Wolgast
Messerschitt-Phil Castelli
Mariner-Gene Martine
Moon Dust- Jack Sheeks
Mustunt 1,2,3-( Mustunt I is a profile, II and III are full fuselage)Al Rabe
Miss Lexington-Wynn Paul
Mustang III-Bill Rutherford
ME 109-Midwest kit (.15 & .35 verisons)(profile)
Mustang Stunter-Sig kit/Mike Gretz
Moraine Saulner-Lou Wollard/Mike Tallman (part of the Two for the show article)
Mustang-Al Rabe
Musketeer-Allan Brickhaus
Miles M20 MKII-John Burns
My Blue-John Poynter
Mosquito-Jack Sheeks


Nimrod (III through VIII)-James Mannhall
Namit-Bob Galles
1/2A Northrop F5-Richard Byron
Nobler +/--Jack Shane (one was 90% and one was 110% with mod tips/canopy etc.)
Nif-T-Profile-Jim Bailey
Novi IV-Dave Gierke(a Classic, but presented in a 70's article)
NOTE: Virtually any modified Nobler from the era as there were dozens of them.  Just need verification.


Omega-Paul Walker
"the" Old Glory-Jack Sheeks
Orange Crate-Dennis Adamisin
Odyssey-Chuck Delane
Ole Red-Larry Lauer
Oriental-Dee Rice (another Classic presented in the 70's)
Original Profile-(PROFILE)Alan Adamisin
Original Twin Tail-Gene Schaffer (no other name for model given in article)


Perroquet-Bill Werwge
Phoenix-Tom Dixon
P51-Bill Rutherford
P51D(s)-Al Rabe
P40 War Hawk-Ron Harding
Pampa Wagon-Wynn Paul
P 51 B Mustang-Joe Berry
P 40-Bill Simons
Pinto 1/2A-Dick Mathis
P 26-Jack Sheeks
P 51 B Stunter-Jim Vornholt
PBA Special-Frank Scott (three in one with three wings)
Pluto-Dave Horvath
Phase 40-Rolland McDonald
Patriot-Gerald Phelps
Page-Jorge Junqueri
Profile Stuka-(profile)Dick Mathis
Profile Nobler-(profile)Mark Bauer
PA-7-Bob Baron
"the" Pretender-Dick Sarpolus
Pattern Master-Jim Greenway




Relentless-Windy Urtnowski
Ryan PT-20-Dr. Amilcare Di Mezza
Rabbit-Dennis Adamisin
Revolution-Larry Robertson

Spitfire Mk XVI-Mark Freeman AAM Aug 73
Stiletto(s)-Les McDonald (many mods-585-660-700, I-beam, foam wing. etc.)
Sea Fury-Al Rabe
Stillares-Tom Dixon
"the" Stuka Ju 87-Jack Sheeks
Shoestring-Bill Simons
Stunt Machine-Gene Schaffer
Spirit Of Saginaw III-Dick Pacini
Sunshine-Andy Lee
Scorpio-Bill Simons
Sun Dance-Chris Lella
Squirrel-Jack Sheeks
Star Duster-Ed Capitanelli
Sea Fang-Jack Sheeks
Spectrum-Jim Casale
Sig Twister-Sig Kit/Mike Gretz(profile)
Snoopy-Joe Rehinhard
Spyder-Ted Fancher
Shoreman-Jim Coll
Spitfire Mk II-Roger Green
Sea Hawk-Paul Walker
Sweet Pea-Dennis Adamisin
Sternschupps-Claus Makis
Sun Dog-Dave Shirley
"the"Spirit-Lou Woolard
Sunspot 1/2A-Chris Lella
Sirocco-Don Hollfelder
Super Chipmunk-Sig Kit/Stott/Gretz (CL-19 1973)
Skyraider(s)-(profiles)Midwest kit both .15 and .35 versions
Stunt Fire-Scott Bair
Shameless (profile)
SV-11  Randy Smith
SV-12 Intrpid
SV-12XL  Intrepid XL


Tropicaire-Les McDonald
Thunderchief-Bob Hunt
Talon-Dave Rees
"the" Torch-Dick Sarpolus
Typhoon-Steve Ashby
Tercel-Kieth Trostle
Together IV-Steve Johnson
Terpsicore-Alfonso Rodile
Tutor-Top Flite kit (Profile)
Tango-Luciano Comostella (also quals as Classic)
T.C.Two-Dick Sarpolus
Tony(s)-Archie Adamisin
Titan-Don Bambrick
Touch & Go-Art Cangiaosi
Typhoon-Dennis Adamisin
Twister, Sig kit,(profile)July 76.


Uranus-Dennis Harfal
USA-1 new version-Bill Werewage (also classic)
U-2-Joe Adamusko
Ugler-Ronnie Farmer


Vector (1987) also called Vector 40.
Vectra Dreadnought Randy Smith  1989
Vulcan-Bob Lampione
Volunteer-Jim Lynch
Venture-Gerald Phelps
VIGILANT , Bill Rich's SV airplane (Randy Smith Bill Rich design)




Yank-Bill Simons
Yak 9 D-H. C. Quek
Zlin Akrobat Stunter-Ray Borden
Zephyr-Raymond Zarichak

That's all I have for now. Any additions, please send via private email so I can keep this list clean. This way you can print it, with only the models listed and not a lot of verbage.  Thank you.

More to follow H^^
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