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Author Topic: How I got started in control line  (Read 216 times)

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How I got started in control line
« on: March 08, 2019, 06:24:48 PM »
   Heck, I think they were both lucky to find each other!

  The big questions is, do you have a sister!!!??? LL~ LL~

    Tell us more Naomi, maybe in a separate thread. There have been precious few female model airplane enthusiasts through the years with a few from the St. Louis area here. I would be interested in hearing some more of your story.

   Welcome to Stunthanger!
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  Dan McEntee

When I first saw a photo of my future husband holding his Shark Attack (60" wingspan CLPA stunt model), I had never heard of control line flying and thought it was an RC plane because that was the only type of model airplanes I had ever heard about.  I thought it was pretty big, wondered how anyone could fly such a large model, and was fascinated by the idea of learning about this hobby.  When he described how he flew it on 60 foot long metal wires, I wondered how that could possibly work.  He invited me to go with him so I could watch and learn about control line flying.  I asked a ton questions and learned how to help take out his lines, launch his plane, etc. I watched him fly a stunt pattern without understanding what the different stunts were - but it looked really impressive and like something that would be both a challenge and a lot of fun to learn how to do.  My first solo flight was on a 1/2A model that he built that, when he finally got it started, must have ran for at least 6 or 7 minutes.  I don't know how I managed to hang onto that plane and keep it above the ground until it ran out of fuel.  I was so dizzy at the end of that flight I could not stop myself from falling over. 
My husband helps me build my models, and I really enjoy designing various finishes with different patterns and colours.  We build from kits, a few ARF's and some scratch built models.  It all depends on what we want to use the planes for.  I am still a beginner flyer; and I have yet to master wingovers, loops, or eights - but I fly in the beginner events as I want to challenge myself to keep going until I can at least attempt a beginner stunt pattern.

Events I have participated in/attempted (with various degrees of success) include:
Beginner profile stunt
Beginner Nostalgia 30 stunt
Beginner CLPA
Clown Racing
Clown Speed
LA 15 Scale Racing
Fun Scale
Profile Scale
1/2A scale
Fox 35 speed
Speed Limit Combat
Junk Yard Wars (part of Team Canada)
Ringmaster Fly-a-Thon
Balloon Bust

I have flown at the Brodak Fly-In 6 times, the US Nationals once (beginner level), at the Goderich Sky Harbour Modelers fun fly once (demo of control line flying at an RC event), at the Bean Field with the Bean Field Flyers for many different events and with the Balsa Beavers in Toronto for many events - not to mention a lot of fun flying at the Bean Field and Centennial Park.  My current challenge for myself is to try to stagger my way through a full beginner pattern this year without crashing.  It does not have to be "pretty", I just want to be able to get through it and land my model in one piece!  If I can do that, I will definitely feel like I have made some real progress in learning how to fly!  It is wonderful to be able to share the same hobby with my husband, and I look forward to our time together in the workshop and on the flying circles and hanging out with other control line flyers. 

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Re: How I got started in control line
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2019, 06:38:30 PM »
if u want to see someone who just enjoys flying and being around other flyers  just watch Naomi and her Husband flying At Brodaks for a week
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Re: How I got started in control line
« Reply #2 on: March 08, 2019, 07:02:04 PM »
My husband is Len Bourel, and he flies in Expert level in stunt.  He also flies in Nostalgia 30, Old Time Stunt, Ringmaster Stunt, Foxberg Racing, LA 25 Sport Racing and spends a lot of time helping me and hanging out together having a lot of fun!  He was the team captain for Team Canada in Junk Yard Wars and managed to get one of our junk yard wars models through an entire stunt pattern.  I always joke that he could fly a brick on a rope if he had to.  I have seen him run out of fuel before the end of his cloverleaf and still manage to whip his airplane through the rest of the cloverleaf, 2 level laps, and do a smooth touch down so that he would not loose his pattern or landing points.