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This is the most up to date link site I have ever seen! Credit goes to Alan Tong.


Manufacturers, Clubs, Stores etc by Country - see end of list


GCF Global Learning - Free tutorials for beginners to PC's and Internet
Time Zone Converter - The Time Zone - What time is it in ___?
Dogpile Web Search Home Page



Dictionaries, Internet safety and Translation services


AltaVista - World / Translate (Bablefish)
Internet Archive Wayback Machine - use to find MISSING LINKS
Language Dictionaries - Condense long website URL's
Spybot - Search & Destroy [- Freeware]
SpywareBlaster [- Freeware]
Translating the Internet
Time and Date - World clock, time and calendar converter.
Zone Alarm - PC Firewall FAQ - freeware.



Alan' s RC & Modelling references



Vision - a) Colour Blindness & b) Sonic vision for the blind.


Colour Vision Test
Vischeck - Colour Blind (even partially?) auto adjust web page colours.
SonicVisioN - seeing with sound



Aero Towing - Gliders & Banners.


Aerotowing, release mechanism etc
Banner Towing
Glider & Banner Towing
Sail Planes Unlimited = Articles & Tips
Scale Soaring - Aerotowing
Aerotow Gliding - Graham Warren



Aerobatics, Pattern, F3D & TOC 2002 news etc.


2006 IMAC Pattern Sequences with K-Factors and Orientation notes
3D with Mike McConville
Ed's RC Pattern Page opening
Giant Scale Aerobatic List
Grotto 2, R/C Pattern "The web's longest running R/C pattern page".
International Miniature Aerobatic Club
RC New Zealand - skins for realflight
PBG Composites & Team New Zealand - TOC 2002
NSRCA - Pattern Pages
NSRCA Trimming Chart
Stall and Spin + many other aerodynamic forces ***
RC Aerobatics for beginners (see downloads - recommended) ***
TOC 98 to Tucson 2005 News/Results



Airbrush tips and techniques etc


Iwata - Airbrush FAQ and Tips ***
Iwata, Badger and Tamiya - Airbrush Supplies
Airbrush talk, art, painting, illustration, auto graphics, crafts
Airbrushes - Dick Blik
Airbrush Technique Magazine , airbrush lessons
Airbrushing Tips - Golden.
Model Master Technical Guide Downloads
Tips & Techniques - Galaxy Mech Works - click tips.
Victor Airtools



Aircraft Design. Airfoils, Pull-Pull Systems, Flight Trim & Static Thrust Calculator. (CG,Colour,Trim etc.= more in Folders below)


Ackerman linkage for Pull Pull systems - B.Felice
Aerodynamics - with animated examples
Aerodynamics In [Plain] Plane English
Aerodynamics of Spar&Rib Structures
Canards - Palos RC
Cardboard R/C Planes
Design Calc - from Van's Place (site down - email Alan for a copy.)
Design - explanation for beginners
Design Parameters - Basic chart
DJ Aerotech - Gliders & Vtails - FAQ
Flying Wing and Bird flight designs
Flutter - Curing flutter by Ed Moorman
Forces in Flight ***
Mass Balance Control Surfaces - prevent Flutter. IMAA High Flight article
Plane Geometry - R C Soarer
Practical Model Design - RCFU
Pull Pull [closed loop] Controls - Brian Felice
Pull-Pull [closed loop] Controls - Bob Adkins
Pull-Pull [closed loop] Controls - Giant scale - R.Forgues
Pull-Pull Control Rigging - Ron Ellis
Pull-Pull EP DH2 (spider wire) Model Airplane News
Rotary Driver System - Ailerons-Elevators etc.
"See How It Flies " a online book with many graphic images.***
Selected Topics of Model Aerodynamics
Sources of Aeronautical Information
Stability & Control - lateral, directional etc - animated
Static Thrust calculator - select prop etc - Barry Hobson's Download Zip File
Trim Chart for flying RC aircraft
UIUC Airfoil Data Site
Wing Loading Charts for R_C Aircraft



Airships & Blimps


Advanced Hybrid Aircraft Home Page - Airships, Hovercraft & Blimps
Air Dynamic
Airship Resources (airships, blimps)
Balloon Pages on the World Wide Web
DraganFly - News
Sejohna - advertising & RC
Small Blimp Parts
Solar Balloons - make your own for glider launching



Anodising, Brazing, Soldering and Welding Aluminium, Silver soldering etc.


Aluminum Welding Aluminum Brazing Aluminum Soldering Aluminum Repair
Electroplating Kits - Anodizing - Powder Coating and Metal Polishing
Silver Soldering Metals
Soldering Guide - EPE
Techno Weld. A revolution in aluminium welding
Anodizing Aluminium - Ron Newman
Anodizing at home - Jim Bowes.(email Alan for copy word doc.)



Balsa FAQ


"All About Balsa" - Sig Mfg - email Alan if site down
Balsa Density Calculator - download
Balsa , wood extraordinary - by Superior Balsa
Balsa wood - Interesting facts
Specialized Balsa Wood
Wood Handbook, Wood as an Engineering Material
Solarbo USA



Battery care, Chargers & Power Supply.





Chargers - How to recycle all those old plugins.
Cycler - FAQ , especially Hobbico Accu adjustment
Hitec CG335 Pro 4 - 24 cell or multiple packs + Glowdriver.
Hitec CG-340 1-16 cell NiCad & NiMh
Robbe Power Peak Infinity 2 (Review) = Sunji 3000 ex Kr.
Gell Cell Battery Charger
Lithium Ion Charger - DIY - SHDesigns -
Lithium Polymer Charger
Lithium Polymer Charger + FAQ
12 Volt SLA Charger - simple circuit
PC Power Supply Conversion - Pat Harvey
PC Power Supply - convert to power a 12VDC Battery Charger
PC Power Supply Conversion (110/230 Vac to 12V )


Battery Eliminator Circuits
Batteries - graphic detail of stalled or binding servo ***
Batteries - Use The Right Type & Brand + Safety
Battery - How to make own packs
Battery meter - How to use own Digital Volt Meter.
Cell Break In and Balance Chargin
Dual (Parallel) Battery Operation = Reliability & More Flight Time -
Dual Batteries, isolators, 6v, voltage depression, redundancy, etc
Industrial Use Batteries
Li-ion Batteries
Lithium Polymer Batteries : LiPol FAQ
Lithium Ion Polymer Applications
Lithium Ion & Lithium Ion Polymer Safety and Instructions
Lipo Explosion Recorded on Video
Nexcell Battery Co = R & D
R/C Battery Clinic
Sanyo Batteries
Sealed lead acid batteries - care and charging.
Strengthening the Weakest Link .... Battery maintenance
Tech Talk : Maintaining Your Batteries
Tester for Nicads - PC Readout.
The Ultimate Battery Directory
What About All Those NiCads - Tony van Roon



Boats, Yachts, Submarines, Warship Combat and Nautical reviews


Academy RC boats - list and specs
Academy,Thunder Tiger, MRP, Kyosho, Tamiya and other RC Boats, spare parts & RC systems - Retail sales and service.
Academy Triton 15 mph - 35mph hot racing tips. - [ Fast Electric Boat Racers ]

Thunder Tiger & MRP Yachts


Thunder Tiger - Victoria [Note = Use Hitec HS605BB or HS635HB for sail servo]
Performance Tips by "The New Zealanders"
Victoria Resource Center
Victoria Yacht Sailboat - RCU Review - inc video
VRC - How to Articles
TT. MRP Odyssey = 1:25 scale Benetau
TT. MRP Voyager 1m *****
TT. MRP Voyager Gooseneck upgarde


FAQ - Ship Models
AC15 Yachts [Scale America's Cup Racing Yachts]
Amati Modellismo
America's Cup Links
American Model Yachting Association
Aquataur model racing yachts
Artesania Latina
Billing Boats
Cajun Gator Airboats
Camarillo Pond Rats
CAP Maquettes
Carr Sails
Chinese Junks & Battened Lugsails
CR - RC Sailboats
Fast electrics
Frank's Historical Model Ships' - How to build old sailing ships
HMBC - Caldercraft catalog
International Waters R_C = Bluenose construction and good photos.
lightship modeler
Mamoli.c wooden sailing ship & other kitset.
Model Boat Mayhem ***
MRP boats = Thunder Tiger = Ace Hobby
North Texas Battle Group - Big Gun 1/144 Battle action
International One Metre (IOM) class - excellent downloads for yachtees
PortWind - yachts ex Spain
Punctilo - Caldercraft Ltd
Prather Products
R_C Sailing - Discussion group.
RC-Sailing Infocenter
RC Scale Model Ships - Jiri Syrovatko
Schooner Model Society (The Great )
Scale Sailing
Seawind by Kyosho - Resource Center
Seawind - How to waterproof the hatch .pdf
Swash Drive - RC Jet Boat units
The Hague Modelboat Club - HMBC - Homepage
The Model Power Boat Association
The Pop-pop pages.
The World of Scale Model Boating
UltraLite Masts
Vela RC - veleiro, nautimodelos - RC Yachts, Plans & Reviews
Victor Model Products
Viking Ship Gokstad
Vintage Model Yacht Group
West Valley R-C Mariners
Wind Warrior yachts

Land and Ice yachts


Cold Front Model Yachts
Ice & Land Yachts - K.1 Models
IRCSSA Homepage
LS3 - Uglyduck
Model LandYachts, Unlimited
Performance RC Landsailers



Reviews, Plans, FAQ & Tips, Jet drive.


Billing Model Boats - Construction tips & Paint cross reference
FAQ - Ship Models
Boating Rope Knots - animated examples
Fishing Knots & Rigging - animated examples
Fitting servos to yachts, boats_ amend Servos to operate 180 or 360 degrees
How to Sail fast_ Rig tuning by Bob Sterne
Jet drive units (KMB)
Model Builder Tips & Tricks - Art of the Model Builder
Model testing - instrumentation, scaling laws, test tanks, wind tunnels, experiments
Props & Shafts - & many other builders tips.***
RC Laser RC Sailboats - Tips and Tricks
RC Sailboat FAQ - RC Website for the RC Racer. Home of The Engine Analysis Softwa
River boats,Towboats etc. - Old River Bill's RC***
River Boats, Towboats etc - Towboat Joe.
Tips, Set Up Info & Projects - Off shore electrics





Deep Down - how to construct a RC Sub..
Dutch Submarine Hr.Ms.Potvis
E1 Submarine Project - Braglia
North Seas Fleet - radio control submarines
RC Submarines! - USA
R/C Submarines - France (English & French)
SM Warships - RC Submarines - build your own
Subs on Display
SUB!'s Model Submarines
The SubCommittee!
West Valley RC Submarine FAQ



Warship Combat - C02 BB Cannon etc.


Big Gun RC Warship Combat
Intl RC Warship Combat
Model Warship Combat, Inc.




Books, Reference - other . ( see "Manuals" below for pdf downloads re RC Systems, ESC, Gyros, Models etc) - the world's largest source of out-of-print books!
Aircraft Workshop: Learn To Make Models that Fly by Kelvin Shacklock**
Colour Palette for RC aircraft
Radio Control Guide by Norman Butcher
Radio Controlled Model Aircraft by Robert Lopshire ****
RC Books by David Boddington X 5
RC Books - all types
ScaleModel.NET Bookstore
Techbooks Home Page



Buddy Boxes. Servo Leads. Flight Simulator & Interface.


TX 2 TX ***
Buddy Box System Operation - RCFU
Interface Adapters & Connectors - inc new Futaba
Hitec USB Flight Sim Interface (for Hitec Futaba JR Transmitters) + FMS ***

Flight & Sailing Simulator controllers


Build an R/C Stick Joystick - The Flying Penguin
Futaba Controller - TX Conversion - RCFU
TX PC Interface - kitset - Ken Hewitt
FMS - Free Flying Model Simulator - Interface DIY instructions
FMS Free Flight Simulator - Make your own Interface
FMS Serial Interface - D.I.Y for GWS



Flight Simulators (Airplane, Heli & slope) & Sailing Simulators


Interface Adapters & Connectors - inc new Futaba
Aerochopper Review
Aerofly & Easyfly = IPACS
ClearView RC Helicopter Simulator
Dave Brown RCFS 2001
Dragonfly for FMS and FAQ - Paul L Daniels's
Fly RC Free simulator = Ron's Software Page
FMS Homepage - Freeware
FMS Links
FMS - Downloads, arguably the best personal effort ***
FMS - Links to many downloads for FMS and scenery design etc ***
FMS - additional Scenery downloads ***
FMS Serial Interface for GWS
Glider 3D ; RC Sailplanes Simulator
Home-built flight simulators - 23 Freeware programs
Offshore Sailing - Free simulator
Pre-Flight (Free Download - buy interface kit)
RCFSim v6.01 (2004) - Freeware
RealFlight Home Page
Reality Craft - RC Plane Master
Reflex Flugsimulator
Reflex models and scenery - additional downloads by W3 Group
RC New Zealand - Free skins for realflight
RC-Sim Downloads for Aerofly, FMS, Reflex, RFG 2, etc ***
Sail - Free download
Slope Soaring Simulator - Free download
Tru-Flite Technology
TTi Tom's - How to set up PC USB Port, Calibrate TX and more
Vertigo flight simulator
YSFlight - Freeware



Servo & Extension Lead pinouts and wiring.


Forgues Research - replacing RC system leads with Fibre Optic
Misc RC leads etc - Ken Hewitt
Servos - Wiring Diagrams = use with other brand RX.



Trainer (Buddy box) cables - DIY


Buddy box lead info
Multiplex to Hitec or Futaba buddy lead schematic
Futaba (FM) Trainer Cord
Futaba AM Trainer cord
Futaba AM to Futaba FM Trainer Cord
Futaba to JR Buddy Lead
Futaba/Hitec to JR/GWS trainer lead ***
Intelligent Buddy Box Lead - JR to Hitec or Futaba
JR Buddy box lead - antoon - gadgets
Sanwa (aka Airtronics) AM_FM Trainer Cord




Calculators, Conversion, Center of Gravity, Electric Flight , MAC & Servo Torque calculation charts. (Flight trim see above)


Balsa Density, Float size, Vacuum forming pictures etc - inc downloads
Conversion & Calculation tables etc
metric - Imperial Converter - down load free zip file.
CG & MAC - Graphic
CG & MAC calculator = PJB's Seriously Aeronautical Stuff
CG Calculator & Basic Design of Flying Wing Models
CG Sling & Balance beam "Vanessa" Zip file - email Alan for a copy.
CG Sling
Convert - free download - convert units from one type to another ****
Design Calc - from Van's Place (site down - email Alan for a copy.)
E/Flight - Drive Calculator V2.1 ***
Entisoft Units -- Measurement Conversion Calculator --
Free Software ex NASA_design jet engine, airfoils, kites, Rockets etc.
Martindale's Calculators On-Line Center - (over 1900 covers almost every possibility)
Performance Slide Rule Calculator - Servo torque, Horsepower, Stall Speed etc.
R/C Aircraft Proving Grounds - CG, MAC, Servo & Basic Model Calculators
RC Calculators - C.Gadd. [Servo Torque, Wing Loading, Glow to Electric etc.]
RC Performance calcuklators - Thrust, hp, Airspeed, RPM vs Load. etc
Weight Estimation Spreadsheet - Jim Ryan



Cars & Trucks


Academy RC Cars - current list and specs.
Academy RC Car - option and spare parts picture lists
Academy RC cars, spare parts, performance parts and accessories - Retail sales and service
Academy RT-4GP Racing Truck - details
Academy RT4-GP ProSpec _RCCA Review.
Academy SB Sport EP_RCCA review
Academy SB Sport PRO Buggy kit - RCU REview ***
Boca Bearing Company
DuraTrax (part of Great Planes/Tower Group)
FAQ for R_C electric off-road racing
Frequently Asked Questions
Gear Animations, Pitch explanations, conversions etc.
Hitec 101 - How to select & use best Car or Truck servo for your purposes.***
How to - Car, Engine maintenance Manuals & fuels etc.
How to: Install any type of clutch
Kyosho Cars and Trucks
Lauterbacher Modelltechnik 1/5 RC cars
Le Gravos Race Team T2M
Links to RC Car web pages & Distributors
Losi On-Line
Medial Pro
MCD Racing 1/5 scale.
Mugen Seiki
NitroReview. - Reviews of almost every car engine
Painting Bodies - Four Fast Finishes
Pro-Line Racing
Radio Controlled Vehicles
RC Car Pro Racer Secrets by Sirace
RC Car Racing Guide, Articles, FAQ, Tuning etc
RC Manufacturers - Cars_Trucks
RC Trucks
Team Associated R_C Cars
Team Novak Home Page
Tekin Electronics - ESC
Thunder Tiger.... EK-4 S2 Nitro Monster Truck...*****
Thunder Tiger.... EK.4 .... Reviews and upgrades for "The Monster"
Traxxas Home Page
Trinity R_C Racing Online!
Ze Gravos - France

Micro Racers


QFM Racing's Tips
Bit Char-G UK




Catapults, Bungees & Winches


Catapult & Bungee launch metods - DIY several types - email Alan for .pdf.
Bungymania ****
Bungee Launching RC Sailplanes ("High Start")
Dynaflite Hi-Starts
Dynamics of Bungee Launching - Ezone article
Electric winch (12V) - email Alan for Jpeg of winch & turnaround plans.
Golden Retriever - site down, email Alan for copy .pdf file.
"How to" use a winch.
LiteFlite Engineering
Northeast Sailplane Products -- Winch Stuff
The Easimore Launching System
Winch Doctor
Winch NZ



Cell Phone Warnings


British Model Flying Association - BMFA - msafety bulletins - Mobile phones
Canadian & NZ Cellphone warning for R/C
Mobile phone radiation - headlines
NZ Govt. -"Why must I switch off my cellphone in aircraft, hospitals and petrol stations."
RC Groups Discussion
RunRyder - Mobile Phone and Synth TX warning
RunRyder - Mobile Phone - RC Interference...
Scientists Demand Cell Phone Warnings



Colours & Visibility for models + Paint Charts (see also Covering & Painting below)


Colours for high altitude flying - PJ Burke
Colour Cross Reference
Colour Reference Charts - Part I = Urban Fredriksson's
Colour Reference Charts - Part II = Urban Fredriksson's
Colouring R_C Aircraft - SAI
Model Aircraft Colour design - downloadable program
USN & USMC WWII & Contemorary
What Colours do we Fly & Tips for better Aircraft Visibility -(site down - email Alan direct for a copy.)



Combat - RC


RC Combat
Combat Gremlins
SPAD (Simple Plastic Airplane Designs)
Streamer Machine
R/C Combat - Gremilns



Control Line


3-line control systems - Electronic Throttle or Retract control
ALC control line club
Andy Whortons C/L Page - BMFA & FAI - AJWLTD
Brass Fuel Tanks for Model Airplanes
Complete list of C/L articles.
C/L Aeromodeling Link Pages, Clubs, and Forums
C/L Model Aircraft Nostalgia in Australia
C/l Model Airplanes - Bill Kuhl
C/L Model Airplanes = Iskandar taib
Electric Control Line
Göran Olsson's C/L Page
Peter Nyffeler's C/L
Trelleborg Model Flying Club



Covering Materials & Instructions (see also Colours & Visibility above)


Chemical Compatibility of Common Model Finishing Materials
Cover Foam Wings With Brown Paper - Ezone
Covering - Lee Van Tassle
Cover small models with tissue - M.A.N. tips.
Covering & Painting Techniques***
Covering tips & techniques - RCU article
Coverite Home Page
Fibreglass Cloth Covering by Jim Ryan
Klass Kote (epoxy paint)
Lite Films,Covering & colouring & weights - Roy Bourke
Light plastic film - types & techniques for micro flyers - M.A.N article
Monokote - How to.
MonoKote & LustreKote Surface Preparation & Painting
Oracover = Ultracote = Profilm . Hobby Lobby's tips
Oracover - Holland
Painting Canopies (Heli) - email Alan for file.
Painting RC models with Latex Paint
Pennyplane - lightweight building & covering for indoor duration
Poly-Fiber Polyester Fabrics
Polyurethane (Water based) - adhere and finish fibreglass and Koverall cloth etc.
RhinoCover Base White
Scale Rib Stitch
Silk (Thai silks)
Silkspan Covering - How to and Why
Solite - How to apply this ultra lite film
Solite - Advanced Covering Techniques
SPAD (Simple Plastic Model Design) - use of plastics
Tinting Clear Canopies - David Tatosian. (site down - email Alan direct for copy.)
Two Color Covering - RCFU
Ultracote® ( = ProFilm =OraCover) Tips & Tricks = Horizon Hobby :
USI Laminate: Use 3mm thick film



Decals & Custom Cut Vinyl Lettering & Graphics


AeroGraphics - Custom Aircraft Decals & Logos
Ceramic Decals - Water-Slide Ceramic Transfers - BEL Inc.
CustomCut Vinyl Lettering and Graphics
Decalerstellung und Decalverkauf
Decals: SuperCal Water Slide Decals
Free decal downloads - Vektorgrafiken für Scalemodelle
Inkjet Decal Paper
Pyramid Products
Stika self made labels



Directories, Links & R_C References -


Aero Model Club sites around the world
BlackFlight Models
Dogpile - Search engine
Google Search - rec.models.rc air
Hitec & Multiplex Talk (forum)
Hobby Manufacturer RC Links
Intl. List of Scale Model Related Web Sites
John Kallend's home page
Military links - Aircraft, Boats, Weapons etc
MSN Groups - Scale Models & RC Categories
Multidisciplinary collaboration for Communication, Research, and Lunch
R/C Aero (Australia)
RC Soaring Digest magazine - free
R/C Soaring - UK
The R/C Source - Hobby People
Usenet R_C Newsgroups



Disabled? - how to overcome disabilities to use RC


Kim's Home Page
John Cinderey's pages



Ducks = Radio Control Duck = RC Decoy.


RC Duck - email Alan direct for instruction sheet to build your own
Radio Controlled Duck
The RC Duck - Dr Spiff



Electric Flight, Electric Motors & Electric "Round The Pole"



Electric Motor Information


Astro Flight Inc.
Aveox Brushless Motors
Aveox Virtual Test Stand
Brushless Motor - Make your own ex CD Roms. [Start at end]
Brushless. One hour CD_ROM motor construction
Brushless RC Car Racing Motor myths
Data calculator - EP Motor
Electrics - motors - Steve Lewin ***
Electric Motor - Break in for best performance
Hacker Brushless Motors
How a motor works - T.Younger - if site down, email Alan for a copy.
lrk-torquemax e-motors - How to build your own.
LRK = Make your own brushless gearless motor, 200-800watts
LRK and CD-rom manufacturers - list. & How to make your own outrunners etc.
Kyosho LeMans Electric Motors
Leisure Electronics = Motors_gearboxes
MaxCim Motors
MINIMOTOR SA >>> Miniature drive system
Motors - Comparison between prices and uses
PickPwr - Choosing the right power package
SE Modeler Gas to Electric
Timing an EPS300C



Electric Flight


Which Electric Power Model to buy - Annual reviews, answers and pictures ***
Advanced Propulsion - JLN Labs - ElectroHydroDynamics ( E.H.D.)
AMP-lifying the Ace Cloud Dancer - convert .40 GP to electric
British Electric Flight
Castle Creations - ESC
Diversity Model Aircraft - Inc calculator for run time
Dymond Model Sport
EFLIGHT Archive search
Electric Ducted Fan
Electric Flight
E/Flight - Drive Calculator V2.1 ***
Electric R_C Resources
Electronic Speed Controller
EMS Jomar Official Web Site
F5D UK Model Airplane Pylon Racing
The EZONE - many "how To" articles and tips etc.
From Gas to Electric
GWS - e/flight education videos inc add heatsink to ESC.
GWS Fans - Information, Tips and Forums site
Kress Jets Inc. - Gas and Electric Model Planes
Kyosho Airplanes
Leisure Electronics = Motors_gearboxes
Low-Tech A-10 Electric Ducted Fan
Northeast Sailplanes Products -- Electric Accessories
R_C Battery Clinic
RT Models -Ducted Fan Jets
SES45ADS Ultra smart & small 45-200A ESC with failsafe & lost model alarm..
Spectra-V_ Fit gearbox & Vtail to a Spectra - Stefan's Electric RC
The Future is Electric - Ken Myers
WeMoTec (ducted fans)
What About All Those NiCads - Tony van Roon



Fly by Wire = Round The Pole


Fly By Wire
Ballards Model Shop
Skonk Works




Electronic Circuits & Connectors for RC & Modellers.



Actuators for micro flight


Actuators and Actuator controlled designs
How to make an actuator ( step by step )
Micro R/C Car Hacks for Model Airplane Use
Magnetic Actuator Drivers
Magnetic Actuator Systems



Electric Power Connectors


Deans' Ultra Plug connector [aka "Super Plug"]
Anderson Power Products connectors [aka "Sermos connectors")


Altimeter Project
Battery Eliminator Circuits
Circuit Central
Circuit Diagrams for Model Aircraft
Circuits for RC gadgets - Jo Aichinger ***
Design for RC models - Russia
Do-It-Yourself Radio Control Electronic Projects & Gadgets
Electronic projects and tutorials ***
Electronic Circuits for the Hobbyist - Tony Van Roon
Electronic Gadgets (Projects) for RC - Tony Van Roon
Electronics Page - Brent's R-C
Electronics Pages - Circuits etc by Tomi Engdahl's
Electronics Hobby Page
Electronize Model Electronics
kens RC home page
LED Calculator - RC Cam Projects
Lost Model Alarm
Plane finder _ Lost Model Alarm
Merlin PCB Designer
Newark Electronics, Catalog = Electronic Components
OHM'S Calculator
Paolo Zini's RC directory
Philips Semiconductors;
Radio control electronics [Norcim] ***
Radio Electronics Pages - Build your own TX & RX
Ram Radio Controlled Models Home Page
RC Creative Electronics
RC Frequency Monitor - DIY
RC Groups Discussion - DIY Electronics
Schiepatti Switch - for camera operation, glow driver etc
Servo Driver
Smiley Antenna RC Page
Stefan's Electric R-C Web Site
Supercircuits Inc. ..Micro video camera etc.
Sirius Electronics-TX Diodes bridging
Suding Associates Inc. - Main Page
Technical Library



Electronic Speed Control (ESC) and DIY Circuits


SES-45ADS Ultra smart & small ESC. 45-200A with failsafe & LMA
Eric Behr's Collection of ESC
ESC 40A with BEC & brake
ESC for Brushless + Electronic-Circuits
ESC - using an old servo.
ESC ex HS300 or S148 servo for microflight
GWS ICS300/480 Voltage cutoff Mod for Lithium packs
Homebrew Rondo ESC
Miniature High-Rate ESC inc BEC
Quark ESC for brushless. 7 modes for Cars, Boats, Planes & Heli.. Forward & Reverse . (+ video set up.)



Engines,Plugs,Tuning, Petrol, Turbines, Mufflers, Cleaning, etc


ABC, ABN, Ringed & Lapped - differences ***
Engine Tech Questions ***
Fliteline Solutions - Determine Engine Condition ***
Model Engine News
Model Aircraft Noise Reduction - keep your flying sites
MECA = Model Engine Collectors Assn
Old engine models, bazaar, discussions about models

Animated Engines = Co2, Wankel, Gnome Rotary and many more


Animated Engines - Full selection.
Animated Engines, CO2
Animated Engines, Single Cylinder Stirling



Bearings, Metal Working, Mufflers, Tuned Pipes.


Abec Tolerances
Aluminum Welding How to Weld Aluminium
Bearing Sizes & Types - Desertsky
Bearings - list of all popular Hobby & Motor sizes.
Bearings - Pictorial DIY replacement in RC engines.
Bendy pipes + scale Manifolds for large engines
Bisson Custom Mufflers
Boca Bearings for glow engines
Fly Quiet - Sound reducing mufflers .049 to big
FMV Storey - Engine & Bearing Fit and design.
Four Stroke Mufflers and Angled Elbows
Installation of Model Engine Bearings
JTEC Model Engine Accessories
Macs Products Website - exhausts and smoke systems
Metalworking FAQ/Compendium
Modifying Your Engine - Tuned Pipes
Mousse Can Muffler - RCFU
Peacekeeper Mufflers
Pipes for Aeromodeling
PSP Manufacturing
Slimline Manufacturing
Techo Weld
Tuned Pipes - FAQ - Andy Ellison
Tuned Pipe Designer - JavaPipe: - download calculator
Tuned Pipes - The Technology of (emphasis on RC cars/trucks)
Tuned Pipes - The mystery of - four part series + downloads
Ultrathrust Mufflers



Carburettors, Tuning & Performance Testing, Glow Plugs.


Airplane flight,model airplanes,engines,aerodynamics - Pé Reivers
Cen Racing - good tutorial on tuning, care & maintenance ***
Engine Technical Notes-VERY complete!
Extend Engine Life - M.A.N article
For the new modeller - How To...
Fuels - Brian Hampton
Glow Plugs- Brian Hampton
Glow Plugs - Selection Guide - cross reference of most plugs.
Glow Plugs - The technology of
How to Rebuild Your Nitro Engine - RC Nitro Magazine,***
Installation of Model Engine Bearings
K&B owners guides - Carbuettor tuning etc
Modifying Your Engine - Expansion Chambers etc
NitroReview_reviews of almost every car_truck engine
One-way valve - Gasoline Check Valve
One-way valve - Glow Fuel
Performance Testing of Engines - Martin.Hepperle
Perry Pumps & Carburettors
Plasma Liners (Ceramic piston & liners etc) see also Norvel engines.
Prop and rpm performance figures - RCFAQ
Radial Engine FAQ (RC Warbirds)
Regulated fuel supply for large engines - Pe Reivers
Running In Engines - Brian Hampton
Setting the Idle Mixture _ Brian Hampton
SmartPlugs - Applications
Squish Clearance - RC
Tuning and setting Car & Truck engines***
Super Tigre set up - by Pe Reivers
How To Tune Your Engine+#01 ***



Cleaning & Starter Motors (Homemade & On board)


1/2 A Starter Motors - (email Alan for 3 easy DIY units with cheap 540 EP motor)
1/2A Starter Motor for .049 - .09 DIY M.A.N. article.
FEMA On-Board Engine Starters



Glow, Diesel & CO2 Engines - all (Home pages)


AP Engines (Sanye Machinery Co Ltd.)
ASP engines (A.S.P.) (Sanye Machinery Co Ltd.)
Aviastar Engines
Axe Motor Rossi (previously known as "Rossi")
Cen Racing - Includes good care & maintenance and tuning of engines.
Cox Engines
COX Control Line, COX R_C, COX Free Flight, COX Glow Engines
CS Engines (Raptorz = Meng Ying)
Cyclon Engines - FAI & F2B etc. Ru.
Davis Diesel
Desert Sky Model Aviation _
DN - Re_ OS 120 Gemini power_
Dynamite = Horizon Hobby = rebranded SH Engine
Great Hobbies - Tech Talk crankshaft thread sizes
Enya Model products
Fox engines - manuals
Fuji Engine
Gasparin's (Stefan ) Miniature CO2 motors.
GMS Engines
HP Engines
Irvine Ltd
Irvine Engines
JBA engines = Vmax, Jen, Revtech & Pichler etc
JELmotors - RC Car
Jett Engineering
Just Engines
K&B index
Laser Engines
Leo engines
MECA (Model Engine Colletors Assn.) homepage - K & B, Mecoa, HB, HP, Kavan, Fuji
Moki engine
MP Jet
MVVS - Just Engines
MVVS model engines - Pe Reivers
Nelson Engines - Performance Specialties
NitroReview_reviews of almost every car_truck engine
Novarossi micro engines
OFNA Racing - Nitro Engines
OPS engines
O.S. Engines
PAW diesel engines [Progressive Aero Works]
Picco (aka Omega and/or Omega Picco)
RCV Engines Ltd
Saito - Horizon
Saito - Brenton Watkins - hints and tips
Sanye Machinery Co.,Ltd = ASP, AP, Magnum,SC etc
SH Car Engines - Megatech
Sharma Model Aero Engines and Propellers
Super Tigre (see also " Carbs & Tuning")
Tartan Engines
Thunder Tiger Engines-Airplane: GP Series
Thunder Tiger Engines-Airplane: PRO Series
Thunder Tiger Engines: Airplane: 4-Stroke Series
Thunder Tiger Engines: Car & Buggy Series
Thunder Tiger Engines: Heli Series
Tiger Shark Engines - China
Tiger Shark Engines - USA -
Toki - Shuwa Industries jp.
Two Stroke and Four Stroke Engines
Webra Motor
YS - Japan
YS engines - USA



Jet Engines, Jetex, Pulse Jets and Turbines


Airtoi micro turbine specs database
Airtoi, Jet related links
AMT Advanced Micro Turbines
AMT USA, Aviation Microjet Technology
Azznett - turbine fittings
BVM Jets
Crazy jet engine uses***
Cruise Missile - D.I.Y.***
Gas Turbine Builders Association
Homebuilt Jet Engines
Home made jet & pulsejet engine
Jet Powered Models, Pulse Jets
Jetex Engineering -- Microjet Propulsion Lab -- Rocket Science Institute
Klub Modelarstwa Lotniczego
Model Mechanics SA - Turbines
Pulse jet & V1 detail
Pulse Jet Engines
Pulse Jet power & models
Rocket Research Pulse Jet
SimJet Micro Turbines
Turbines, homebuilt FAQ pictures etc
Wren Turbines Ltd



Petrol engines, carburettors and ignition systems


Pro Spark Ignition systems
First Place Gas Engines
Quadra Aerrow. Engines, 2 Stroke Engines, UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Model Aircraft
Gas Motors - Set Up,Running, Trouble Shooting
Engines-Vol I No. 1 Pg 16 _ Power and Economy From Quadra
B & B Specialties, Inc. = Quadra USA
BME Engines
Carr Precision
CH Ignition systems
Cheetah - Reids Quality Models
Conley Precision Engines. 1/4 scale V8 etc.
Convert Glow to Petrol - Spark Ignition
DA engines -Desert Aircraft -- Giant Scale Engines, Kits and Accessories
D&B Engines by Ridge Machine
Erickson Motors - Migrating Combustion Chamber.
Falkon electronic [electronic ignition for ZDZ etc]
FAQ for Gas beginners - email Alan, address at top, for details.
First Place Engines!
Fox Engines
Fuji Engines
IMAC Commercial Links
J& A Engineering
MacMinarelli - Italy
Mathe - Italy
Moki Engines
Quadra Q35-40-42, US35-41 Parts Breakdown,
RCS ENGINES = Moki engines & ZDZ
Ryobi - 31cc conversion
S&S Aircraft Engines
Sachs Dolmar
Stihl - How to convert 27cc
Strictly I.C. - Magazine on Miniature Internal Combustion Engines
Taurus Engines
3W Motors
U.S. Engines
YW Gasoline engine
Zenoah Engines
Zenoah, Titan etc - Toni Clark
ZDZ - modelmotor, Czech Republic



Steam Engines & Sterling Engines


The Flying Steam Engine
A Stirling engine which runs on a coffee cup by JL Naudin
Mamod - Steam Engines and Vehicles.
SteaMECH - Live Steam Engine Models
Stirling Engines




FAQ = Answers for Beginners and Advanced RC'ers


Aerodynamics, Beginners' Guide and lots of info about R/C Model Aircraft
Barnstormers Links
Basic Flight Instruction
Beginners Airstrip
Beginners' Guide to Model Aircraft ***
Beginner's Guide to R/C Flight
Beginners guide to RC - The original
Blue Max R_C Web Site
Bolt and Nut Dimensions - Convert USA<>Metric.
Bolts, Screws, Hex, Drill & Tap sizes, International sizes = Tech Charts
Getting started in radio control
FAQ for beginners as per the Flying Penguin
Flight Log for models & motors - Freeware Download
FOORUM.COM - liste des titres
Gadgets for Radio Control, Tony Van Roon.
Gear - Animations, Pitch explanations, conversions etc.
General Tips - The R/C Proving Grounds
Great Hobbies - Radio Control Aircraft Index
Helpful Hints - with GIF images.
High Flight Archive - Articles and Hints archives
Hints & Tips, Antoon #1
Hints and Tips, Antoon #2 re electronics etc.
How to - Cheapest hot wire foam cutter
How to - Tips by Ironsides #1
How to - Tips & Tricks by Ironsides #2
HowStuffWorks - Learn how Everything Works!
Metals for Modelers
Metalworking FAQ/Compendium
Model Airplane FAQ - G Hiddink
Model Builder's Information Source - Airfield Models
Model Doctor.................
Radio Control Airplanes - Photos, Movie Clips and more
R/C Hints & Tips, Construction for R/C - Tony Van Roon
RC Flyers Hints Page
R_C Flight Training Guide
R/C Helicopter Fever
RC Technical Tips_Articles w/pictures.
R_C Sailplanes .. Servo ..Radio ..FAQ
Marty Moleski's Hobby Pages - Check AT's - two photos ***
Rocket launcher
Rotary Driver System - for ailerons, elevators etc
Rotary Driver System Pictures
Scale Soaring UK - Hints & Tips
SIG's Basics of Radio Control *****
Sig Something Extra Tips
Student Pilot Flight Instruction Manual - Palos RC
The Aussie Shed - Oddities_ Ninja Star, Vtol etc
Tips by George
Tips and Techniques - RC Proving Grounds
United Modelers of America
Vacuum Bagging a Foam Wing - How To _video downloads
Vacuum Forming own Canopies
Windsock - How to make
U-2 Convert styrofoam gliders to RC



Field Boxes, Fuselage Jig, Wing Jig. Tail wheel, Transmitter Tray constr. Helpful Hints


Air tow release , Restraint, Gravity fueling, Glow drivers,. Tx Tray etc.
Field Box - RCFU
Field Box #2 - RCFU
Field Box #3 - compact efficient - Email Alan. plan, instructions w/simple power panel
Fuselage Assembly Jig - RCFU
Installing CA Hinges - RCU techniques
JC's TX_tray
SFK Candy Drop Assembly
Tailwheel Construction - RCFU
Transmitter Tray - RCFU
Wing Assembly Jig - RCFU
Working flaps



Fibreglass, Carbon, Resin Moulding & Casting Cowls, Spats,Canopies


See also "Mold, Cast & Vacuum Form items yourself" sub section below.
Composites Information
Covering Models With Fibreglass Cloth by Jim Ryan
Fibreglass or make your own FG hull
Fiberglass skins - the easy way
Fibreglass Techniques & Information
How To Articles = Spars, Molds, Parts, Skins & U/C
How To = Ironsidz
Model Car Tech - Resin Casting etc.
Molded fuselage - how to pictures
The Cheap Little Sucker - make a vacuum pump
Vacuum Bagging Wings
Water based Polyurethane skin glassing

Cowls, Spats, Canopies etc - Manufacturers.


Carbon Copy
Fibreglass Specialties
Stan's Fibre Tech




Fibre Optics


Forgues Research - replacing RC system leads with Fibre Optic
Fiber Optic Lighting
Edward Ledger Industrial Sales Co





Animated flags for web pages, emails etc.



Floats and Skis


Float design
Foam Float Core Construction - by Ironsides
Floats - CG position .jpg.
Floats for electrics - J Spencer
Floats, plans and downloads etc
Skis - Ironsides
Skis and floats - George Nichols (ex RCM)
Ski Kits for R_C Aircraft
Ski kits - how to make
Winter Float Flying - snow & ice



Flying Wings (inc Delta), Flapping Wings or Ornithopter. [see also Gliders below.]


Advanced Propulsion - JLN Labs - ElectroHydroDynamics ( E.H.D.)

Flying wings


Airfoil Design for Tailless Airplanes 1
Andy MacDonalds Flying Wing page.
Airfoils for Flying Wings and Tailless Airplanes ***
Correx Deltas - good plans & video.
Flying Wings
Flying Wings - Trimming
Flying Wing Models - Basic design
Foam Wing Construction
Mugi Correx Combat Flying Wing
Pibros - download free plans for small 2 ch.
Theoretical Flying wings
TWITT- The Wing is the Thing
Flying Wings : An Anthology
Birdworks - inc the RC Gull



Flapping Wings - Ornithopter


Bionics and Evolutiontechnique
CyBird (- with movies etc)
Flapping Flight Links
Flapping Flight - Ornithopters
Ovirc - Objets Volants Insolites RC (French & English)
Robofalcon - Intercept technology
Truefly - Flying by flapping wings
The Flutterby
1900 Clark BiWing Ornithopter
Park Hawk, Slow Hawk, Shrike etc.




Foam Wings, Warbirds, Foam Cutting Bows, Coroplast, PVC & SPAD. [see also Gliders below.]


Aerofoan Radio Control
Aeropic : RC planes and PIC based electronics
Andy MacDonald's Flying Wing Page - inc. construction tips -vacuum bagging etc
Building and Sheeting Foam Wings - without excess weight.
Building a Zagi and similar foam models***
Dan Marlowe's R_C Page - Foam Wings
Dave's Aircraft Works Homepage
Del Brengman's Foam Cutter Plans
CORO - Mal Fields
Feathercut Hot Wire Foam Cutter for Cutting Foam
Foam Cutting Machine - Full instructions for DIY - Tal
Foamworks - foam cut to your requirements
Flying Saucer, Beer mat, Stop Sign, Superman, Vroom Hilda etc - Email Alan T. direct for jpegs.
Flying Wing Page - inc. construction tips -vacuum bagging etc
Floyd Glider construction page
Foam Cutter and Cub plans.
Foam Cutter (Hot wire) Automatic DIY - Ezone
Foam Cutter - Plans for Bow, Power Supply & use. - Del Brengman's
Foam Cutter Bow construction - RCFU
Foam Cutting Power Supply
Foam Wing Construction - RCFU
Foam Wings - How to cut perfect channels
Frankenfoam - Cheapest Foam Airplane.
Hot Wire Foam Cutter
MAD Aircraft Design Main Page
New to the Slope
Northwest Hobby Technology - Giant Scale planes
SPAD Home Page
Trick R_C EPP Foam Gliders
The Work Bench -- Vacuum Bagging Wings
The Cheap Little Sucker - Vacuum pump
Vacuum Bagging
Vacuum Bagging a Foam Wing - How To _video downloads
Wing Manufacturing



Free Flight


Free Flight - Learning, research, projects and fun
Free Flight Online
Free Flight Supplies
Free Flight Tips
Jetex powered
Mike's flying scale model pages



Freight & Post


NZ Post - Letters and Parcels
DHL Red Planet
Postal Service Calculators



Frequencies - Intl lists. PCM Vs PPM. FCC Regs.


BMFA - Radio Frequencies (UK)
Canada - GH Frequency Chart
Europeennes Frequences
European Frequencies - all
European, Japan, Australia, Taiwan
Frequency Analyser - a must for large clubs.
International Frequencies - BMFA list
NZ - General User Radio Licences
NZ Aero Model (to be read in conjuction with above GURL link)
PCM Vs PPM etc
PerCon DataFinder
RC Frequency Monitor - DIY
RC RFI [Interference] Scanning FAQ
Singapore - 27 & 29 mhz.
South Africa
USA - full list -
USA FCC rules & regulations
USA FCC - Search (e.i.r.p. or mW data etc) Futaba = AZP, Airtronic/Sanwa = AXY, JR = BRW, Hitec = IFH.



Fuel facts & FAQ + Fuel Tank installations


Byron Fuels - mfg plant etc
Castor vs Synthetic - FHS (Red Max) recommendations.
FUELS - John Modistach
Fuels - Brian Hampton
Fuel - 2 Str & 4 Str commercial mixtures
Fuel Safety Alert - RC
Fuel system - set up multiple tanks for Jet, Heli etc.
Fuel system - set up one tank multi engine or one engine multi tank.
Fuel system - How to install header tank in Pusher aircraft - email Alan for jpg.
Fuel system - How to install a Heli header tank - Glo Fuel Blending Chart
Morgan Fuels = Home brews, Cool Power, Omega etc.
Nitromethanol, and/or RC Fuel
Oil test comparisons
Powermaster Hobby Products Inc.
Powermaster - 2st vs 4st fuels - is there a difference?
Powermaster - What is the Oil Content_
Powermaster - Which Oil is Better- Synthetic or Castor_
Nitromethane, The Mystery Ingredient
Storing Fuel for Maximum shelf life
RC Nitro Engines - Fuel properties
Tech Charts - J Modistach
Water in Fuel - test results and effects



Fun Fly


Fun Fly Ideas for club days = email Alan (top of page) for a list and descriptions
Fun Fly Association - National Competition
HSRCM RC Model Airplane Kits Forums



Gear ratios, tables, gear boxes, belt drive etc.


HPC Gears Technical - General
HPC Gears Technical - Belts
HPC Gears Technical - Gearing
HPC Gears Technical - Chains



Giant Scale, Large RC models, Twins & Multi Engines


BTE - Super Flyin' King - many tips for "big ones"
Dual RX, dual batts, isolators, 6v, voltage depression, redundancy, etc
Dual Rx / Dual Batteries
Dual Recievers
Dual Recievers #2
DynaFlite PT-19 Cornell - good building tips and photos.
eGroups GiantscaleRC
Gas Modeling - FAQ answers by Futaba
Giant Scale Aerobatic List
Giant Scale RC Technical Tips
Giant War Birds
Ghost Squadron - UK
Glow Driver - simple on board glo driver (kiss system)
International Miniature Aircraft Association
Large Model Association = UK
Large Scale Model Assn - UK
Large Scale Composite Airplanes.. inc videos
Miniature Aircraft NZ.
Practical Scale - Rawle Aviation (UK)
RC Installation for Large Models
RC Warbirds
Twinman - FAQ
Victor - 14% by Gordon Nichol's



Gliders: Dynamic, Slope and Thermal Soaring - See also Flying Wings & Foam Wings above.



Dynamic Soaring


Albatrosses at Work
DS Fest 2002
Dynamic Soaring ***
Dynamic Soaring
Dynamic Soaring in Fei Ngo Shan
Dynamic soaring Videos und Fotos .de



Glider FAQ, Soaring and Scale Soaring


Articles and Tips
NZ North Island Handlaunch
R_C Sailplanes
Scale Soaring UK - Hints & Tips
Soaring FAQ
Soaring for Beginners - Part 1.
Trimming Techniques for Multi Channel Gliders



Slope Soaring. (See also Foam Wings)


New to the Slope
Try Slope Cross Country


Airfoils for Flying Wings and Tailless Airplanes
Andy MacDonalds Flying Wing Page
Articles and Tips
Impact Airframes = DLG
Canterbury Sailplanes
Flying Wing Models - Basic design
Flying Wings - Trimming
Hotwings - Dave Larsen's IDISC movies
International Scale Soaring Association
League of Silent Flight
Part 1_ Soaring for Beginners
Pull Pull Ruddervators - site down, email for detail.
RC Videos,Slope, Dynamic soaring, Surfing
R_C Soaring - Home Page
R_C Sailplanes
The Wing is the Thing = TWITT



Glue - select correct adhesive for the material


Adhesives - RC Airplanes
Depron, EPP and other foam material - test results
Kitsets - Polyethylene, PETE, Wood, Vinyl, Metal etc
Plastic Bonding and Repairs
This to That (Glue Advice = which to use for each application)***



Gundam = Bandai


Bandai Plamo net - Bandai Hobby Depatment
Gundam Official : : Welcome
Gundam World Web _ So-net HK
Universal Century: a Gundam resource for the BESM RPG



Helicopters and Autogyros



Electric Helicopter (micro indoor outdoor)


Micro Electric (EP) Helicopter DragonFly
DragonFly kitset - EP
Radd's School of Rotary Flight = tutorial for new Electric Helicopter fliers..***
T Rex Owner Advice





Autogyro Company of Arizona
Plans , Videos, and Books...- Autogyros etc.
Ricks Gyro Page.
R/C Autogyro Kits
R/C Model Autogyros



Raptor - Thunder Tiger .30 .50 & 60


Bill Ludwig - comprehensive heli site
Kyosho Nexus .30 - Thunder Tiger Raptor
Raptor - Read BEFORE FLYING a new .30 , .50 or .60
Model heli raptor
Raptor Newsletter
Raptor ARF Heli - MAN : Reviews - Thunder Tiger
Raptor Online - Raptor RC Helicopter -
Raptor Technique
Thunder Tiger Raptor


Eclipse_TX setting Gyro - amendment to manual
A.F.O.T. = Roswell flyer
Articles - Littlerotors re Raptor, Tuning, TRex etc
Air Foil Aviation
Beavisland 2000
D'Best Co. Helicopter Page
Floats - DIY for Helicopter
Helicoptering - Natescape
Henseleit Helicopters
Hirobo Shuttle Z_ZX_ZXX Manuals Page
Hirobo Tsurugi Web Site
How Helicopters Work
International Radioc Control Helicopter Assoc.
Jason Chan's RC Heli - R/C Technique
Kyosho Nexus - Thunder Tiger Raptor etc - Online Manuals
Lite Machines Corporation - Electric and Glo ***
Morley Helicopters Ltd - W3MH
RC Helis In New Zealand Information
Radd's School of Rotary Flight ***
Robbe Helicopters Help Page
Robbe - Schluter Moskito Basic
Rocket launcher
R_C Helicopter Page
RC Helicopter Pilots List
RotorKraft - 23cc Gasser
The R_C Helicopter Fever
Vario Helicopter



Hovercraft, Airboats, Ground Effect Vehicles & VTOL Harrier etc


Advanced Hybrid Aircraft Home Page - Airships, Hovercraft & Blimps
FlightLines; Model Aircrafts Unleashed!
Flightlines's Model Hovercraft Section
Geobat - Flying Saucers
Ground Effect Vehicles. Plans, Pictures etc.
Hover - The Aussie Shed (Syrex Wasp)
Hydro-Foam - the flying hydroplane. (hovercraft, aircraft, boat or car?). video + plans info ***
Hypercraft Associates - WIG vehicles
Model Hovercraft
RC Harrier Story
RC Model Hovercrafts FAQ
RC-HoverCrafts - forums etc.
ScratchBuilt R/C Airboat
The Aussie Shed_Hover, VTOL etc
TurboPlane - Construction Photos
TurboPlane (TurboPlan) Austrian UFO / Flying Saucer: A True VTOL Aircraft
SR.N5 and SR.N6 Hovercraft
WIG : Wing-In-Ground effect craft



Humour and Games


Animated GIFs.
Aviation Animation gif animation free graphics
Flypower Forums
The Flying Penguin Homepage
Urban Legends : Humor (Word Imperfect)
Work Well With Others



Instructors (Includes Commercial) for RC Aircraft and Helicopters


"The Instructor"
Student Pilot Flight Instruction Manual = Palos RC
R/C Flight Instruction (Teaching the "Perceptually Challenged!" to Fly)
The RC Airplane Instructor & Student Handbook
United Modeler's of America Co Ltd
Futaba to JR (Japan radio), Trainer Cord, Buddy Box



Jet & Turbine RC Aircraft sites.


Artesjet News - homebuilts
Boomerang Jets
California R.C. Jet Association -
JAA - Jet Aerosport Association of Australia
Jet Adict Links
Jet Links
Jet World Masters
jetZILLA online magazine - miniature jet propulsion.
Kress Jets
Wennmacher Modell Technik





GoFlyKite - RC night flyers with LED's and traditional
Kites Dot Org
Kitty Hawk Kites and Carolina Outdoors
SkyHi Kites
Wind Wizards



Lights (inc Night Flight)


CoolWireUSA Luminescent
Curtek Systems
Glow Inc - Glow in the Dark Powder
Lighting System for Night Flying
Night Flight - B.D.Felice
R_C Neon
RC Lights - LED Lighting Systems
Ram Radio Controlled Models Home Page



Ladyhawks - Lady fliers homepages & Forums


"The Lady Likes to Fly"
Model Wife - AMA



Magazines & Publications + On Line magazines



On Line Magazines - Free


Cybermodeler [Aircraft, Armor, Automotive, Space, Military Modelers & Historians]
Ezone Mag.
Model Flight Archive Pages - Index ***
Internet Modeler - Scale Modeling Magazine
RC Online Magazine
RC Soaring Digest magazine - free
RC Universe Magazine Reviews
jetZILLA Magazine re miniature jet propulsion.


_Aviation links_
Airborne Magazine
Bob's Aircraft Documentation
Finescale Modeller Magazine
Flying Models Magazine - RC
Model Airplane News
My RC Korea
Next Month in Model Retailer
Plans and Aviation links - Joao Aldeia.
Radio Control Model News
RC MicroFlight
RCM & E etc
R/C Model World
R/C Modeler Magazine
RC Models in Russia
S & E Sailplanes & Electrics
Thomas Delgatto's 3 view model pages.



Manuals - download .pdf files etc.



Manuals for Engines


Fuji Engines Product Manuals
O.S. Engines Product Manuals
SuperTigre Engines - Product Manuals
GMS Engines - Manuals
Thunder Tiger
MDS Engines - (MDS-MIKRO, JSC) manuals - email Alan for .pdf file.



Manuals for RC Systems, ESC, Gyros, etc


Ace R/C and other major brands
Polk's Tracker 3 transmitter Manual:
Directory of /Radio_Control schematics - .pdf many brands
Eclipse_TX FAQ & setting Gyro - amendment to manual
Futaba® Product Manuals
Hitec RCD - USA.. [Manuals - download pdf from each product screen]
Hitec Optic 6 - Tutorial (good to learn mixing and other computer functions irrespective of brand you may be using now) ****
Multiplex - click on downloads then "anleitungen" "
Robbe, Graupner and most others -
Sanwa = Airtronics Manuals - download pdf.
Sombra RX manuals
Hitec 101 - Education series re Servo applications etc.


Dynaflite Product Manuals
Great Planes Parts Lists and Manuals
GWS manuals - Aircraft, RC and EP power systems.
Hobbico Product Manuals
Kyosho Product Manuals #1
Kyosho Car plane & Boat Instruction Manuals #2
Thunder Tiger manuals, Aircraft, Boats, Cars, Engines etc.
Top Flite Product Parts Lists & Manuals



MAV UAV - Miniature Aircraft, Spy Planes, Heli, etc.


DERA micro air vehicle - microjet
Large Scale Composite Airplanes.. inc videos
MAV, UAV & Darpa LINK site
Micro Air Vehicles
Micro Air Vehicle Competition Site
Micro Aircraft Vehicles etc
Spy Planes from MLB Company
Tiny Surveillance Aircraft to Fly in Tucson



Meteorites - Rocks - Gems - Minerals


Arizona Skies Meteorites: Meteorites
Meteorites, Tektites, Rocks, Gems, Minerals
Marysville Rock & Gem Club
Goodletite - Rubyrock of NZ



Modelling FAQ - Resin, Photoetch, Scale, Paper, Painting, Fonts, Repair &/or make replacements, Tools etc.



(Plastic and Resin kitsets indexed lower down)



FAQ re Scale Models - All answers to assembly, detailing, photo etched parts, painting etc.
FAQ - Ship Models
Digital Card Models - Steve Bucher
Eduard Model Accessories ltd.
Evergreen Scale Models
Fonts = Fontmania
Free decal downloads - Vektorgrafiken für Scalemodelle
How to build scale model? F-15E Kingtiger
How to Drybrush
How to apply Decals
How to Fill Seams & Sand models
How to Make Realistic Plastic Models of World War 2 Airplanes.
HyperScale - Aircraft & Armour Modellers Reviews
International List of Scale Model Related Web Sites
minsgallery (Resin Figures etc)
Mission Models - Etch Mate, Multi Tool and Grabhandler
Model Car Tech - Photoetching, Resin Casting etc
Modelling Course (FAQ for beginners) - Bill Zuk
Modeling Madness : Finest Review Site on the Web
Paper Airplane Hangar Page
Paper warbirds
Permagrit Tools Homepage
Plastex = Plastic Repair or make copies of parts - Kits
Perth Military Modelling Society Links
Plastruct, Inc. - Technical Info And Tips
Model Master Technical Guide ***
Tony Matteliano's Scale Model Index



Mold, Cast & Vacuum Form items yourself FAQ inc pictorials (see also Fibreglass etc section)


Fibreglass Techniques & Information
Model Car Tech
Molding & Casting
Mold Making
Plastex = Plastic Repair or make copies of parts - Kits
Plastic Bonding
Vacuum Form
Vacuum Former - make you own and usuage.
Vacuum Former - email Alan for home made & DIY canopy etc.
Vacuum form - Pictorial instructions _ click thumbnails for full text.
Woodland Scenics - make latex molds, cast plaster etc



Paints, Colour Charts, Mix Formulae & Strippers & How to spray F/Glass and ABS plastics - see also Airbrush files above.


Alclad 2 - Model Lacquers - Natural metal finish lacquer
Chemical Compatibility of Common Model Finishing Materials
Colour Cross Reference
Colour Reference Charts - Part 1 = Urban Fredriksson's
Colour Reference Charts - Part II = Urban Fredriksson's
How to Spray Paint F/glass & ABS plastics
Humbrol Paint Cross Reference Page
Klass Kote - 2 pot fuel resistant epoxy resins
MIG productions - pigments
Paint Strippers for plastic models etc.
Tamiya Paint Mix Formulae
USN & USMC WWII & contenporary



Paper Models (The Scale models are a good source of documentation)


D I Y alternative scratch modelling
Paper scale models and links to other similar sites
Paper airplane - The best paper airplane in the world!



Parachutist & Paragliders etc. RC


Franks RC Jumper Page
Let's Jump - John & Bob's Skydiving
Parachute Planes etc
Paramax - Modellfallschirmspringer
ParaVictor der RC Gleitschirm Flieger
Paraplane Sport - Hirobo electric
Powerglider. Radio controlled powered paragliders.
R_C Parachuting FAQ's
R_C Parachutist - download manual & Plans.
R_C Skydiving
Radio Control Parachuting Page
Wildcat Para-Cat



Park & Indoor Flyers (see also FAQ for Beginners, Electric Flight and Free Flight)


Auckland Indoor flight (NZ)
Bob Selman Designs
Dynamics Unlimited - micro motors and servos
Fling by Philbar
Frankenfoam - Cheapest Foam Airplane.
Free Sample Articles -
Free Flight Tips
Hoppy's Hanger - tips & plans
Indoor Duration (micro)



Photography RC , Spraying RC and Wireless Video RC.


"Aerial Photography"
AirFoil HeliCam
Camera carrier
Hi Cam - Aerial Photography and Video
RC Aerial Photography
RC Groups Discussion
R/C Soaring - Digital Photography
R/C Spray Planes, Cropdusters, Aerial Applicators...
RotorKraft - Aerial Imaging Products
Schiepatti Switch [& Opto isolator)
Wireless Video Cameras





Aces of Iron Productions, Inc. (See "Painting Tips" also***)
Axels Scale Pilots
Pete's Pilots
Scale Aircrew Supplies
Super Lite R/C Pilots, Wheel Pants and r/c pilot accessories
Vortex Vacforms
Williams Brothers - HO Scale Model Aircraft & Cars - R/C & Railroad Accessories



Plans (see also Magazines and Publications)


Aeromaniacs - Free downloads (88+)
Aeropic : RC planes and PIC based electronics
Airborne Magazine Plans Home Page
Airplane model plans - Maryjo3.
Airplane 3 - views by Eduardo
Andrew Donatelli's RC Aircraft
Balsa Dust_ Free Plans
Balsa USA (Plans available separately)
Ben Buckle. Vintage & Old timer.
Bob's Aircraft Documentation - Foto Packs and 3-Views
Brian Taylor Plans
Chuck Cunningham's SkyMaster Industries!
Cleveland Model & Supply Co., Inc.
Eduardo's Three view drawings and aircraft markings.
Electro Flight - plans for Depron EP models
E Zone: Downloads
Flying Saucer, Beer mat, Stop Sign, Superman, Vroom Hilda etc - Email Alan T. direct for jpegs.
Free plans - download plans for EP, GP & fun models
Giant Scale Plans: B.17, Sunderland, P61 Black Widow etc
Hand Launched Gliders (free flight) free plans and information
Hydro-Foam - the flying hydroplane. (hovercraft, aircraft, boat or car?). ***
Ivan's Plans - EP model aircraft and Flying Boats
Jetex - many original plans for jetex powered models
Jetex Plans - Jetex PAA-Loader 150 / Jetmaster (Fixed Wing Aircraft)
Model Aircraft Plans
Model Airplane News - Plans & Reviews.
Model Airplane Plans - Allen Hunt - model flying on the web
Model Flying Machines
Mr Aerodesign
Petes Vintage Model Aircraft Plans
Pica (Plans available separately)
Plans , Videos, and Books...- Autogyros etc.
Planos R/C
R/C Electric Flight Projects - free pictorials.
R_C Plane Reviews - Model Reviews, R_C Links, Pictures - Planes, Boats, Heli project.
RC Models in Russia
RCM Plans Listing
Plans and Aviation links
Scale R/C Model Airplane Plans and Kits.
Servicios de modelismo naval
SIG Mfg. Co., (Plans available separately)
Simple Plastic Plastic aircraft design - SPAD - corroflute.
The Plan Page (Old plans and magazine articles - Downloads)
Thomdas Delgatto's 3 view model page
Traplet - Marine Modelling
Wing Scale R_C Airplane Plans
Wendell Hostetler Plans
Wind and Wave Models - free flight & Glider kits_plans
X List Model Plans Argus_Nexus_MAP



Plastic Kits, Resin Kits, Photoetch + Plastic repairs


See also Mold, Cast & Vacuum Form items yourself FAQ inc pictorials in section above
Ace Hobby NZ
Aeromaster Decals
Aires Hobby Models
Aviapress. - Soviet kitsets & mags.
Bandai : USA . (folder Gundam above and Bandai under Japan below also refer)
Eduard Model Accessories ltd.
Gremlins in the Garage!
"In The Box" Reviews of 1/72 & 1/48 kits etc.
IPMS - country lists
Legend Productions
Lionroar metal etch parts.
Mr Hobby - Gunze Sangyo
Neomega Resin
Perth Military Modelling Society Links
Plastic Bonding
Plastex = Plastic Repair Kits
Scalecraft Models
SOL Model (Resin & PVC kits)
SPAD to the bone = Simple Plastic Design (RC)
Tristar - military figures
Verlinden Productions
Wespe - resin its





APC Props
Bolly Book (The)
Bolly Products Showroom
Choosing A Prop for best performance
Classic Props
Doppler Effect - RPM on Ground and in Air
Garvon Products Ltd
Master Airscrew
Prop Balancing - Joe Wagner - March 9, 1998
Props, Balancing, Engine_Prop Ratio
SuperCool Racing Propellers
Tornado Propellers by Grish Products



Pylon Racing


European F3D Pylon Racing
Pylon Racing Australia
Pylon Racing UK
Pylon World



RC Miscellaneous


Eagle Tree - Flight data recording systems
Remote Sensing Research Inc.



Radio Systems, Accessories, Alterations and FAQ


OPTIC 6 Tutorial - explains how the many functions available operate. ***
Eclipse vs Optic vs FF6 vs 9CAP vs RD600 vs JR652 vs JR3810 (8103) - email Alan for Excel sheet..
FCC Identification Number [RF power output etc - refer to sub section "Frequencies".]
Gigantic Servo Comparison Chart
Guide to receivers - and solving apparent RX & "Interference" problems.***
IPD (Intelligent Pulse Decoding) Receivers - FAQ .pdf file
Range Test - Futaba answers.
Range Test - JR answers. (If defaults to Horizon, check archives 3.24.01)
RC Flyers Guide to the Radio Control System
RC Flyers Guide to Electrics
RC Installations for best reception.
PCM vs PPM Evolution and uses
PCM vs PPM. AM vs FM.
PCM - how & why = SE Modeler
Radio Interference Primer
RC Installation for Large Models
RC RFI [Interference] Scanning FAQ
RF Noise in Audio, Video & R/C Systems - chokes.
RF Noise - Solving the Servo Jitters

RC System Manufacturers


Manuals, Transmitter, Gyros, ESC etc- see under "Manuals" above
Hitec RCD - Korea
Hitec Servo Chart
Berg Industries
Fleet Control Systems = Digifleet
FMA Direct
Futaba® (many items OEM in China)
GWServo (.tw)
JR Japan Radio (much now OEM in Malaysia.- 2ch = rebadged Acoms)
Micron Radio Control
Multiplex ( = wholly owned subsidiary of Hitec RCD.)
Multiplex Modelsport USA
Nomadio - 2.4 GHz spread spectrum
RMG - Racing Yacht Sailwinch Servo
Sanwa (known as "Airtronics" in USA - some OEM ex Singapore))
Silvertone Electronics (.au)
Smartech Racing
Spektrum - 2.4 GHz spread spectrum
Seepel Co Ltd
Sky & Technology
Tracker II
UAV, RPV, RC Autopilots - Micropilot
Whirlwind winches



Auto Pilots & Gyro


Autopilot: - Build your own - FAQ
Gyros Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Micropilot - Miniature, Low-Cost, UAV, RPV, RC Autopilots etc
PA-2 Pilot Assist Link Auto Pilot System
UAV Flight Control Systems - Micropilot



Rubber Duckie Antenna


Rubber Duckie - Smiley Antenna RC Page
Rubber Ducky v. Whip Antennas - Berg Industries***
Tony's FlyWire for Helicopter [Loaded base antenna]



Servo & TX alterations, calculators, clonepacs, make an ESC or winch, FAQ.


101 - Education re Servo applications ***
Add Missing Channels to Transmitters
Electronic Speed Controller using an old servo
Diodes - How to jump to delta/charge/Cycle TX.
FlyWire for Helicopter - Tony Van Roon
Focus III - fit elevon trim.
Futaba 9C - Spreadsheet for recording transmitter programming
Futaba Campac. Make your own Clonepac aprox. $10.
Futaba Clonepac.
Futaba - Gyro hidden programs
Futaba (FAQ) - switch numbers
Futaba Service menu enabler, 128Kbit UltraPAC for Futaba, etc.
Futaba - Service and/or Parts No Longer Available
Futaba Skysport from 4 to 5 Ch. and Interface for PC
GOSLOW: realistic flap and landing gear actuation- Brent's RC
Hitec Flash 4 add Retract Switch - 5th channel
Hitec Flash 4 - add Trainer buddy box facility.
Hitec Flash 4&5 - Double Memory
Flash 4 &5 Voltage Calibration
Hitec Flash 4&5 - Fast-charging Mod
Hitec Flash 4 X - convert to Flash 5 X
Hitec HFP-10 - Servo Tester_Programmer inc Transmitter Pulse Width Tester.
Hitec HAS-2MB R/C RX - Modify to 3ch etc - site down email Alan for details
Hitec 535 - amend from 5 to 8 ch.
Hitec Servo - current 49 chart & specs
Is your Servo going Bad??
JR X347 hidden CCPM program
Linear Output conversion
Ranger 3 - Extend to 7 Channel.
Reverser: servo reversing for Y-cord operation Brent's RC
RMG Servos (Yacht winches)
Sailwinch Servo - Adjust number of turns from your TX ***
S148 as a gear box.Servo - How the circuit works
S148 Servo ... How to modify for 360 degree rotation
Servo mods to 180 and 360 degree operation.. Gang and Fit servos to yachts & boats.
Servo basics and driver - Ahmet Onat
Servo Calculator - ensure servo is powerfull enough for the job
Servo Comparison Chart - extensive by
Servo to power your model boat
Servo - Digital FAQs : Hitec answers***
Servo (Digital) Programmer FAQs
Servo - extentions and jitters - JR.
Servo - Center & End Point Adjustment FAQ
Servo - FAQs : Hitec answers.***
Servo - Stop the jitters.: Hitec answers.***
Servo - Troubleshooting problems : Hitec answers.***
Servo Wiring Diagrams
Water Proof A Servo



Crystals, Oscilators & Piezo


Transmitter Crystals - Do not interchange - Berg Industries"""
Bliley Technologies
Crystal Comparison Chart for RC units (courtesy GWS)
Ecliptek Corporation - Home Page
European Crystal Organization
International Crystal Manufacturing Co., Inc.
JAN crystals
KQT - Korea
M-tron Industries, Inc.
Piezo Technology, Inc.
Raltron Electronics
SaRonix Frequency Control Products
Tekelec Temex
Tutorial Specifying Quartz Crystals
Vectron International
Xtal Technologies




Retract Undercarriage, Flaps and payload release


Gear Retract - DIY sequential gear operator
Lolly & leaflet drops, Bomb releases etc. - email Alan for jpg instr_drawings
Mechanical Main and Nose gear instalation - email Alan for jpg instr_drawings
Retract Servos - email Alan for JR.Hitec.Futaba specifics comparison details
Robart Retracts
Slow Flaps
Southern Pro Retracts
Spring Air retracts
Instal Spring Air Retracts_RCU article



Reviews & Construction articles


DynaFlite PT-19 Cornell
J3 Cub or L4 = MAN - Reviews - Balsa USA
Goldberg_Bucker Jungman_ MAN review.
Goldberg Sukhoi
GWS A-10 Warthog - EP RCU article
GWS F-3A Formosa - EP RCU article
GWS Stearman PT-17 - RCU article
GWS Slow Stick_RCU article
GWS Tiger Moth 400 - RCU article
GWS Zero - EP - RCU article
JW (Joe Wurt's Dynamic Slope Soaring Wing)
High Flight Article Archives Index
High Flight - Kit Reviews
High Flight - Plans Reviews
Hitec RCD - Feather review - - December 1999 -
Kit Reviews - RCFU ( very good - aprox 160)
Kyosho Product Reviews
Multiplex Easystar reviews and video
Multiplex Easyglider Review & Videos
Multiplex Spacescooter review
Multiplex Twin Jet electric model aircraft review
Multiplex Twinstar II Review
Multiplex Twin Star - Dec 1999 - Hitec Feather
RC Plane & Model Reviews, RC Links, Pics and other RC info.
Ship Kit reviews



Robot, Mechatronic, Robotics & UAV


Active Robots - Robot Kits and Educational Robotics Resources – UK
Bookmarks for R.S. Fearing
Four Rotor Aerial Robot - D.I.Y. pdf download
Hitec Robotics """
Lynxmotion Robot Kits
MAV, UAV & Darpa LINK site - aerospace robotics
Mechatronics and Robotics Research Group
Mondo-tronics' Robot Store --- Robots Kits, Muscle Wires etc
Robot - Robot Kits, Robotics, and Toy Robots
Robot education and information.
Sydney University - Unmanned Aircraft Research (RPVs and UAVs)
The Robot Builder
Robonz - New Zealand's Personal Robotics Club
XFM > Roboteers - listings





Animated model rocket engine burn.
Experimental Rocketry Site
Jetex Engineering -- Microjet -- Rocket Science Institute
John Kallend's rocket page
Model Rocket Illustrated – 3D cutaway views of the parts of rocket.
Model Rocket Strobe Light
National Association of Rocketry
New Zealand Rocketry
Northern Illinois Rocket Assoc.
Public Enemy Rockets
Quest Model Rockets & Engines
rec.models.rockets FAQ Table of Contents
R/C Rocket Boosted Gliders
Rocket launcher
Rocketry Online's INFOcentral
Scale Model Rockets Scale Rocket Kits
Shuttle Countdown Online
Shuttle Model Homepage
Model Rocket Club Links
Smileypig - DIY Antacid or Bicrabonate of Soda fueled working rocket
Sunward Aerospace Model Rockets



Rubber power_Indoor flight [see also Park Flyer & Free Flight sections above]


How to cover models with tissue paper - site down, email Alan for details.
Free Flight Tips
Paper Airplane Hangar Page
Paper Paradise Greatest Paper Airplanes
Rubber Powered Flight! - includes free plan "Squirrel" ***
Silkspan Covering - How to and Why
The Best downloadable paper models



Science_Discovery - Space, Anti Gravity etc


Advanced Propulsion Home Page - JLN Labs
Alien's 111
American Antigravity
New Propeller Concept using flat plates and rotating fluid!
SpaceDaily.Com - Your Portal To Space



Slot Cars


HO Slotcars NZ
NZ Slot Car Association Inc. (NZSCA)
Nomad Slot Car Racing
Northwest Assn. of Slot Track Enthusiasts
SCX - Official Website
Slot Car Illustrated, The ONLINE Slot Car Magazine!



Smoke Systems


Introduction to Smoke Systems - RCModellers.
Perry Pumps' Smoke Systems
RC Smoke - no oil, no fuss ideal for e/flight etc.
Smoke Systems - B & B (Bennet built) Super Smoke systems
Smoke - Gavtronics
Smoke Fluid Testing - IMAA High Flight article
Smoke Oil tips & Recipes.
Smoke systems and exhausts - Macs Products Website
Smoke Systems Made Easy - The Flying Penguin
Sullivan Skywriter
TME Product Catalog
Ultimate Smoke Sytem - UK



Society of Antique Modellers (SAM)


FlyNet SAM Model Recognition
SAM International Home Page






See under Boats, Yachts and Submarines





Super Glues (Cyanoacrylate & Epoxy Adhesives. etc)


Cartell Chemical Co. LTD.
E-Z Bond
Holdtite Adhesives
Adhesive, Glue & Gelatine
Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Manufacturers -TLIP
Sur-Lok, Anaerobic and Cyanoacrylate Adhesives.
Techbond Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
This to That (Glue Advice = which to use for each application)***
WPI SuperGlue



Tanks & Tracked Vehicles (RC)


AAVP7A1 Money Pit
Armor Group West HQ
Bay Area Tankers Home Page
Crazy Ivan's RC Tanks
Field of Armour = 1/6 Tanks
Kwong's Modeling World ĄD­¶
RC Armory - 1/8 scal.
RC Tank Combat - The Ultimate Tactical Warfare Game
R.C.T.C - Radio Control Tank Club of Auckland NZ
Radio Control Tanks - Big Scale
SdKfz Modellbau - 1/10th Scale German WWII Armour Vehicles,
Sherman Builders
Sherman Register - Main Page
Schumo-Kits, detail & upgrade parts for 1/16 + tanks
Tamiya 1/16th scale radio controlled M4 Sherman tank
Tankrc 1/10-1/15 scale Tanks & Halftracs
Tanktraxx - 1/15 and 1/16 scale.
World RC Tank HQ



Trailer - for Towing and Storage of Models


Trailer -Craig's
Trailer - Alan Hewson
Trailer - Roger Forgues
Trailer - Giant Scale






See under Boats, Yachts and Submarines





Richard Pearse *** Flying BEFORE The Wright Brothers.***


Bamboo Dick, first in flight
Bill Sherwood's tribute to Richard Pearse
First to fly, monoplane, controlled flight - Richard William Pearse - flying *
Ivan's plans - RC 1/4 scale model plan
Richard Pearse - Aviation Pioneer (by Geof Rodliffe)
Richard Pearse, Aviator - [download simulator and fly the plane ]
Richard Pearse, * Flight before the Wright Brothers.*
Richard Pearse "First Man to 'Fly' a Mechanically Powered Aeroplane" *
Richard Pearse - download simulator and fly the plane that flew before the Wright Brothers.
New Zealand News - NZ - Remembering New Zealand's visionary aviator
Replica - details & * Video of Motor Running *
Smithsonian Conspiracy



Reference Sites - Inc Microlights & Homebuilts



NZ Reference sites


Around New Zealand Air Race 2004
Aviation Historical Society of New Zealand
Auckland Regional Microlight Aero Club
Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
Classic Wings Downunder Magazine - Index
Gliding New Zealand
Kiwi Aircraft Images - Close photos of most privately owned aircraft in NZ.***
New Zealand Airshow Directory
New Zealand Fighter Squadron Museum
NZFPM - Other Websites
Royal New Zealand Air Force
SG-1 Sailplane Links
Warbirds Over Wanaka International Airshow 2006 ***



Microlights and Homebuilts


Microlights and Ultralights
Raanz = Recreational Aircraft Assoc of NZ = Microlights etc.
Scaled Composites, Inc. Rutan etc
Sport Aircraft Association NZ Inc
Vintage Ultralight & Lightplane Assocn.


Aerial Reconnaisance Archives - WWll
ANZAC - a tribute and history of World War ANZAC's
Aviation Enthusiast's Corner - Cessna L-19E Bird Dog
All Aviation Flightline Online_ Reno Air Racing - Spruce Goose etc.
Australian Aviation Archive - Links***
Aviation Art
Aviation Links - Main aviation weblink directory.***
Aviation Videos (spectacular crashes - downloads)
Bob's Aircraft Documentation - Foto Packs and 3-Views
Bomber Girl Home Page
Canadian War Plane Heritage
Dan's History - Aviation History, Technology and Air power in Action
Dutch Historic Aviation Sites
Early Birds - Herb Sieger's - many pictures of the early flyers
First Airliner
Flying Wings - Links to major sites
Historic Aircraft Profiles
Jet Genesis - development of the jets.
Luft '46
Military - Aircraft, Weapons etc
Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome ****
Oshkosh EAA
P-51 - Mustang Images - WWII to Today
P-51 - Original training movies etc.
P-51 - Mustang sound wave***
Planes and Pilots of WWII
Russian Aviation Museum
Scaled Composites LLC. Burt Rutan space craft and others
Spitfire V/low flypast with sound ***
Stormbirds _ Home of the World's First Fighting Jet ME262
USAF Museum Early Years Gallery
V-Missiles - The V-1, V-2 & other Missiles / Guided Weapons + World War 2 Airpower.
Zeno's Warbird Video Drive-In
WACO Aircraft Museum & Aviation Learning Center



Country Lists





Club Aeromodelistas Newbery
HAS TEAM , Aeromodelismo RC






Australian clubs.


All Australian Aero Model Clubs
Australian Model Power Boats
Australia Model Power Boat Association
HMAC - Holdfast Aeromodelling Club
Model Aeronautical Association of Australia
Model Boat Club of NSW
Perth Military Modelling Society Links
PRCHC - Perth RC Heli Club
ACTSMS - refer newsletters page downloads v.good


Adelaide Model Aerosport
Area 51 RC boats nitro,whipper snipper,gas.
Bolly Props
Dawn Trading
Composite Scale Models
EDF model airliners
Funtastic Products (Revell etc)
Go spectre.
Gliders Australia
Hobby Headquarters
Jordal Hobby's - Blacktown
Lion Electronics
Model Design
Model Engines Australia
Model Flight = JR,TT etc
OZModel - scale models
Permagrit Tools Australia
Precision Aerobatics
RC Warehouse
RMG Sail Winches
Rojs Hobbies, Fairfield, Vic.
Radio Model Supplies
Silvertone Electronics.
S&B Model Aircraft
Wings'N'Things Homepage
Wowings - EPP gliders





Robbe - Austria





Alpha 180 - review Protech e/flight glider
Innovative Model Aviation





Aeromodelismo RC
maketa,ltda - Cases and 1/12 buildings_furniture
Vela RC - veleiro, nautimodelos - RC Yachts, Plans & Reviews





Canadian War Plane Heritage
Climate Boatworks
FlightDecs - decals
Great Hobbies (was East Coast Model Center)
Hobby Hobby Inc.
ICARE Sailplanes - Scale glider, Electric, F3J, F3B, F3F
Magma International Ltd.
Model Aces :: Museum Quality Scale Models
Model Land
Page Aviation (Adrian) = Gee Bee racers etc
Richmond RC Supply Ltd (Airsail NZ Agent)
Scale Rib Stitch
Sunward Aerospace Model Rockets
The Sky Rangers Model Flyers Website
Thermal-Gromit Works, radio controlled (R-C)





AFV Models
Amax - Toys
BYD = Nicad batteries etc.
Caili Aviation Technology
CC Lee Ltd
Cheng Yang model factory (CY Models)
China Model Productions ( CMPro )
China Wing Technology
Donnguan Motolei Manufacturing Co
Dong Guan Xian Hao Electric Appliances & Toys Co., Ltd.
Esky Hobby
ESM Producing Co.
Flyhobby RC
Fully Max Batteries
Gaoan Model (GAM)
Golden Dragon Group
GS Models
Hunan Caili Aero Sci & Tech Dev Co
JBA Model Engines = Jiangnan Blue Arrow engines
Jingyer Industrial Co. Ltd.
Kamdax Development Ltd.
Kan Batteries
Kwong's Modeling World
Lanyu models
Leading Edge
Leiracing Manufacturing. Co
Lionroar Metal Etch Parts
LS Models
Miracle Co.,Ltd.
Nanlong Models = also known as SZ Models
Qiang Model
Raptor Airmodel (Meng Ying)
Sanye Machinery Co.,Ltd
ShengTeng Electric R/C Model Plane Co.Ltd.
Shenzen Colco Model Co Ltd
Shun Da Model [aka SD-Modell & SDM]
Shenzhou model (aka SZ Models & Nanlong Models)
Sichuan East Co.,Ltd
SZ Models (also known as Nanlong Models).
Tiger Shark Engines
Walkera Technology co. ltd
Wasan Mould & Plastic Manufacture RC Divn.
WeiLeen International, Ltd.
Xiangyu Air-electronic Model Co., Ltd.
Yama Electronics - brushless motors
YHmodel limited company
Zhejiang Nanlong Shenzhou Models Co.,Ltd





North Cyprus Aviation Association



Czech republic


Advertising blimps
Aires Hobby Models
Alfa models
Ares - Military Catalogue
CMK Masters Kits - Resin Kits and Resin accessories.
Eduard Model Accessories ltd.
Falkon electronic (ignition system for ZDZ etc]
Flying Styro Kit
Hacker Model Production Inc.
Jacques CZ - Paper cutout models (free downloads)
Jeti Model
JR models
kvscaleplanes - scaleplanes
Mejzlik Modellellbau Shop
MPM, s.r.o. - Kits & Hobby
Pecka Modelář
Plastikove modely
RC Mania
RC Scale Model Ships - Jiri Syrovatko
Samba Model - gliders
Tritex Model
ZDZ - modelmotor, Czech Republic





Billing Boats
Soren's Homepage



England & UK


Active Robots - Robot Kits etc.
Action Kits : ESC and accessories for boats.
A.H.Design Ltd = Pilot figures made to order.
Anglia Model Centre - Plane & Boat complte-a-kits mfg + retail
Aquataur model racing yachts
Ballards Model Shop
Balsacraft Intl. Ltd
Ben Buckle Kits. Vintage and Old timer model aircraft kits & plans.
Boomerang Jets
British Model Flying Association - Home Page
Carbon Copy
Chris Foss Designs
Commonwealth.Net, Model Rockets, Auctions & More
D.B. Sport & Scale = ( Dave Boddington)
Desert Sky
Electronize Model Electronics
Evolution Racing Products (Academy distributors - UK)
Falcon Aviation
Flair Products
Flying Sites - R/C Aero Portal
Free Flight Supplies - Mike Woodhouse -
Galaxy RC
Helger Racing - RC Cars
Hornby International
HPC Gears
Irvine Ltd
Just Engines
LiteFlite Engineering
MacGregor Industries
Mamod - Steam Models
Mick Reeves Models.
Micromagic systems
Micron Radio Control
Modelcraft - Coventry
MAA - Model Aviators Association ***
Model Technics
Model Yacht Design - RC Model Yacht, Cruiser & Dinghy Kits
MY Hobbies
North Seas Fleet - radio control submarines
Pete's Pilots
Phoenix Model Products
Practical Scale - Rawle Aviation (Large Models)
Punctilio Model Spot
Pyramid Models - (Decals, smoke systems etc)
RAM - Radio Active Manufacturing:
Radio Control Models
RC Buzz - RC Airplanes, RC Cars, RC Helicopters
Scale Aircrew Supplies
S.M. Services - RC electronic accessories
South Cotswold Soaring Association Homepage
SoLNet Systems - Clients
STO Racing Products - RC cars
Sussex Model Centre
The Balsa Cabin
The Electric Flight Store
UK Model Retailers
Vortex Vacforms
Weston UK - Tuned pipes etc
Wings of Horus - WW1 Model Warbirds + paper models





Aeromaniacs - Free plan downloads (88+)
Aeromodelisme Radiocommande
Aéropassion, aéromodélisme & maquettes RC
Aeropic : RC planes and PIC based electronics
Air Loisirs
CAP Maquettes - boat fittings
Electron Libre - Electrofly - free e/flight downloads
Heco Miniatures
Joyeux bazar (Arguably the best personal download site for FMS models)
Le Club d'Aéromodélisme de Senlis
Les liens Aeromodelistes
Medial Pro
Rc-aero - CNC Foam models & plans. d'Olivier Segouin
Ze Gravos - RC Car racing etc
ZNLINE (airplane models)





Decalerstellung und Decalverkauf
FEMA Modelltecnik - On Board Elec starters, U/C etc.
FiberClassics Online
FVK Modell - Gliders
Graupner Models
Hans Witkowski
Hacker Brushless Motors
Henseleit Helicopters
Herpa Miniaturmodelle
Hitec RCD
Jamara Modelltechnik - (Airsail NZ Distributors)
KMB - Kehrer Modellbau / Jet drive units
Kyosho De
Lauterbacher Modelltechnik - 1/5 RC Cars
Lenger Modellbau
Modellbau Pollack
Motorsegler IG
rc-fly - Simulator and downloads schiffe
Robbe Modellsport
Thundertiger Europe
Toni Clark practical scale
Wemotec (ducted fans)
Wes -Technik









RC Hotel





Amsterdam Model Shops
AMT Advanced Micro Turbines
Dutch Submarines: forum and messageboard
High End Technology - HET Holland
Holland Plastic Model Kits
The Koolhoven Aeroplanes Foundation



Hong Kong


AirBorne Models, LLC - Scale ARF Airplane List - The Radar Co.
Falcon - Military models
GPM Racing
Hong Kong Yellow Pages
Jet Hobby
Radar Co., Ltd
Slope Soaring in Hong Kong
Unimax Toys
Waigo Model Hobbies Ltd
Winning RC-Tech





Friulmodel - - Lap eleje -





E.N.R Model Aircraft
Indian Aeromodellers
Multitherm (India) ---Hobby Division
Radical Works
Sharma Model Aero Engines and Propellers
Wings India





fly hi
Galaxia - Rishon Hobby Centre





Aircraft Model Workshop
F3model: car, aircraft and boats
Mantua model 
Pegaso Models
Protar (F1 & Motorcycles kitsets)
Tankrc -1/10-1/15 Tanks & Half Tracks





Bandai _ Plamo Net
Doyusha Home Page
Fujimi Mokei
Futaba Corporation - history etc
Gulraj Trading Corporation
Hirobo Models
Hitec Multiplex Japan
Hobby Net
Ishii Mokei
Japan Radio - JR
JR - Helcopter division
Kotobuki - (Airsail NZ Distributors)
Kyoshin Development - specialised Hitec Servos and RC Robots
Nikko - Radio Control Toys
OK Model (aka Pilot & EZ)
Sanwa ( = Airtronics in USA)
Tokyo Hobbies Corp
YS Engines
Mr Hobby - Gunze Sangyo





ACADEMY (Plastic models, RC Cars and RC Boats)
Alteco - Super Glues and other adhesives
E*star Models - laser cut e/flight plane
Full Metal Jacket
Geobooksun - Model Ship etc
Hitec = Radio Control Systems and accessories
Hitec RCD Inc.
Hobby Electronics
Legend productions
Locomax Technology
Military Modeling Zone
Mins Gallery
Sky & Technology - Quark 7 mode Brushless ESC (inc set up videos)
Seepel Co Ltd
SJ Propo
SOL Model co.
Young Modeler - scale boats
YW Gasoline engine



New Zealand


Ace Hobby Ltd . includes model club sites (inc IPMS) [NZ clubs hosted free]
AC15 Yachts [Scale America's Cup Yachts]
Airsail International Ltd
Battery Masta
Canterbury Sailplanes - EPP Foam and Hitech models.
Ecobatteries for NiMH
Fling by Philbar
Foamworks - foam cut to your requirements
Garvon Products Ltd (Wooden Propeller Manufacturer)
Impact Airframes = DLG models
Kang's Hobby Import & Distribution [Importers & Distributors]
New Zealand Rocketry
NZ Weather Stations On-line (Cntrl F5 together = refresh)
Radio Spectrum Management Publications
Selwyn District Council - Darfield weather station
Simpower - Sanyo Batteries
SteaMECH - Live Steam Engine Models
Stirling Engines
Warbirds Over Wanaka [International Airshow[
Winch NZ - [Electric winchs and accessories]

NZ RC Aero Clubs & NZMAA


Andrews Aerobatic Site
Auckland Indoor flight.
Auckland soar
Christchurch Radio Fliers Club
Christchurch Soar
Electric flight in New Zealand
Hamilton MAC
Kaiapoi Model Aero Club - Christchurch
Miniature Aircraft Assn. NZ
NZ Indoor Model Aero Club
NZ Model Aeronautical Association
NZ North Island Handlaunch
NZ R_C Helicopter Club ***
RC Helicopter NZ Info.
NZMAA - Links to NZ club websites etc
North Shore MAC
Palmerston North Aeroneers
Papakura MAC
Quickie 500 Racing
Roskill Modellers Club - MAC Auckland ***
Tamaki MAC
Thames MAC - The Blackfeet Flyers
Tokoroa Radio Control Club [Turbine site]
Wellington MAC
Woodbourne MAC
RSM ~ Licensing & Registration ~ General User Licences ~ Aero Model Control



NZ RC Car, RC Tank and Robotics.


Auckland Radio Control Car Club
Capital Model Racers
Harewood RC Car Club -Christchurch
HRCCC - Hamilton Radio Control Car Club
Mechatronics and Robotics Research Group
Nelson RC Car Club
NZ Radio Control Association
North harbour RC Car Club
RCTC - RC Tank Club
Robonz - New Zealand's Personal Robotics Club
Taranaki RC Cars
NZ RC Robotics Theatre
North Harbour Radio Control Car Club



NZ RC Boat & Yacht Clubs


Canterbury Radio Yacht Squadron
Gulf Harbour Radio Yacht Club
J Assoc - Canterbury, South Island
Kerikeri RYS
Kiwi Radio Yachting
Manukau Model Power Boat Club
NZ Model Powerboat Forum
NZ EC12 Owners Association - RC Yachting
National Maritime Museum, Auckland. NZ
New Zealand Model Power Boat Assiociation
North Shore Radio Yacht Squadron (NSRYS) NZ
Scale Marine Modellers (inc)
Wellington Radio Yacht Club
Wind Warrior yachts


By Air Classique - Aviation Art,Gifts & Collectibles.





ABC om skalamodellfly
Falcon Transmitter Trays & Norwegian linkpage





Matamis online
Model Airplanes - Hand Carved Mahogany
Model Airplanes Depot





Art Hobby
flying models
Klub Modelarstwa Lotniczego
Modele samoloty okręty
Polska Witryna Modelarska
Warsaw Model Center





Clube AeroModelismo da Moita



Rarotonga, Cook Islands


Rarotonga Radio Control Yacht Club





Wespe Models - resin military kitsets





Aero FZD - Large scale ARF RC aircraft
Cyclon Engines - FAI, F2b & C etc.
Design for RC models
Military Parade Online. The latest news from the Russian defense industry.
Modelism on
Scale Models HobbyShop
Voca Gran model kits
Watson's Military Page



Saudi Arabia


Jeddah Wings
Saudi Aeronautical Club





GoFlyKite - RC night flyers and traditional
Rotor = ARF & Helis
Singapore Hobby Supplies Pte Ltd,





SCX - Official Website
Mamoli.c wooden sailing ship & other kitset.
MIG Productions -1/35 military upgrades & pigments
PortWind - yachts
Yuri Models



South Africa


SAMAA home page
Firmtronics - LMA, Mixers, servo reversers etc
Model Mechanics - Turbines and aircraft
Power Hobbies & Toys





Mikes Electric Flight Web
MJD Models
R/C Model Aircraft and Aerodynamics
Trelleborg Model Flying Club





Aero Scale Products - Flying Wires
Alpine RC Soaring
Blackwaters - Flying Circus
IGG Schweiz - Large scale gliders
MIinimotor SA - Miniature drive systems





Airpower Models
CEN Racing
Great Vigor RC
Hobby Squadron Ltd = TY1.
Li Chann HomePage
Mirrahamm International Trading Corp
RD Hobby
Sinyih Model Enterprises Ltd
Sogolee - Taiwan Airbrush
Taiwan Online
Thunder Tiger Model Co.
Victor Air Tools Co., Ltd - Airbrushes etc.





Future Kit - EP Maxx Tronic.
Minicraft Hobby
Mr Boatman





Roden - Plastic model kits





Istanbul Soaring Club
Murat Aygan
Ship Modeling



United Arab Emirates


Bahrain R/C
Dubai RC Hobbies





A & A Industries
ABC Hobbies (= Yachts and Power boats)
ACE HOBBY R/C = Thunder Tiger
Acme = Brass Fuel Tanks
Accurate Miniatures
Aeromaster Decal Reference
Aeroworks - Edge
Aircraft International, Inc.
AirBorne Models, LLC
Airfield Models - Radio Control and Display Models
Airwild Hobbies
Alclad 2 - Model Lacquers - Natural metal finish laquer for model kits
America's Hobby Center
AMT USA, Aviation Microjet Technology
APC Props
Arizona Model Aircrafters...Early & Vintage
ArtHobby - Gliders ex Poland & Hitec RC.
Astro Flight
Balsa Products
Badger airbrush
Balsa USA Home Page
Bearco Marine Model.. - Great Lakes Freighter models,kits boat,
Best R/C = Tower.Hobbico.owned companies & agencies list
Birdworks - inc the RC Gull
Boca Bearing Company
Brass Fuel Tanks for Model Airplanes
Bridi Airplane Kits - the original
Bridi R_C (Radio Control) Aircraft Kits-
BTE - Bruce Tharp Engineering Kitsets.
BVM Jets
Cajun Gator Airboats
Carl Goldberg Models Inc.
Carr Precision - engines
Castle Creations
Century RC Helicopter Products
Century Jet Models International
C.H. Ignition
Chief Aircraft Inc - Aircraft Parts, Avionics,
Classic Airplane Models, round engine scale plans
ClearView RC Helicopter Simulator
Cleveland Model & Supply Co., Inc.
Colours on the Wind - kites
Combat Models R_C Jets
Commander R_C Models
Coverite Home Page
Crazy Pilots
Crazy Tmaxx T-Maxx E-Maxx Hopups
CustomCut Vinyl Lettering and Graphics - Bill Fulmer
Dare Design & Engineering - plane & boat kits
Dave Brown Products
Dave Patrick Models - Team Patrick
de Havilland Models - scale kits/airframes of de Havilland aircraft
Desert Aircraft -- Giant Scale Engines, Kits and Accessories
Diamond Panels = Instrument panels for scale aircraft
Diversity Model Aircraft - Elec Motor Calculator etc
Du-Bro Products,
Dumas Products Inc.
Dynamics Unlimited - micro motors and servos
EMS Jomar
Esprit model
Estes Rockets
Evergreen Scale Models
Fiberglass Specialties
Field of Armour
Forces of Valor
Fox Manufacturing
Fabrics - Covering material by Aerocenter Aircraft Supply
Fractional Horsepower Motors Manufacturers
Full Force RC - Hop-ups for Cars, Trucks etc
G & P Sales = Figlass scale Twins, Amphibians etc
Global Hobby Distributors
Glow in the Dark
Graham McAllister Designs
Great Planes ( Hobbico - Tower Group)
Great Planes-Hobbico-Tower Group list own Product Lines
Hangar 9 - (Horizon Hobbies)
Hansen Hobbies
Harry B Higley & Sons Inc.
Hawk RC
HeliProz R/C Helicopter
Herr Engineering Corporation
Hitec RCD Inc.
Hobbies on the Net (= Hobbico -Tower Group)
Hobbico Homepage
Hobby Barn = Marutaka (Royale) Kitsets.
Hobby Horse = Hitec RC systems sales
Hobby Lobby International
Hobby People (previously known as Hobby Shack]
Horizon Hobby - JR, Hangar 9, Zenoah.
Iron Bay Models - Byron Kits re-released
i4c Products - Air Whistles, Air screamers etc.
JELmotors rc engines
JK Aerotech RC combat foamie airplanes
JTEC Model Engine Accessories
Kangke USA
K&S Engineering, Co.
Klass Kote (epoxy paints for RC)
Kress Jets
Lanier RC
Lite Machines Corpn - R/C Helicopters
Litko Aerosystems - Laser cutting of kit parts etc.
McDaniel RC - Electronics & Ni-Starters_Sonic Tronics
Mack Products - Model Marine
Macs Products
Major Hobby
Marutaka Kits
Master Airscrew
Maxx Products
Mega Motors USA
Merlin Glow Plugs
Micro Fasteners
Midwest Products
Mission Models - Etch Mate, Multi Tool and Grabhandler
Model Rectifier Corporation [MRC]
Moto-Tech Aircraft Designs
MV Models
Multiplex (Hitec) USA
National balsa - supplier of balsa and basswood
Nelson Hobby Specialties
Nikko America Inc. Online 1999
Ohio Model Products - Flyingthingz - Lawnmower, Doghouse etc.
OmniModels = (Hobbico - Tower Group)
Pacific Aeromodel Homepage
Pacific Aircraft models.
Parma PSE
Perry Pumps (& carburettors)
Petal Manufacturing - Transmitter trays
Phil's Hobby Shop
Pica - Shop shut - moving premises
Pica - previous web pages
Plastex = Plastic Repair Kits
Plastruct, Inc.
Polks hobby
Power Gliders - Parafoils
Powermaster Hobby Products, Inc. - Powermaster Fuels
Prather Products
Proctor Enterprises
PSP Manufacturing - Engine Test stands etc
QModeling - Model Rocket Kits
Quantum Models
Ram Radio Controlled Models Home Page
RC Armory - 1/8 scale tanks
R/C Naval Supply - brass props, struts,antenna
RC Lights - LED Lighting Systems
Reids Quality Models - Cheetah engines etc
Robart Manufacturing
RotorKraft - Aerial Imaging Products
RT Models - Ducted Fan Jets Kits
RTL Fasteners
Scale Marine products
Scale Model Rockets = Hitec servos & systems etc.
Sheldons Hobbies
ShredAir - Gliders, E/power, Slope, F3B, 3F, 5B etc
Showcase Model Planes - handcrafted wood models
S.I.B Prosilver
SIG Mfg. Co
Skonk Works - Round the Pole etc
SkyMaster Industries = Chuck Cunningham
Slimline Products
Solarbo USA
Sonic-Tronics Inc
Specialized Balsa Wood
Springair Retracts
SR Batteries
Stan's Fiber Tech - Figlass cowls etc
Sullivan Products
Super Battery Packs - 3 X longer per charge
Superior Balsa
Sureflite - The original molded foam airplanes.
SWB Mfg - Pull Pull systems and specialist servo horns
3D Foamy : Electric
Tekin Electronics - ESC
Top Flite = (Hobbico - Tower Group))
Top Gun Aircraft
Tower Hobbies = (Hobbico - Omni Models etc)
Tru Turn (spinners)
Tuff Planes - EPP slope soarers
United Modelers of America - recently shut down
U.S. AirCore Home Page
Vantec Products
Verlinden Productions
Walthers Model Railroad Mall -- Manufacturers
Warbirds Limited
White Knight - Wing protectors
Williams Brothers - HO Scale Model Aircraft + Cars -
Winch Doctor
Wing Manufacturing
Wing Tote - protective bags for wings, heli etc.
Wing Warrior
Woodland Scenics








Viet Nam


KhiemTin Co., Ltd. (VNH Line)
Seagull Models
Serendipity Asia Ltd.





Ancient Celtic New Zealand ***


Ancient Celtic NZ .#1
Ancient Celtic NZ .#2
Ancient Stump - some modern scientists infer could never exist.
Aspect of women in old NZ and how it might impinge on modern protocol on the Maori marae.
Clan MacFarlane origins?
Historical Raglan Rocks being destroyed.
Land of Seals
Modern Celtic NZ
NZ - A Celtic country
NZ - Pyramid geometry
NZ Skeptics: re Celtic NZ claims.
Phonecians, Greeks, Celts visited NZ - "Radical" NZ History.
New World Celts
Suppression of NZ Pre-history
Waitangi Goings On (?)
The treaty was intended to be fair for ALL people in New Zealand - equally. Somebody and some schemers changed all that. Is Labour at fault?
ViewZone Magazine - Life and humanity from different angles.



Cetacean watch - Dolphin, Orca and Whales + Kelly Tarlton's.


Cetacean Watching - Discover whales & dolphins all over the world
Dolphin Research Institute
Kelly Tarlton's Antarctic Encounter & Underwater World
Maui's Dolphin and Hector's Dolphin
Orca - adopt an Orca -
Whale songs
Whale watch





Chess is Fun
Computer Chess - Amateur programs & info.
Free chess program downloads - recommend " Chenard " for all ages ***



NZ Holidays etc


Angling - NZ
Britz Campervan Rentals Australia & New Zealand Motorhome, Recreational Vehicle & Car Hire
Holiday Accommodation Parks of New Zealand
Maps of NZ and the Pacific
Maori Language ~ Ngata Dictionary = translator
Maui Motorhome & Car Rentals - New Zealand & Australia
Motel Apartment Accommodation in New Zealand
New Zealand Accommodation & Travel -- Visitor Information
New Zealand TravelPlanner - NZ Maps
NZmaps - Wises_New Zealand's on-line street maps.
Queenstown Holiday Park Creeksyde
Relief Map of NZ
North Island of New Zealand road map
South Island of New Zealand road map
Webcam - Auckland downtown viaduct.





Britten Motorcycle *****
Marine Turbine Technologies - Y2K Turbine M/C
Honda Motorcycles
Silver Bullet Motorcycle News
Superbike World Championship Official Site
VMX - Vintage & Evolution Motocross Home Page
Wing World Magazine
World Superbike WSBK



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