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Jason Fronabarger:
     Vintage Performance is owned and operated by Stan Fronabarger, Located in central Arkansas. Stan has been building control line airplanes, since around 1960 and competed in speed and combat contest from an early age, and won his division in the only stunt contest he has entered. Upon retirement Stan got involved in building ARF's from hand cut kits from paper plans and his own designs. With over 50 years experience building model airplanes and 25 years experience in CAD drawing professionally, Stan decided to purchase a large CNC laser and start CAD drawing plans and cutting parts. Stan's Cad experience and building experience has led to his production of some of the most precise control line kits available, as mentioned in reviews in this forum and in other places on social media. The demand for kits has kept the ARF and ARC airplanes coming out of the shop to a minimum but given enough notice you can contact us for availability.
   Our Website is and offers not only our current full catalog of kits we are in the process of establishing a video library, a customers section for all of our products that are built and flown around the world and a line of components and parts that will assist you at the building table and the flying field.

We are super excited to be a part of the Stunt Hanger Community!
Please feel free to ask any questions and especially tell us what airplane you want to see us offer in kit form.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to being an active member of stunt hanger and contributing to the continuance
of the our favorite hobby.

-Stan Fronabarger Vintage Performance
Order at
or call 501-470-5530 to order direct.

John Given:
I really enjoyed building my Nemesis II !!

Tom Vieira:
it's about time you guys signed up on here!

Jason Fronabarger:
    We are too busy drawing plans and cutting kits!!
We are up a staff member now, so we are really about to
Gonna start doing more now. Thanks for all your kind comments,

Hi Stan!

Glad to see Vintage Performance on Stunt Hanger. One of our TORKS club members, Larry Eschman, won the "Model of the Month" at our February meeting with his VP "Voodoo". Light & Fast!!! Larry loves it.

The club also gave the two thumbs up to host our second "Combat Event & Burger Burn" sometime in September or October. We'll keep you up to date as things progress.

Still waiting for decent weather to get my "Lil'Winder" airborne. I'll let you know how the maiden flight goes when the weather cooperates here in Okieland.

All the Best!
JB Sims


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