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New plan 02/2019: Furias 96S


New plan available for the Furias 96S. This plane is
the side-mounted engine version of my earlier Furias 96.
This one also has a built-up wing versus a foam wing, a bit
more span, a slightly longer tail moment and slimmer fuselage.

Furias 96S:
Wing span: 62.25"
Wing area: 670 sq in
Engine: .61 - .76

The plan sells for $14.00 plus $3.00 shipping. Contact me
at: if interested.

Thanks, Steve

Steven Kientz:
Maybe you need to do this as a ARC like you did before with the Impact and Nobler?

Uhhh, no thank you. Just doing plans now. I just don't have the
time to do the kits anymore.


Up front pic


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