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Forerunner Mk II 4.5 plan ready

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I've finished the plans for the Forerunner Mk II 4.5 and they
are now listed on our website:
This is a .60 size version of Tom Farmer's famous Forerunner.
Has a wing span of 60.5 in., and wing area of 660 sq. in. This
is easily one of the all time best flying 60 sized profile planes
ever designed. I'll add some pics as soon as I get some.

Thanks, Steve

Doug Knoyle:
Yes, pics please!  I'm in the middle of getting back into CL after 15+ years and have finely just started in on the Forerunner kit I purchase long ago.  I've not been able to find much on the Forerunner on the net.  No info from those that flew them, nor any pics.  I'm aware of adding to the tail moment and increasing flap size on the 40 size ship, but that's it.  I'll be interested to see what you've got in this new version.

Doug Knoyle:
What did you power your ForeRunners with? I'm setting mine up for electric and would be very interested in what you experienced.  I have heard one comment that running a 46 on it would not be too much, so am very curious since you mention your intention on running a 46 on the bigger MkII.

[edit: Oh! just realized I mis-understood - the MkII is still a 40-46 size ship and the MkII 4.5 is the bigger one]

Also, did you run any aerodynamic mods to your original ForeRunners? How much did they weigh?


Doug: I have built and flown several Forerunners over the years. I wouldn't
change anything about it as far as tail moment, nose moment, flap size,
etc are concerned. Which kit do you have? Custom models or John Lowery.
I've built both and didn't change anything on them. Both planes were good


Doug Knoyle:
To late. Reacting to both comments from others (old email from 1996) and a study of modern formulas from successful ships, the tail moment has been increased approximately an inch, H-stab/elevator re-positioned and redesigned with airfoil and slightly increased area, and some personal touches of re-shaped vertical and tips.  The wing is now 552 sq and weight is on course to be around 45 oz.

One thing I should point out is that this is the "original" kit from Custom Models, not a Mk II.

I'll post some pics in the "Gettin all AMP'ed up!" section, but need to figure out the exact power-train combo first.

What size internal combustion engine did you run on your Forerunners?



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