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Title: Tom Dixon - Kits and Wings Available
Post by: Jim Catevenis on October 06, 2021, 06:05:32 AM
I had built up my stock of kits for sales at our September 10th -12th contest in Canton, Georgia.  Unfortunately, we had to cancel the meet at the last minute due to the primary Contest Director coming down with Covid on September 3rd.  Also, all of the contest equipment was at his house, so we were stuck!
     So, I will ship all of the items below with no charge for shipping, which is usually 30 to 50 dollars.If you have any questions about any of them, please call me at (770) 592-3279.

                  Kits All have sheeted wings
Cardinal Profile                                $195.00
Ringmaster 576D Profile    2 Each      $195.00
Dagger (Built-up) .40 to .54              $250.00
Vector 40 Profile                               $195.00
38 Special (Bipe)                              $195.00
Dixon Nobler (Nostalgia)                    $250.00
Chipmunk (SIG CL-3)      2 each         $275.00
      Wings Already sheeted
Impact (Walker) With gear blocks        $200.00
Stiletto 660 With gear blocks               $200.00
Time Machine 50                                $175.00
Time Machine 60                                $175.00


   Tom Dixon
   Controline Sales, LLC
   315 Santa Anita Ave
   Woodstock GA 30189
   Phone (770) 592-3279