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Author Topic: “Retread” C/L Stunt Flyers and Friends - Tom Dixon  (Read 1960 times)

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“Retread” C/L Stunt Flyers and Friends - Tom Dixon
« on: March 13, 2023, 02:53:29 PM »
To: “Retread” C/L Stunt Flyers and Friends
From:  Tom Dixon –Controline Sales, LLC
Re: “Getting Back In”

A couple times a month I get a call from someone, usually retired, that wants to experience control line flying after many, many years away.  Being able to help these guys is one of the most gratifying things I get to do, and I would like to do more.

It is a bewildering process to re-enter the hobby. All those old Foxes and McCoy’s are nearly useless today and there are no inexpensive C/L engines being built.  Electric requires a whole other bunch of skills and knowledge.  It’s a daunting thing, and it’s easy to lose interest when someone sees what it takes.

I want to make the re-entry process easier.  To that end I am offering the fully finished contest capable profile models I have mentioned here before.  I am also rounding up as many usable engines such as OSFP’s and LA’s that I can to convert to C/L use, and provide to “Retreads” at a fair price, either with, or without a plane. (If you have such engines on hand, I’d be interested in buying them.)  The goal here is to get people in the air, both for their pleasure, and to maintain control line activity.  All of us benefit from that.

If you run into people wanting to “get back in”, send them this way.  I can likely either supply them or direct them where to get what they need. 

Tom Dixon –770-592-3279

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