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Title: Setting up active V.6.x timer
Post by: Matt Brown on June 28, 2021, 02:21:18 PM
I got the latest active cltimer from OkieAir a week and a half ago, the day after I left for the Nats.
I also got a Spin 66 esc and the Jeti box programmer. I got the esc setup with the settings I found on I also DLed the manual for the timer.
I知 installing this in my old SV11 arf so I can learn the system before committing a new build to it. I have the Brodak motor that was recommended and using a 4S 4000mah battery.
Most of the manual seems pretty straightforward but there is one setting that comes up on the programmer that isn稚 mentioned, G force. It is currently set to off by default. Not sure about that one.
I知 also a bit ignorant of the small flat green plastic pieces. They apparently fit over the button and LED on the timer but no way mentioned as far as affixing them to the timer or the model. I知 guessing some type of glue but maybe I知 missing something!
As far as the accelerometer mounting goes, does the Y have to be dead on the C reference both upright and inverted or is there some tolerance there? I知 not sure I can set the plane perfectly level upright and inverted consistently.

Thanks for any assistance you can offer.