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Title: PAMPA Stunt News Alternative
Post by: Peter Nevai on January 12, 2021, 05:24:55 PM
Hello Sparky,
During one of our recent at the bench video chat sessions, bob Hunt floated an Idea if you could create a sub forum formatted in such a way that plans and construction articles along with other newsletter like content could be posted. He suggested that he could work with the guys at PAMPA so that sub forum could be a new alternative to the now discontinued Stunt News. He said that he would be happy to administer the sub forum and even provide content. He said if a way to charge for access (perhaps through a link from the PAMPA website) any money made from access to the sub forum be applied to the hosting costs of Stunt Hangar. Obviously the details, format and other technical details need to be worked out but all of the gang participating on that chat though it was a great Idea and John Miller and I would also contribute and help manage the forum. I mention this as there is a post in the open forum about ACAD plans looking for a home. Perhaps this can be brought up during our next At the bench chat on this coming Friday, January 15th.
Title: Re: PAMPA Stunt News Alternative
Post by: Shorts,David on January 13, 2021, 02:13:16 PM
I would love to see a quarterly or even bi-annual Stunt News, Pampa magazine. I'd love to help out, but I think the problem is man hours and a head honcho editor.
Title: Re: PAMPA Stunt News Alternative
Post by: Peter Nevai on January 14, 2021, 12:37:12 AM
Bob Hunt said that he would be available to edit and manage the content. As it would be more of a ongoing cumulative effort and not publishing a full 200 page plus news letter on a deadline the level of effort would be significantly less. The regional directors would post any reports directly and being a dynamic forum format last minute updates and changes do not have to be compiled and sorted ahead of time. Such details would need to be discussed and worked out. Bob, John Miller, and a couple others are ready to do the grunt work. The main issues I see is how to monetize the content and the layout and format of the sub forum. It was agreed that any income from the sub forum should go to Sparky and to model plan providers to subsidize Stunt Hangar and content providers.