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Title: Adding a bit of my DVD to a current topic
Post by: Al Rabe on November 14, 2016, 08:15:16 AM

I'd like to add this topic " Snaggletooth II Trim and Tanks" to the current open topic "A question for Al".  I feel it is an interesting and informative article which would seem on point with the current streamed videos of my Snaggletooth Mustang flight.  It would hopefully also stimulate interest in my Al's Models 4 disk whose sale has been lagging lately.

 I still feel that my DVD which contains 187,000 words and 1600 photos is an undervalued source of information on building and flying stunt.

I don't have the technical ability to copy and paste this into the indicated site and, of course, its much too large at more than 4 mb.  I can also supply a copy of this topic on an e-mail or flash drive.

I feel sure that you could lift that topic from the DVD if you feel that it would be an interesting topic for Stunthangar readers.

I'm technically limited but would be willing to help if you are interested.  It might be interesting to throw in another copy of the Snaggletooth flight.


Goodness!  Is it possible that I failed to send you a copy of my DVD? If so, I be happy to send you some of my DVDs.  This topic begins on page 387 to 456 in Al's Models 4 DVD or Al's Models 3 DVD same location.  


PS, I'd also like to take at least a half page advertisement in Stunt News and possibly Model Aviation but lack the technical ability to create  eye catching graphics for the ad.  Ideas?

Title: Re: Adding a bit of my DVD to a current topic
Post by: RC Storick on November 18, 2016, 07:58:51 PM
Sorry AL it took me 4 days to see this. I am out of town and I have been limited. I will work on a graphic for you when I get home. Send me a Private message on what and where you would like text added and I will do so.
Title: Re: Adding a bit of my DVD to a current topic
Post by: Al Rabe on November 20, 2016, 06:20:39 PM
Somehow, I just can't get used to calling anybody "Sparky".

I'd like to help, but , admittedly haven't the technical or visually creativity to do an advert.

With the Control Line World, coming up, I hate to trouble you with taking on another possibly time consuming task.  I certainly understand that you might not have the time or possibly artistically qualified help.

I could send a flash drive with a few hundred photos , mostly, but not exclusively of Snaggletooth.

Meanwhile, MY 2008 article is probably my best writing and also appears in full on my Al's Models DVD.  It would be a good article for people desiring to see some old CLW content.

Meanwhile, I'll send along some copies of my Al's Models DVD.

Title: Re: Adding a bit of my DVD to a current topic
Post by: Al Rabe on September 08, 2018, 03:14:57 PM

I'd like to jump into the flap discussion because I feel that I have much to offer of value.  In my DVD book 2 pages 550 to 561 is all about flaps.  I'c like to copy and post the entire 8 pages.  Failing that, I could also start on 561 with Howard Rush's carbon torque tubes and a discussion of 1/8" flap horns. It would still end on 563.