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Title: Tucson 1/2A Scale?
Post by: wwwarbird on November 05, 2017, 07:42:07 PM

 Isn't the Tucson 1/2A Scale contest usually held in October? I don't recall seeing any event photos or updates?
Title: Re: Tucson 1/2A Scale?
Post by: Jim Roselle on November 16, 2017, 07:01:43 PM
It was moved to Phoenix last year for sake of a better field. This year was cancelled. I sure hope it comes back next year.

Title: Re: Tucson 1/2A Scale?
Post by: wwwarbird on November 16, 2017, 07:42:03 PM

 Oh yeah, I do remember the discussion of moving it now. I also remember my thought of that idea being to fix something that wasn't broke.  :(
Title: Re: Tucson 1/2A Scale?
Post by: Chris McMillin on November 20, 2017, 03:04:44 PM
There was a lot more to the move and rules changes than meets the mainstream press.

The reason for the move to Pheonix was the Tucson field's single plane circle became unusable because of settling causing cracking to the point that we don't use it for big stunt models, let alone 1/2A Scalers. The expense to redo that circle is $15K minimum. The other two paved circles are repaved with a donut of asphalt several inches higher than the center and close to most 1/2A line lengths making for a high chance of interference.

As for the rules changes, there was no requirement for the higher class to remain profile but there was also no requirement to make them full body. There was still the slab event too, all 1/4 and 3/8's I think. Over blown emotion about rules changes happens too often in my opinion, especially by those not involved. It never said one wasn't to build a profile, it took the restriction off. It also didn't make it much easier to win if it was full bodied, the flying scores were always very important and many profiles had spectacular static points to start.

Also, the originator of the event, Mike Keville handed it over to Cholla Choppers some years back. Keith Trostle moved to Denver. Some other event regulars were absent due to life events last year and as well last year I couldn't get off work.

It went for a long time, not too many out of towners made the trip or shipped models for proxy flight, so if some want to critique how it was done it should be that small group that participated. I went twice with my Junior flyer, son Michael. His model placed well, he flew well. We drove 800 miles round trip from SoCal back then.

I'd love to see it done elsewhere like St. Louis did too. We don't have enough Scale events nation wide anyway. I've been involved in some Cholla Choppers talks about reviving the 1/2A Scale meet, field improvements, etc. I don't think I have the magic of Mike KeVille or anything but I do like having the event and think it will be back.

Title: Re: Tucson 1/2A Scale?
Post by: Fred Cronenwett on November 24, 2017, 06:54:37 AM
Very well put concerning flying sites, club and outside participation

flying sites can be difficult due to the cost to maintain them. The CL circles here at Buder Park are guarded and maintained by the Lafayette Esquadrille here in St Louis. St Louis County Parks dept likes us and GSLMA (Greater St Louis Modeling Association) maintains the park. GSLMA provides the funds for the materials, St Louis county provides the labor. GSLMA does the day to management of what needs to be fixed and replaced at the park for both the RC and the CL flying site. We have a yearly park pass fee that everyone pays into, all of that money goes back into the park. The $30 yearly park pass fee that I pay is lumped together so that we can afford to pay to have our square pad repaved and sealed. I might add that that pass applies to the RC and the CL group as a whole. GSLMA just spent a considerable sum to fix up, fill cracks and seal the RC runway and pit area and the CL circles, this included repaving the square pad (150' x 150'). The Cholla Choppers might consider coming up with a similar arrangement with the County parks there to see if there is anything that can be done.

We have heard all of the complaints about the $30 fee for Buder Park (local residents only by the way) but that is really cheap when you consider what you are getting for that $30. It took GSLMA several years to save up to have enough to pay for the major updates that happened in 2017. The $15K estimate for the Tucson site sounds about right. Start up a non-profit organization to maintain the park that coordinates with the county parks dept. We had a double hit in 2017 with a major flood that had to be cleaned up and getting the square pad repaved.

I think you are right about people not wanting to travel to out of town contests, it's expensive and anything more than one's drive it has to be really special. We also tend to forget about advertising for our contests. Between Stunthanger, facebook, the AMA magazine (columnists, district VP's and the calendar) there are so many ways to advertise our events, but I rarely see official contest information or announcements posted.

You can promote and advertise your events with a club website and an youtube channel, again all of these take work from someone inside the club that has the time and energy to do that. Also remember that the information on the website has to assume that the person visiting your website knows nothing about the flying site, where the contest is being held or anything about the contest. the website needs to answer all of that information including what events are being held.  The Lafayette Esquadrille uses Word Press which is free if you do the right things.

Every event hosted by the club needs a person that promotes and organizes the contest. They are the person that advertises all year long and where ever possible. You have to stand up to the arm chair pilots who have never been to the contest who think that the rules should be done differently. In the end you can not satisfy everyone. We have had the same challenges with the Fox 35 Speed event that John Moll started here in St Louis. We have been consistent with the Fox 35 Speed rules and publish them on our website with only one revision.

you might consider a go-fund-me campaign to get that one circle fixed up at the park in Tucson. Get someone to shoot some video and pictures, put that on Youtube. show pictures of what it use to look like, you might get lucky.

Fred Cronenwett
Lafayette Esquadrille CL Club
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Post by: john e. holliday on November 24, 2017, 10:55:43 AM
Two great sites I have had the privilege of getting to and competing.  Also the improvements through the years that have been made.   How many remember the shacks over by the river at Buder.   Also the first entrance to the Tuscon field.   If it wasn't so far I would get a permit to Buder. H^^
Title: Re: Tucson 1/2A Scale?
Post by: Fred Cronenwett on November 24, 2017, 12:29:50 PM
If you live out of town more than 50 miles you don't need a Permit, only the pilots who live in the area are required to get a permit. if you attend a contest at buder there is no need to get a permit.

Title: Re: Tucson 1/2A Scale?
Post by: Chris McMillin on November 30, 2017, 03:00:40 PM
Good points, Fred.