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Author Topic: FAI Rule Change Procedure  (Read 553 times)

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FAI Rule Change Procedure
« on: June 29, 2017, 05:07:39 AM »
The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, FAI - The World Air Sports Federation, was founded in 1905. It is a non-governmental and non-profit making international organisation with the basic aim of furthering aeronautical and astronautical activities worldwide, ratifying world and continental records and coordinating the organisation of international competitions. It is recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). After a century of steady growth, FAI is now an organisation of more than 100 member countries, forming a strong network linking all those who participate in air sports worldwide.

With the 2017 deadline for submitting FAI / CIAM rule change proposals coming up by November 15th, here is an overview on the related procedures:

Within the National Airsport Control (NAC) of the 100 FAI member Nations, dedicated sub-organisations are in charge of representing the interests of their aeromodellers. Where appropriate, c/l flyers are members of such national aeromodelling committees. All NAC’s are entitled to submit rule change proposals to FAI, using the “CIAM Proposal Form for Sporting Code Section 4”. The deadline to do so is November 15th.

Between November 15th and the Plenary Meeting of the FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM), incoming proposals are evaluated and discussed within the CIAM F2 Control-Line Subcommittee (S/C). The Control-Line Subcommittee consists of 22 members from 22 nations, currently chaired by Peter Halman. Within the S/C there are expert groups for Team-Racing, Speed, Combat and Stunt.

From discussions held on the Internet and votes taken, as well as from the findings of an open S/C tech. meeting held on site immediately prior to the Plenary Meeting, the S/C then:

•   Recommends the Plenary Meeting to accept a proposal, or
•   Recommends the Plenary Meeting to refuse a proposal, or
•   Withdraws a proposal for further processing/investigation
•   Modifies a proposal or submits its own version and recommends the Plenary Meeting its approval
•   Suggests set-in force dates for changes

At the annual Plenary Meeting, typically held in April, delegates representing their National Airsport Control (NAC) decide, by one vote per nation, on rule change proposals submitted by the NAC’s and evaluated by the Subcommittees. In 2016, the public CIAM Plenary Meeting attendance was delegates from 34 countries as well as numerous observers. The minutes of the meeting are published on the Internet.

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