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Author Topic: Ringmaster and Take Apart Ringmaster ARF now available  (Read 1998 times)

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Ringmaster and Take Apart Ringmaster ARF now available
« on: September 24, 2015, 12:44:19 PM »
Mike Griffin has sent me a notice that he will start building the RSM Ringmaster and Take-Apart Ringmaster for sale as American made ARF's. Unlike normal Chinese made ARF's these models will be properly built. They will have all of the things that control line flyers usually end up adding to the ARF's they purchase. Things like properly bushed bell cranks (so the lines don't cut through the nylon), hinges that work smoothly, Epoxy instead of hot melt glue.

Here's what Mike sent to me. Check it out if you are interested in one of these models.

For Publication:
Starting immediately, I will start taking orders for ARF (Pre Built) Ringmasters for the 2016 Ringmaster Flyathon.  The ARF models currently on the market are imported from China and made by people, usually kids, who know nothing about Control Line and construction methods are often not up to the standards people who fly control line models desire.  The glues and control systems used are usually sub par materials and can fail while the plane is in flight.
I am an experienced builder, kit manufacturer and flyer and will be constructing these models as I construct my personal stunt ships.  All leadout wires attached to the bell crank will be bushed so the wires will not cut through the nylon bell crank and the bellcranks will be furnished by RSM.  Also the push rods will be either carbon fiber or fiberglass tubes instead of a flexible one-piece music wire rod.  I also DO NOT use any hot glue as typically found in Chinese construction.  The covering will be iron on type.
All of the kits and hardware used in construction will come from Eric Rule at RSM Distribution.  The leading edge of this Ringmaster is built up from 4 separate pieces and hand shaped by me.  I also reinforce the leading edge with additional vertical grain shear webbing.  This makes for an incredibly light and strong leading edge that will not fold in flight. No Chinese ARF on the market offers that kind of leading edge construction to give you piece of mind while flying.
The elevator will be hinged to the stabilizer with a continuous ribbon hinge so the entire length of the hinge line is completely sealed.   
These planes will be available to you prepped for either Electric or Glow power. YOU MUST SPECIFY THIS WHEN YOU ORDER.
If you choose electric power, I will prepare the nose of the plane for electric power and pre drill the mounting plate for the motor for RSMís Black Tiger motor and pre programmed plug and play electric power system.  I also install a back bearing in a bearing capture box to keep the motor shaft completely straight.
Here is what is included in the Black Tiger System for you:

3536C out runner motor, 45 AMP ESC, KR Flight Manager, 3300 MaH 3 cell Lipo Battery, 10x5 Pusher Prop. Comes with all programming installed. This power system is ready to be installed in your model. Just flip the switch and fly!
I can even furnish the lipo charger for you also if you wish and extra batteries are available.

If you prefer a glow system, I will of course install the maple motor mounts for you.  You will need to drill the mounts to fit whatever engine you will be installing.

Again, I must know at the time you place your order what kind of power system you will be using.

Iron on covering colors will be be Red, Yellow, White, Orange, Dark Blue and Light blue.  Any combination is ok.

If you receive the model and are not completely satisfied, you may return it for a complete refund or another plane.  I take great pride in my building and I want you to be completely satisfied.
The ARF plane only, both electric and glow prep - $129.95
The complete Black Tiger Electric Power system as listed above - $179.95
Extra Battery - $49.95
The IMAX battery charger - $37.95

If you want the model in a take apart configuration, add $15.00

Shipping prices will vary by location.  At this point in time I have to limit shipping to the United States only.

I build these one at a time in my shop so please allow adequate time for building and getting the model to you.

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