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Title: NEW RSM Suspended Bell Crank Mount
Post by: eric rule on May 10, 2017, 04:13:27 PM
Newly arrived from the machine shop. The all new RSM Bell Crank Suspended Mount. Designed to make mounting a suspended bell crank simple and quick. The mount features an 1/8" diameter steel upright with a 1/16" flat shelf. Just slide the bell crank onto the shaft and let it sit on the shelf. Then slide the small top "slider" onto the shaft and run it down until it sits on top of the bell crank. Lock the top "slider" in place with JB Weld and you are done. The mount is strong and lightweight and the two shelves hold the bell crank in the middle of your wing and eliminate any up or down wiggle. The bell crank action is silky smooth with no hitches or rough spots.

Available starting May 10th for only $5.99. Order on line at by telephone at 951-678-1406