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Author Topic: Model building Service  (Read 2577 times)

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Model building Service
« on: September 26, 2014, 08:04:41 PM »
I regularly get phone calls from customers who ask me if there is someone who will build a model form them. Often these people either do not have a place where they can build or for some other reason they just can not build themselves a model aircraft. Today I received a message that may ne the answer for them. If you are interested give him a call

Hi Eric

The take apart Ringmasters went very well and I have decided to add another service in addition to the Ringmasters.  Working with you for the laser cut parts I would like to offer the FliteStreak, The Magician and the Original Tutor pre built.  I will build these models to the point of covering and shipped them knocked down in the box.  I will also make them available as a take apart model if someone so desires.    The wing will be completely built with the bellcrank and lead outs installed.  The fuselage and tail feathers will be built and sanded.  When it arrives all that need be done is that the plane is glued together, or in the case of a take apart, bolted together, covered in their choice of materials and the power system installed.  Also, I can offer them in both electric and glow versions but would have to know ahead of time which they prefer.  NOTE:  THE MAGICIAN CANNOT BE OFFERED IN A TAKE APART CONFIGURATION.  Of course the Ringmaster will still be available in a take apart or glue together configuration and can be electric or glow powered.

I would appreciate any help in letting people know these designs and services are available to them.  I hope this service will be helpful to those who cannot or choose not to build but love to fly.

I have included some pictures of the above mentioned models.


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