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Title: Updated price list for Robin's View Foam services
Post by: Bob Hunt on August 13, 2019, 08:31:08 AM
The following is a price list for our foam services that has been updated on August 13, 2019. Note that some prices have gone up, and this is due to the increase in balsa prices and availability. The prices for many of our services have remained the same as before. All prices have been rounded off to whole dollars.

I have tried to hold the cost of our services to a more than reasonable rate considering the cost of top grade materials and the cost of doing business. Material costs continue to rise steadily, but most of our prices have not been increased at the same rate.

Thanks to all our steady customers and to all those who are first time customers for your patronage. We appreciate it!

Bob Hunt
President Robin's View Productions
AMA 1114 HOF

Robinís View Productions
Custom Foam Wing Services
Prices updated April 8, 2018

Bob Hunt has been cutting foam wings for all types of model airplanes since 1969. His expertise in cutting foam cores and crafting finished foam and built-up wings is well known and highly respected worldwide in not only the modeling field but also in the full-scale aviation industry. In addition to the thousands of model airplane wings that Bob has cut and/or built, he has also produced many wind tunnel test model wings for McDonnell Douglas, Lockheed and Mississippi State University and foam propeller blades for Rensalaer Instituteís man-powered aircraft Kremer Prize attempt.
   When it comes to winning performance, wings cut and/or built by Bob have won more CL Stunt World and National Championships than those crafted by all other commercial wing producers combined! CL Stunt models featuring Bobís wings have also won hundreds of local and regional contests. In addition, models with wings built by Bob have won several National Championships in RC Pattern and RC Scale.
   Believing that the only way to significantly improve the technology of building competition wings is to participate, Bob has flown models fitted with his wings to one personal World Championship win, one Silver Medal finish in World Championship competition and four National Championship crowns (One Open CL Stunt and Walker Trophy win flying his original design Genesis 46 Mk III, three consecutive National Classic Stunt wins flying his original design Caprice, and five consecutive VSC wins flying the Caprice.).
   There are numerous innovations that are directly traceable to Bobís competition flying and his on-going development program. Among these are triple section coring for CL Stunt foam core wings; full-depth Lite Plywood spars with balsa caps; foam flaps that are cut as an integral part of the foam core and then separated after sheeting and sanding, insuring a perfect fit to the airfoil; the Lite-Plywood landing gear rib system that has been adopted by virtually all CL foam wing builders; and, most recently, a method for cutting a perfectly accurate radius on the leading edge of foam cores and a system for molding and installing hyper-accurate leading edge caps which mate to the wingís sheeting during the covering process.
   Now you can take advantage of Bobís 50-plus years of foam wing research and development and the experience gleaned from the thousands of wings that he has cut and/or covered during that time. Every Foam Core, Foam Wing, Lost-Foam Wing Building Fixture and Lost-Foam built-up wing purchased from Robinís View Productions is crafted personally by Bob Hunt. Bob is serious about making the very best model airplane wings in the world, and if you want to win, you should be serious about taking advantage of that!
Remember the Robinís View Productionsí motto: ďRelentless Innovation!Ē   

Foam Wing Template Services

Our foam wing templates are cut from AAA grade 1/16 inch Aircraft Birch plywood and are engineered to fit our proprietary foam cutting equipment and procedures.

Template Tooling charge for original design wings: $15.00 per set

Note: We will keep your templates on file for future use, or send them to you after your wing is cut if you prefer. Note: the quoted price is for two templates Ė root and tip Ė for normal design wings. For unusual design wings we will provide a template tooling quote.

Template Tooling charge for original design Stabilizers and Elevators: $5.00 per set

Foam Wing Cutting and Covering Services

Our foam wing cores are cut from the absolute highest grade ĺ to 1 pound per cubic foot virgin bead expanded polystyrene foam. Note: The prices listed are for normal-sized CL Aerobatic models. Larger than normal wings will be custom quoted. Smaller wings (Such as 1/2A size wings) will also be custom quoted and will generally cost significantly less than a normal-sized wing.
Basic Foam Core Sets

Our Basic Foam Core Sets include two precision cut and sanded panels, but no internal coring (typical for most RC type wings). Note: All cores will be cut with extremely accurate, fully-rounded leading edges unless otherwise specified by the customer. A set of leading edge mold bucks will be required to mold the leading edge caps, and these are available separately. We can also provide the cores with the leading edge caps installed and ready to accept the remainder of the wingís sheeting.
Cores can also be ordered with squared off leading edges that will accept a leading edge block that must be carved and sanded to the airfoil shape. This is not recommended. Leading edges installed, carved and sanded in this manner are prone to be inaccurate and can cause severe trim problems for your finished plane.
Cores can be ordered with the balsa trailing edge strips installed and sanded to match the airfoil. Installing the trailing edge caps prior to sheeting makes a stronger wing and also eliminates the visible seam between the trailing edge cap and the wing. Note: this option is not available for wing cores cut with the integral foam flaps. We can install either ľ-inch wide or 3/8-inch wide balsa trailing edge caps.

Basic Foam Core Set (Two panels precision cut and sanded with your choice of squared off or rounded leading edge): $45.00 per set. Note. This price includes any internal coring required.

Leading Edge Mold Buck Set] (A set of two bucks are supplied for molding your own balsa leading edge caps): $12.00

Pre-installed balsa Leading Edge Caps (Attached with a thin and light coat of high quality epoxy resin and ready to accept the top and bottom wing sheeting): $20.00

Pre-installed and sanded Balsa Trailing Edge Caps (One per core panel): ľ-inch wide - $6.00 per set; 3/8-inch wide - $7.00 per set

Internal Coring Services

We can perform internal coring to reduce weight on virtually any design foam core. A very few CL Aerobatic model designs will not allow 3-Section internal coring. On those wing cores we can perform 2-Section coring. There is no additional charge for internal coring over and above the base price for a particular designís core set.

Full Depth Lite Plywood Spars with Balsa Caps

It is suggested for strength that full-depth Lite Plywood spars be installed in all CL Aerobatic foam wing cores. These spars are installed and centered in the forward foam spar that is left after internal coring. We have found that it is very important to not let the plywood extend to the surface of the foam core on the top and bottom of the wing. The balsa covering that will go on the wing is of a dissimilar density to the plywood and as the finish ages, the spar will cause a ridge to form on the wing. This ridge is unsightly and can even cause a stress that might induce a split in the wing span-wise at the spar location over time. We install the Lite Plywood spar to within nominally 3/32 of an inch of each surface of the core and then cap the spar with contest grade balsa and sand the balsa cap to conform to the airfoil. This operation takes extra time and labor, but the result is a wing that will not have a visible ridge and will not tend to split the balsa covering at the spar location as the wing ages.

Full-Depth Lite Plywood Spar installed and fitted with Balsa Cap: $10.00

Lite Plywood Landing Gear Ribs:
In 1969 Bob Hunt saw the need for a better method of mounting the landing gear in foam core wings than that which existed then. He developed the system that virtually all other foam CL foam core cutters and wing builders have copied. He engineered a system in which two Lite Plywood ribs are installed between the leading edge of the wing and the full depth Lite Plywood spar. At first the Lite Plywood ribs were designed to accept a maple landing gear block system. The maple blocks proved to be inordinately heavy and so Bob modified his original concept to accept a much lighter landing gear system. The new system is made up from a Lite Plywood base plate and basswood rails that form a groove in which the 1/8 inch wire sets. A maple anchor block is glued to the reverse side of the landing gear plate. The length of the wire from the anchor block to where it exits the wing sets up the torsion rate, and this is moderately adjustable. Not only is this system much lighter than the old maple block system, it also provides more surface area for gluing and support. Bobís new design plate system is much stronger Ė and easier to install - than the old maple block system.
   Bob now offers cores with the ribs installed to accept the Lite Plywood plate mount system. He also offers the plates custom-made to order and ready to install in your core, after the wing has been sheeted.
Lite Plywood Landing Gear Ribs (Two sets of ribs; one set for each core half, installed and sanded flush with surface of core): $18.00.

Landing gear plate system (Two Landing Gear Plates, with maple spur blocks, custom made to fit your specific wing and ready to install): $18.00 per set.

Foam Flaps

Extremely accurate foam flaps can be cut as an integral part of the foam wing core. They can also be ordered on covered foam core wings (See MasterFlite option with flaps).

Foam flaps cut as an integral part of foam core: $12.00.

Foam Stabilizer & Elevator Cores

Each panel of our foam Stabilizer & Elevator cores are cut as a unit. The stabilizer & elevator must be separated after sheeting and sanding and a balsa trailing edge cap must be installed on the stabilizer and balsa leading edge caps must be installed on the elevators. Covering the stabilizer & elevator assembly as one piece insures perfect parts fit of the completed tail assembly.
We recommend installing a Lite Plywood spar in the stabilizer. This spar should be installed far enough forward of the hinge line to insure that the hinges will not hit the spar when they are installed.

As with the Lite Plywood wing spars, the stabilizer spar should be installed slightly subsurface of the foam core and then capped with balsa to insure that there will be no stress ridges or splitting of the sheeting as the model ages.

Basic stabilizer and elevator cores (No spars and not joined): $15.00

Add spar slot in each stabilizer half: $1.00

Add joining the stabilizer and elevator halves and installing a Lite Plywood full-depth spar with balsa caps: $10.00

(Note: An illustrated manual that explains in detail the steps required to sheet and complete foam core stabilizer and elevator assembles is available from Robinís View Productions via email at the request of the customer. There is no charge for this manual, and there is no purchase of a stabilizer and elevator core required. If you would like a copy of this manual, please send a request for it to Bob Hunt. Bobís email address is

MasterFlite Foam Wing Services

MasterFlite is the name we have chosen for our line of precision covered foam wings, stabilizers and elevators. These are our finest and most complete foam wings and tail assemblies.
MasterFlite foam core wings and stabilizer & elevator assemblies can be ordered with any or all of the features defined above.
MasterFlite covered foam wings and tail assemblies come skinned with AAA grade, top quality, hand selected balsa. They are provided fully sanded. Bob Hunt personally block sands each wing panel so that the surface finish is virtually perfect.

MasterFlite wing prices:

Triple cored wings (where possible) with full-depth Lite Plywood spars with balsa caps, balsa trailing edge caps installed under sheeting and molded leading edge caps installed and finish sanded: $285.00

Add installed landing gear ribs with openings cut in landing gear plate area so they are ready to accept the landing gear plates. $295.00

Add installed landing gear plates and custom made landing gear bay covers that match the wingís airfoil: $310.00

Add covered and separated foam flaps with leading edges installed: $350.00

Note: Covered, separated and balsa LE and TE capped foam flaps can also be ordered with a standard MasterFlite wing (without landing gear system) at a cost of $50.00.

MasterFlite Stabilizer and Elevator price list

Covered Stabilizer and Elevator assemblies with installed basswood spar with balsa cap, leading and trailing edges on the stabilizer and the elevator, custom carved and sanded tips and precision sanding (no hinging or horn installation): $120.00

Add elevator LE Beveling and horn installation: $140.00 (Note: The customer must supply the horn to be installed.)

Additional MasterFlite Foam Wing and Tail Assembly Services

Bob can install wing tips, leadout guides and tip weight boxes on Masterflite foam core and Lost-Foam built-up wings, and also install control systems, hinge the flaps and install custom made 1/16-inch plywood horn retainers.  He can also install the tips on stabilizer and elevators, install the hinges and mount the control horn. Any or all of this additional work will be billed at the rate of $20.00 per hour, plus materials.

General foam services notes

We use nothing but the highest grade adhesives for attaching the balsa skins to the foam cores.
We use and recommend Great Planes large pinned (barrel type) hinges for all hinging operations. If you prefer different hinges and are having us do the hinge installation, you must supply the hinges.
All sanding on wings is done prior to internal coring (except for the forward-most section when landing gear ribs are required). This insures a more accurate finished airfoil.
Trailing edges will be installed prior to sheeting whenever possible On MasterFlite wings that are ordered with sheeted foam flaps, the trailing edges will be installed after the flap is separated from the wing.
3/64-inch thick balsa (.045) is the standard thickness for MasterFlite wing and stabilizer sheeting.

Note: This listing reflects a price adjustment that went into effect on August 13, 2019. Prices are subject to change without notice.

We have templates for hundreds of CL and RC designs on file, and probably have the templates for the wing you desire. If we don't have the templates for a published design, and you want a core set or covered wing for that wing, we will make the templates at no extra charge and then simply add them to our template file. There will be a template tooling charge as per above for cores and wings of original, non-published designs.

If you want to place an order, or have questions about our products and/or services, please contact Bob Hunt at 610-746-0106, or email him at

Remember that the very best always costs a bit more, and it's always worth it! Remember oo our motto: Relentless Innovation!