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Title: Plywood...
Post by: Bob Hunt on May 18, 2014, 06:45:30 AM
... I have a lot of it! If you are interested in 1/8-inch thick Lite Ply (Poplar plywood), 1/32, 1/16, 3/32, 1/8, or 1/4-inch thick Finnish Birch plywood (You know, the really good stuff...), please contact me this coming week. I'll be starting to cut the 4-foot by 4-foot sheets down into 12 x 48-inch pieces. If you need something wider than 12 inches (?), I can probably satisfy your needs. I don't yet have this stuff priced out, but I will be offering it way below the prices from major wood suppliers, and way, way below hobby shop prices. One thing: These are large pieces and they will cost a bit to send. It might be a good idea to get together with some fellow club members and make one order for which the shipping charges can be split among the group.

If you are local to me in PA, you will be welcome to come and pick up your plywood.

I'll also have other wood available , although I'm just in the sorting phase right now.

Later - Bob Hunt