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  • December 04, 2021, 12:52:07 PM

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Author Topic: Close out sale of RVP products  (Read 1051 times)

Offline Bob Hunt

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Close out sale of RVP products
« on: March 13, 2021, 07:45:35 AM »
If you have read the post I made on the main forum here, then you already know that Robinís View Productions is closing its doors. I have been producing foam wings for the modeling community for 53 years and along the way I have developed many additional products and services that I have offered for sale to the community.

   The official closing date is June 20, 2021. Up to that point I will be taking orders for my products as they last. Iíll take a finite number of sheeted foam wing orders on a first come, first served basis. I have a limited amount of quality balsa put aside for the final wing orders.

Iíll continue taking orders for Lost-Foam wing building fixtures until the closing date, and Iíll also offer for sale my extensive DVD library of modeling videos. Additionally I will offer plans for sale until the closing date, and also my Hardnose Motor Mount Plates for electric motor installation.

I also have a number of informative building manuals that have been - and will continue to be - offered for free. All you need to do is email me with a request for them. My email address is

The following is a listing of products for sale until June 20th.

Hardnose Motor Mounts

The Hardnose Motor Mount plates are normally priced at $11.95. They are on close-out sale for $10.00 a piece, plus postage.

RVP Plans

The following is a list of the plans I have for sale.

Bob Huntís Caprice plan: $20.00, plus postage

Bob Huntís Genesis Extreme plan: $20.00, plus postage

Bob Huntí Crossfire Extreme plan: $20.00, plus postage

Bob Huntís  Hole Shot plan: $15.00, plus postage

Bob Huntís Prowler plan: $18.00, plus postage

Calhoun Smithís Frisky Pete plan: $15.00, plus postage
Note: There is also a half hour long DVD video program about the Frisky Pete that Bob Hunt produced. That video is available along with the Frisky Pete plan for an additional $5.00.

Lou Dudkaís F-16 semi-scale stunt model plan: $20.00, plus postage
Note: Lou Dudka has given me the rights to sell this plan.

Lost-Foam Wing Building Fixtures

Lost-Foam fixtures are priced at $85.00, plus postage. That price includes a set of leading edge mold bucks. A manual about building Lost-Foam wings is available for free. Request a copy by sending an email to Bob Hunt at There is also a two DVD video program available. See the section about DVD availability below.

Foam Wing Services:

Our price list for Foam Wing Services is listed elsewhere on this site in Vendors Corner.

DVD Video programs:

A listing of all our available DVD programs is listed elsewhere on this site in Vendors Corner. We are, however, offering some special close-out pricing on those DVD programs.

DVDs that are normally priced at $19.95 are on sale for $13.00, plus postage.

The Lost-Foam Wing Building System DVD set (two DVDs with nearly four hours of tightly edited information) is normally priced at $34.95. That set is on sale for $20.00, plus postage.

Entire RVP DVD Library sale:

   We are offering our entire video program library in DVD form at a special price. There are 22 DVDs (the Lost-Foam DVD set counts as two), and at the normal list price they would cost $418.95, plus postage. If you order before June 20, 2021, you can purchase the entire RVP DVD library set for $250.00, plus postage.
   The DVD titles in this offer are: Stunt Flyer Video Magazine - all 11 2-hour programs; How to cover models with Japanese Tissue; How to Paint Pilot Figures; George Aldrich: Father of Modern Stunt; Al Rabe: Scale Stunt Genius; The Man and his Museum: VSC-8 Wind and Wings in the Desert; VSC-9 Desert Doorway to the Past; Straight Form and Compound Curve Balsa Molding Techniques; How-To Build I-Beam Wings, with Bill Werwage; and Bob Hunt's Lost-Foam Wing Building System (2 DVDs)
   If you would like to receive a listing of what is contained in each of these DVD programs, please contact me via email at or go to the section elsewhere on the Robinís View site here that has that information.

Contact and payment info

       My phone number is 610-746-0106 and my email address is I accept Visa and MasterCard.

Closing thoughts
   It has been my distinct pleasure to have served the control line community for 53 years with products and services. The friends I have made along the way will remain in my heart for the remainder of my life. I count myself Blessed by the Lord Jesus Christ to have been allowed to participate in this wonderful hobby/sport.

   Thank you all for your patronage and especially for your friendship throughout the years. It has been an honor to have served you for 53 years.

   May God Bless all of you - Bob Hunt

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Offline Dennis Coleman

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Re: Close out sale of RVP products
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2021, 02:19:47 PM »
Hi Bob:

Is there any chance I could get a Lost Foam Wing System for the Rabe Bearcat BBQB ?

Looking forward to your reply

Dennis Coleman

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