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bob whitney:
got my new Bill Bischoff glo driver from bill at the nats. fully charged ,it worked the whole week ,well worth the price RAD

bill bischoff:
Thanks. Glad you like it. I just shipped another one today!   H^^

ray copeland:
Mine works great, Bill made it with extra long wiring.  Thanks Bill !!

Dave Hull:
I don't need a driver that good, or one that lasts all week. I generally crash all my stuff on practice day.....

But for you guys whut can fly, it sounds like a good deal!

The Divot

Dan McEntee:
  I liked the look of Bills unit and got one from him. I had him configure it a bit differently. I generally use a small wood box I made that holds a 12 volt sealed lead/acid battery with a typical power panel. The box holds some tools and such for use at the flight line. I can usually go all summer or at least a few months without having to charge the battery, and it gives me to ability to use a corded starter once in a while when needed. I have a battery powered started now that I like a lot, and will be making another small flight box that will again hold a few tools, spar  glow plug and such but this one will have a spot for Bill's glow driver to sit in. This new box will be a lot lighter and easier to carry and act as a spare. Some times at contests when flying multiple events it would be nice to have a spare starter box that I can leave at another circle, or if I go fly 1/2A stuff I can just take the smaller, lighter box.
   While checking out Bill's design over the winter and it's similarity to the Glow-Bee Fireplug, it gave me renewed interest in the two I had on the shelf that I thought were bad. It turns out that they just needed some attention in the right places one them and another forum member was looking for one for nostalgia reasons. I sent one of them his way and I got the other one working if I ever need to use it. It looks cool sitting on the shelf and by making some one else happy with the extra one, I now have an empty space on my shelf for something else!! That would be the old Eveready 1.5 volt ignition battery I got that is in really nice shape, and the fake one I built using art work off the internet. That really gets some attention when I take it out and use it when flying 1/2A stuff!
  Type at you later,
   Dan McEntee


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