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SLC OVER Polyspan?

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Larry Renger:
It seems as though one can apply SLC covering over undoped Polyspan, and get a slick, incredibly light base for painting.  I'm going to try it on a plane I am rebuilding. News as it happens.

john e. holliday:
In my experience that is backwards.   It is SLC first then the Poly-Span to get the silkspan look so many like.  Also doing the SLC first you have to remember to get the scouring pad out and buff it a little.

Larry Renger:
Yes, Doc, I know it is backwards. But I don't want a silkspan look finish, I want a super light high gloss paint finish.

By using the SLC instead of dope, it should bond everywhere to the Polyspan and make an extra strong and slick covering job.

My actual question was whether it has been tried!

Larry Renger:
OK, I am trying this type of finish!

See my Baby Clown thread in the 1/2A section for progress.

Larry Renger:
It works fantastic!  The weight, by an actual test sample, is 1.46 oz/sq.yard.  The structural rigidity it adds is amazing.  I have some technique to work on as far as flawless tips, but the ones I did aren't horrible.

Now I need to work on how to properly paint it.  I have a sample piece drying. It is Painters' Choice right on the steel wool buffed SLC.


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