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Spectra Lines sticking

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My old favorites a set of 60ft yellow 65lb Spectra lines are now faded to white after much flying and are a bit oily from my caster covered hands. They start to bind/stick after about 4 loops (I know to do equal inside and outsides but my sons don't always). Otto , Max, Alina and I have all used this one set for our 25-35 sized models and had a lot of use out of them.  I have subsequently made up many other sets of Spectra lines for most of the models we fly where steel is not required.
 Can silicone spay , wax or car polish or some other lubricant help as the lines age or have they reached their end of life when they are no longer slick like new lines?

Thanks Gerald

Robert Zambelli:
Armorall might work.
Give it a try.

These lines are the coming thing but you likely hit upon the major problem we'll have.  I wipe my steel lines with a paper towel and alcohol after every flight.  Each time the amount of black gook I wipe off amazes me for just one flight.  How do you get the crud off the spectra?  Maybe the combat guys have that figured out-or just change lines often.  You wouldn't want to treat them with something that will stick to them, soak in and make it worse.


John Rist:
I thought part of the charm of Spectra was cheep.  Replace often.   D>K

Guess we’ll have to put up a line drying rig out in the yard.....



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