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Odd flap/elevator horns

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Robert Zambelli:
A guy gave me a box of C/L stuff, mostly small items - tanks, bellcranks, etc.
Mostly junk but these caught my eye.
Most of the horns I see/use are assembled with silver solder or something similar.
Are these worth using or do they go in the trash?

Bob Z.

bob whitney:
what do they look like????

Robert Zambelli:
I forgot the photo!!!

ray copeland:
Bob, i built a Fancy Pants years ago that included one of those horns. I didn't know better and used it. Lasted 2 flights and the plastic snapped, Brodak said it must have been one of the first kits and sent me new flaps and a new horn. BTW just opened a new Fancy Pants kit , will take me days to hand cut the die smashed parts  n~.

Tim Wescott:
Those look like old Sig horns -- I think I still have a couple of them in their blister packs, from 40-45 years ago.


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