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Author Topic: Growing / Saving Control Line  (Read 482 times)

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Growing / Saving Control Line
« on: April 30, 2013, 12:07:59 PM »
Here are some of my thoughts...
Paramount, I believe is expanding the number of local contests. Contests at the local level are what set Stunt apart from most RC events. It goes without saying that ANY flying should be done at an insured site.
Almost 20 years of trying to cajole the CD’s in Districts I, II, III and IV have demonstrated an attitude that “things will take care of themselves” and not sent sanctions (or sent them too late) and then have wondered why attendance is down. CD’s have to step up and do things in a timely manner. The MA magazine is still read by some and the Academy web site helps many find contests…..
I also believe that contests do not have to be expensive to run: the photo plaques that we use are VERY popular (I have taken one or two polls per year since I began doing them) as they record not only the event, but the date and airplane flown (I stole most of the idea from Steve Buso and Scott Smith, who used Polaroid photos).  A sanctioning fee and about $1.50 cost per plaque are the expenses incurred as there is no need for extra trophies for those classes or places that have no entries.
Experts should be encouraged to participate, as they “set the bar” for fliers of all levels. Frequently, contests that have low attendance become “clinics” for fliers of all levels.
The CD MUST work hard to publicize contests….post cards, listings in Stunt News and Control Line World, and especially email.

People are timid. At virtually every contest that I have attended, as well as practice sessions, there are people that stop to watch. To expand participation, fliers must “take the bull by the horns” and ASK spectators if they would like more information about our event. Have them fill out a simple information card (name, address and email). Have these with you, and make certain that they are included on your email list and that your club secretary gets the information as well. Answer questions and get information!

Become an AMA licensed “Intro Pilot”. This insures flies with the AMA’s great insurance for a brief period. Have a trainer…a simple control line trainer that will allow interested people to take off climb and dive and land is what I recommend. This will be useful for “returnees” as well as neophytes. A trainer should be just that….a trainer. Not a recycled stunter or anything fragile. Ugly enough that the student doesn’t feel bad when it is crashed.  The AMA does a horrible job with the “Intro Pilot” program….they should send a “Thank You” letter as well as a couple of issues of Model Aviation. I wonder if it might be practical to send an old issue of Stunt News?

I think that improving the PAMPA web site would help, too. Maybe copying the great brochure that Tom Morris did a couple of decades ago, which explained an awful lot about Stunt, as well as contacts for volunteers locally that have trainers as well as clubs? Pictures help too….I believe that PAMPA should not support an open type forum, but rather provide a space for interested folk to respond.

Growing PAMPA / Control Line will require some hard work and cooperation. I believe that there exist the tools necessary to MARKET our product in the web site and the wonderful publication of Stunt News. These tools need to be tweaked to address growth. SALES based upon the marketing will depend upon the membership. They must be squarely behind a plan and believe that growth is necessary.
I believe, too, that a truly professional Facebook® and Twitter® account would foster growth.

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