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Author Topic: NOSTALGIA 30 preliminary eligibility list. (Revised 2-2-10)  (Read 69928 times)

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I have taken the liberty to compile the early lists of eligible airplanes for Nostalgia 30. All the credit goes to Randy and Ty.

Nostalgia 30s

Per Randy Smith:

Les McDonalds  Tropicaire , Stiletto 35 size, 700, 660, I think Remel Cooper had an I Beam Stiletto also
BobHunt's Genesis  ,Thud
Al Rabe has a few planes in there too including the best flying of his P-51s , Sea Fury, Bearcat etc
Stan Powell  Dove
Gene Schaffer;s  Hallmark 46
Werwage's  Juno , Parraqeut, and several others
Lew McFarland's  Akro s
Frank McMillan's  Martin Baker
Bob Gieseke's  Gieseke Nobler 46
Jack Sheeks  has a ton of 70s  ships, his Bishop was right after my Fat Cat which looked like twins of each other
Steven's Akro  Dixon also ther Phoenix and I believe Stilares is close
Bill Rutherford's  P-51
P-40 Warhawk ST 60 powered by Ron Harding at the 1975 NATs
Wynn Paul's  PAMPA Wagon
Fancher  has several of this era  maybe the Moby Dick

Flying Models  (Per Ty Marcucci)

Jan 70; Kawasaki Hein (Tony);  Vince Micchia; profile; SS, .35
Apr 70; ME-109; Jack Sheeks; SS; .35
Mar 70; Ryan PT 20; Dr. Amilcare Di Mezza; SS; .35 Based on Ryan STA. USAAF trainer version.
May 70; Novi IV; C. David Gierke; .35
June 70;  F86D "Sabre Stunter";  Bob Lampione; SS; .35; trike gear.
Jul 70; The Stuka JU-87; Jack Sheeks; ST.40, I-beam
Aug 70; P561B Mustang; Joe Berry; SS; .35
Feb 71; The Old Glory; Jack Sheeks; .40; I-beam
Jun 71; Vulcan; Bob Lampione; .35; trike gear
Aug 71; Magister; Jack Sheeks; .35; Profile; vee tail; trike gear (C tube) need to say that on Jacks which tend to be I beamers more often than not.
Sep 71; Shoestring; Bill Simons; .35; SS
Dec 71; Stunt Machine; Gene Schaffer; OS .35
Jun 72; P40; Bill Simons; OS .35; SS
Jul 72; Be-Witched; Jack Sheeks; .35; trike gear; twin boom; C-tube
Oct 72; Fly Baby; Jack Sheeks; McCoy .40; SS; I-beam

Dec 72; Pinto; Dick Mathis; 1/2A version of Oriental
Jan 73; Spirit of Saginaw III; Dick Pacini; profile; trike
Apr 73; Citabria; Dick Mathis; SS; profile; high wing
May 73; Thunderchief; Bob Hunt; OS .40;SS; trike gear
Jul 73; Volunteer; Jim Lynch; McCoy .40
Aug 73; Hurricane; Jack Sheeks; SS; .35; C-tube
Oct 73; U-2; Joe Adamusko; SS; OS .35; 4 point gear like full size U2.
Dec 73; Miss Dora; Dennis Duvall
Feb 74; Genesis I; Bob Hunt; foam wing; the style of this one set a new trend and many following CLPA models were clones of this one.
Mar 74; P26; Jack Sheeks; SS;
Apr 74; Talon; Dave Rees; SS; trike gear; foam
Jul 74; Sunshine; Andy Lee; foam wing
Oct 74; Macchi 202; Dennis Duval; SS; ST .46
Dec 74; F4B-3/4; Joe Demarco; profile bipe; SS

Here is a listing as I have found them. From Jan75 on.  Plane; designer/author/eng listed/ SS(semi scale if so); other design features not typical or special at the time.

Jan 75; Metaphor I; Bill Bradford; Profile
Feb 75; P51B Stunter; Jim Vornholt; .60; SS
Mar 75; Scorpio;  Bill Simons; ST.46
Apr 75;  Panic; Jack Sheeks; .35-.46; Foam wing
Jun 75; Astarte; John Hagen; ST.46; foam
Nov 75; Sundance; Chriss Lella; OS .35; foam
Dec 75; Miss Jill; Jack Sheeks; profile; I-beam
Jan 76; Typhoon; Steve Ashby; ST .46; SS
Apr 76; Squirrel; Jack Sheeks; .35-.46; modified from Chipmunk kit
Jun 76; Metaphor 2; Bill Bradford; Full size version of Metaphor profile
Aug 76; AT-9 Jeep; Jack Sheeks; twin eng; SS; foam wing
Oct 76; The Torch; Dick Sarpolus; Fox .35; SS, foam
Nov 76; The Dazzler 40; Dave Rees; OS .40H; upright engine; foam
Mar 77; Hanriot-Biche H-110 Pursuit; Dick Sarpolus; rear engine pusher; SS (different)
May 77; ME 109-G; Jack Sheeks; .35-.46; SS; I-beam
Jul 77;  The Wild Goose; Dick Sarpolus; Canard
Aug 77; Genesis 46; Bob Hunt; ST .46; foam
Apr 78; Care; Jack Sheeks; OS .35; foam
Jul 78; Druine Turbulent; Larry Kruse; .35; SS; profile
Sep 78; Aura; Bill Bradford; ST.46
Dec 78; Starduster; Ed Capitanelli, Jr.;ST .46
Apr 79; Sea Fang; Jack Sheeks; ST .46; SS; foam
May 79; The Pretender; Dick Sarpolus; .19; profile; trainer
Aug 79; Mirage; Lou Wolgast;.40-.46; foam
Sep 79; F84 Thunder Jet; Joe Demarco; profile
Dec 79; Foxy Lady; Don Winfree; 1/2A; reminiscent of the Rivets Tee tail racer
Jan 80; Juno; Bill Werwage; ST.46; I-beam
Mar 80; Genie; Jim Armour; ST.46; foam
Apr 80; Aquila; Bob McDonald; HP.40; I-beam
Jul 80; Spectrum; Jim Casale; OS .45; foam
Aug 80; Mirage 049; Lou Wolgast; 1/2A version of Mirage from Aug 79 FM
Oct 80; My Blue; John Poynter; ST .46; anhedral stab
Nov 80; Orange Crate; Dennis Adamison; OS .35; Dihedral stab; bicycle gear ala B47.

All of these plans are readily available from Flying Models plans section.  They usually come with a copy of the article.


Model Aviation (Ref Ty Marcucci)

Jul 76; Cardinal Sinner; Clarence Haught; .35; I-beam
Sep 76: Tercel; Keith Trostle; .049/.051; 1/2A stunter.
Oct 76; Photo; Joe Reinhard's "Snoopy"; OS .35; 54.5 ws; 40 oz;
Nov 76; Photo; Bob Whitely's "Lil Miss Kell"; 1/2A stunter version of his big "Miss Kell".   Bill Werwage's Perroquet"; Randy Scott's "AkroShark"; Profile Akro with Shark Wing;  Gene Schaffers "Hallmark"; John Burn's "Mile M-20 Mk II; SS;OS.40;  Pierre Morel's "L'Oiseau" (The Bird).
Dec 76;  Fokker D-23; Dick Sarpolus; .35; SS; Twin engine; push pull; twin boom; trike gear
             In this issue, Wynn Paul talks with Bob Gieseke about the mods he did to the various Noblers. Very interesting. It was continued in the Jan 77 issue.

Feb 77;  PBA Special; Frank Scott;  .19; special trainer with 3 interchangeble wings. From Primary flight to Advanced flight (not Advanced PAMPA).  Flat bottom wing to a full symetrical wing for stunts.
Mar 77; PBA Special; Frank Scott; article above continued.
Apr 77; Chipmonk 9; Peter Tindal; .40; I -beam; SS; British design.
           This issue also has a photo of 2/3 size Nobler for 1/2A stunt called "underdog" by Danny Daniel.

Jul 77;  STILETTO 660; Les McDonald; ST .46. World and Nats champ
Aug 77; Photos; Andy Lee's "Toucan"; 35; 54"ws; 46 oz; 3/4" anhedral in main wing!! Photo of Jim Armour's
           "Sig Twister" with built up fuselage ;up front, profile from TE aft, OS .35

Sep 77; Photo of Ted Fanchers "Spyder"; ST.46; 63"ws; 57oz; ;;  Dennis Duval's "Dargette"; ST.46; 54"ws; 53 oz.
Nov 77; 77 Nats issue. Photos of Karl Hiel's "Miss Poppy";;Ted Fancher's "Citation";  David Marshall's "Lucky Bipe"
            Veco.29; 680 Sq"; flies clockwise
Dec 77; Photos; Mark Bauer's "Das Kraut" (ugly stick CLPA version);  Paul Walker's :Omega:;  Doug Brown's
Jan 78;  "Together IV" ; Steve Johnson: ST.46; 700 Sq".   Photos of Bob Barons "Avanti". St.46;;  Alfonso Rodile's
            "Terpsicore"(dancer); ST.46; 6989 Sq".
Feb 78; Photo of Tom Dixon's "Stillares".; 57"ws; 58oz.
Mar 78;  "A Better Mustang" P51-D; Al Meyers; ST.40; 54"ws; evolved fro his building Al Rabes planes; Split baseball
             bat used to make forms. Very Scale appearance.
Apr 78;  Photo: Bob Galle's "Namit" based on Scarinzi's "U-Name-it" (Trident)
May 78; Photo; Jim Colls "Shoreman" OS .35
Jun 78; "Spitfire MKII"; Roger Green; Profile; .35; also used by S.L.O.W. Club for slow combat: Photos Dennis
             Adamison's "Rabbit";  Chuck Delane's "Odyssey".
Jul 78; Photos; Elwood Bell's "Celtic IV"
Aug 78; Photos; Dan Shafer's "Double Exposure"; HP .40-.60::;  Phil Castelli's "Messerschmitt";Veco .35
Sep 78; Photo: OTS "Go Devil Sr" By Bob Palmer with FULL length flaps, in the typical for Bob in that era paint
           scheme; All orange with black trim and red stripes not unlike the first Chief, which evolved from the Go Devil

Nov 78; Nats report; Photos; Glen Meador's "Eagle". ST.46; foam;  Bob Whitely's "Derringer"; ST.46 (won Walker cup that year);;Paula Bauer's prototype Top Flite "Tutor" which is advbertised as based on the Gieseke
           Nobler.;; Ron Harding's very scale P-40 War Hawk(concour's winner);  Dave Fitzgerald's Sig "Super
           Chipmunk" with which he won the Jr, SR events 76,77,78 Nats. OS .35.

Jan 79; Photos: Gary McClellan's "Alania" ; ST .46;  Bob Baron's "Apex"; ST.46;
Feb 79; Photos; Ray Ogle's F4U Corsair' Enya .45; Ray is from Australia
July 79: Photos; John Poynter's "Half Breed II"; St.46; 56 oz.;;Tom Hartvigsen's "Classic" (and it is); Fox.35; 56"ws;
            568 Sq"; 47.5 oz.
Aug 79: "Pluto" Dave Horvath; profile;  sport stunt; .35;; Photo; Larry Kruse's "Cessna Ag Wagon"; Fox .35; 502 Sq"
Sep 79; "Imitation" ;Ted Fancher;  Profile; Lots of good stuff in the article, continued following month.. Photos;
             Rolland McDonald's "Phase 40"; HP .40' 57"ws' I-Beam' 52 oz.   Larry Robertson's "Revolution". ST.46;
             58.75"ws; 690 Sq" ;56oz. Very similar rear treatment ala "Chizler"
Oct 79; More "Imitation"; plans, building, etc.   Photos; Dennis Harkal's "Uranus", ST.46; 56"ws; I-Beam; 41oz.
            Article on the Top Flite "Tutor".
Nov 79: Nats Photos: Arlie Presler's "Citation II"; I-beam;
Dec 79; Photos; Larry Lauer's "Ole Red"; OS .40 FSR
Man December 1979, Whitely's Derringer 46

MA March 1979 Roger Green's Aetos, a .25 sized profile.

MA January 1980 Jack Sheeks Heinkel 100.

                                                                For 2010

Feb 80; Photos; Richard Byron's 1/2A stunter based on Northrops F-5. Cox .049; 27"ws; 16oz
May 80; 'Lucky 14"; Piotr Zawada; Polish stunter; Fox .40; 700 Sq "; 50 oz.;; Frank McMillans. "Impulse". OS.40; foam;; Neal Thompson's "Plus 20" a 20% enlarged "Nobler";St.46; foam
Jul 80; "Beechcraft D-17-S" Clarence Haught; Profile; Bipe; McCoy .40; 50"ws; 800 Sq"; 45oz.
           Photos; Kevin Capitanelli's "Condor"; OS .40 FSR;60"ws; foam;2nd CLPA at 79 Nats.
           Arlie Pressler's Naked "Citation" interesting structure.

Aug 80; Photos: Gene Martine's "Mariner"; OS.40FSR; Photo: Walt Brownell's modified Gieseke Nobler. Hardly looks
            like one.
Oct 80; Photos;Ed Robbert of Lexington, KY with originalfoam wing stunter; no name given; OS.40 FSR and Randy
           Hancock of Midway, KY with a foam wing original also, no name of plane given; ST.46.  Paul
            Walker's "Seahawk" nose only. Any other photos know of this one??  Wynn Paul talks about his 77-
            79 "Pampa Wagon", also no photos here.
Nov 80; 1980 World Champs photos. Luciano Comostello's "Tango" ST.46; recovered 16 years old!!  Takashi
           Hara's "Hurricane" (modified Gieseke Nobler);  Wu Dazhong's model; name is in Chinese script; Enya .45; has
            very unique wing tips.    Bill Werwages new version of his "USA-1"; OS .40 FSR (original engine failed); I-
            beam; 700 Sq "; 58oz... Oozef Gabri's "Super Master"; HP.40; 56"ws;  

Dec 80; Photos; Nats; Gunar Dombrovski's Twin tail stunter; no name given, nice finish; OS .35; 54"ws,. 49.17 oz

           "T.C.Two"; Dick Sarpolus; Twin engine (2-OS.20's);profile; 53"ws.

That's all guys. Next will be MAN    D>KH^^

I  added the photos because many times there are no plans avail and these might help for proof it existed in the given time frame.  Jump in with photos or info anytime.    

American Aircraft Modeler (ref Ty Marcucci)

This magazine evolved from Air Trails, Air Trails Hobbies For Young Men, Hobbies For Young Men, Young Men, American Modeler, American Aircraft Modeler to defunct. I believe the last issue put out was March 1975.
                                                   American Aircraft Models                                                                         I am missing some of the issues, so if you have the ones not listed and they have a CLPA model, please list it.
As in the other listings: SS=semi scale or near scale; foam= foam wing; etc.

Feb 70; Classic Gas; Clarence Haught; .35
Mar 70; Bearcat; Al Rabe; ST.46; wiggle rudder
Sep 70; Typhoon: Dennis Adamison; McCoy .40; SS
Nov 72; Sweet Pea; Dennis Adamison; OS .35; Vee Tail; sheet covered ribs wing
Feb 73;  Mustunt 1, 2, 3; Al Rabe; Fox .35; 3 steps from beginner to an advanced flyer with these three planes.
Jul 74; Avenger; Don Shultz; OS .35S; c-tube wing with I beam appearance
Oct 74; Miss Lexington; Wynn Paul; ST.46; trike gear
Nov 74; Lew's Akromaster; Lew McFarland; HP .40; SS; foam; RC and CL versions. Closer to full scale than SS
Jan 75; Tony(s); Archie Adamison; OS .35; Retracts; CLPA & RC glider versions
Mar 75; Stephens Akro; Tom Dixon; .40-.46; close to full scale.  Tom never got paid for this one due to the mag going under.  Last issue.

Model Airplane News (MAN)  (ref. Ty Marcucci)

Jan 70; "Euclid"; Bob Zambelli; photo, no other info.
Feb 70; "Sternschupps" (shooting star); Claus Maikis; photo; no other info.
Aug 70; "Oriental"; Dee Rice; Fox .35; 550Sq", 567"ws; 38-40 oz; photo of one model has wing gear;(Classic legal
            plane, 1957).. Photo; Bob Baron's "Humbug IV".
Nov 70; Full page ad; SIG introduces the "Banshee" @ 70 Nats.
Dec 70; Photo; Mark Freeman's "FW 190A" ST.46; 60"ws; 60 oz; SS..Photo; Bill Rutherford's "Mustang III"; Veco.50;
            57oz.; SS
Jan 71; "Humbug IV"; Bob Baron; Veco .19; 50"ws; 40 oz. (Classic legal, flew in 69 Nats.)  Photos; Art
            Adamisin's "Dewoitine D250"; SS; McCoy .40. Tom Dixon's "RedNeck". no info.
Mar 71; "Continental:; Tom Warden; Classic legal I have email from Lucky Pyatt as to when he did the plans, etc.
Apr 71; Photos from Nats; Bill Suarez's "F4J Phantom";Fox .35; 54"ws; 48oz; anhedral stab;..Bill
           Simons' "Shoestring"; Fox .35; 54"ws; 590 sq"; foam 57oz...Bob Lampione's "F86"; Fox .59; 62"ws; 750 sq";
           73 oz; foam;SS...Victor Macaluso's "F8U Crusader" ;Fox .35; Anhedral stab; foam; SS.. Don
           Bambrick's "Titan"; McCoy .40; 54"ws; 600 sq"; 48oz;...Alan Adamison's "Origianal Profile";Fox.35...
           Bob Baron's "PA-7"; ST.40; 53"ws; 530sq"; 48oz...Gene Schaffer's "Original Twin Tail" Fox.35; foam; 630
           sq"... Gerald Phelps "Patriot"; McCoy .40; 57"ws; 48oz...  Jim Silhavy's "Gypsy"; ST.40; 55'ws; 51oz;foam.
           Jack Sheeks "Stuka" Enya.35; 589"ws; planked I-beam; SS.. Keith Trostle's "Focke Wulf TA152"; OS.35;
            56"ws; 620sq"...
May 71;  Photo: Jorge Junqueri's "Page"; Sao Paulo, Brazil  
Nov 71; "Zlin Akrobat Stunter"; Ray Borden; .29-.40; 50"ws; 475sq"; sport PA; profile
Jan72;  Photo of Midwest's newest kit, the .15 size ME 109 profile.
Mar 72;  "Touch and Go"; Art Cangiacosi; OS.40; 48"ws; 530 sq"; 52oz; trike gear, throttle control.
Sep 72  "Nimrod III"; James Mannhall; .35; 56.5"ws; 620 sq"; 47oz.; Third at British Nats.
Nov 72;  Round & Round Nats report photos: Al Rabe's "Sea Fury"; Dennis Adamison's "Fouga Magister"; Randy
              Hancock's "Akromaster"..
Jan 73;  Midwest full page ad; .15 powered P40; ME109; P51D, King Cobra; Magician plus the 48" Warhawk,
            Skyraider, King Cobra, P51D, ME109, and .35 Magician.  This ad makes them all Nostalgia 30 eligible.
Jun 73;  "Profile Stuka"; Dick Mathis (Fast Richard); .35-.40; 48.25"ws; 482 sq"; 45 oz. SS; profile.
Aug 73;  R&R photos; Bill Simons' "Yank"; OS.35; 47oz.
Sep 73;  R&R photo; Gerald Phelps "Venture" at 72 world champs.
Nov 73;  R&R at Nats; Leon Smith with original (no name); Bill Simons with original twin tail (no name); Les
             McDonald. 35 Stiletto with the tall rudder. Not the 660 or 700.
Feb 74:  R&R photo of Phil Granderson's "Diplomat"; ST.40; 700 sq";painted with acrylic laquer and dope.  Jack
            Shane's 2- modified Noblers, one plus size,
             the other minus size, with different rudders, bubble canopies,etc.
May 74;  "Stiletto #5"; Les McDonald; 57"ws; 600 sq"; 47oz., tall tail version.
Feb 75;  "Dancing Girl";  Peter D. Miller; .40; 40"ws; Biplane stunter.
May 75;  "Mustang Stunter";  Michael Gretz; .40; 50"ws; 485 sq"; 42oz; SS;foam; kitted by SIG that month.
June 75;  Photos R&R; Mike Wagners "F6F Hellcat", SS; big stunter. No other info.
Sep 75;  R&R photo; Jim Bailey's "Nif-T"; profile; twin tail stunter.
Nov 75;  R&R photo;  Gilbert Rodriques' "Eaglette" class "A" stunter. Fits Brit and WAM rules.
Jan 76;  Article about the SE CL champs in Winston-Slaem, NC. Photos or Les McDonald's Stiletto 700; unidentified
            flyer with his twin cheek cowled "Eagle";  Ronnie Farmer's mod Nobler he called "Ugler".
Feb 76;  "Two For The Show"; Larry Kruse; Lew Wollard & Mike Tallman design two World War One appearing
            stunters (Fokker E1, Moraine Saulner) stunters for team stunt. Simple and quick.. Photos; Roy
            Alberson's semi scale twin engine Cessna; 2-.19; 54 "ws; 52oz. Very nice.
Mar 76;  "F82B" Twin Mustang; Dick Sarpolus; 2 Fox .25; 63"ws; Article staes one could use two Midwest P51 kits,
              add a center section to the wing and new stab/elevator. Photo' Roger Barrett's F14 Tom Cat. Photos id as
              F105 is wrong.
Apr 76;  "The Nibbler"; Mack Henry; slow combat plane with great potential as a CLPA trainer with smaller engine.
             42"ws; 420 sq"; single wheel gear; profile; adjustable LO;
May 76;  R&R photos of SW regionals; Roger Barrett's "F14".
Jul 76;  R&R photos; Chris Lella's "Sundance" (featured in FM);  In New Items; SIG Twister by Mike Gretz. So now
             The Twister is a triple threat: profile, PAMPA classes and now Nostalgia 30.
Apr 77;  "Stilares"; Tom Dixon; .35; 51"ws. Stiletto, Ares, Nobler influence in shape size and numbers.
May 77;  Photos; Mike Wagner's "original"; no name given; tilted engine and muffler enclosed inside cowl.  Ted
             Fanchers new stunter but no name given.(*&%&*ION?)
             "1/2A Nobler"; Dick Sarpolus; .049; 26"ws; profile; no airfoil, flat wing.
Jul 77;  "Miss Kell"; Robert Whitely; OS.35; 53.75"ws; 48oz; anhedral stab; 1973 design.
Sep 77;  Photos R&R: Dave Shirley's "Sun Dog"; OS.35; upright engine.
Oct 77;  Photos R&R: Englands Pete Dominic's Fox .25 stunter (no name);  Dennis Duval's SS; MIG stunter, no name.
            Lou Woolards' "The Spirit"; ST.46.
            Featured stunter; "Sun Spot";Chris Lella; 1/2A; 8-10 oz; 30.5"ws;
Nov 77; R&R photos; Joe Reinhard's OS.35 powered stunter; 35 oz; Name; "76" ?
Dec 77; R&R at the 77 Nats; Bob Emmet's semi scale I beam of the "Howard Ike"; ST.46;61oz.
Jan 78; "Avanti"; Bob Baron; ST.46; 53.75"ws; 60-63 oz; foam; trike gear;  Photos: Mark Bauer's "Profile Nobler";
           Tom Hartingsen's Fox.35 Original (no name).
Sep 78; "Sirocco"; Don Hollfelder; Veco.19; 48.5 "ws; Class A WAM.
Jan 79;  R&R photo; Norm Whittle: Eagle 5.
Jul 79;  "Zephyr"; Raymond Zarichak; .35; 38.5"ws top wing; biplane; profile.
Man December 1979, Whitely's Derringer 46


That's if folks, no more MAN at this house. So if you have the time and inclination, hop to it and fill in the blanks. Next I'll do Model Builder.  What is needed is the names of those unnamed stunters of yesteryear. R&R seemed reluctant to name them.

Aeromodeler (ref Ty Marcucci)

Feb 71; "YAK 9D"; H.C. Quek;  Merco.35; 54.5"ws; (side view of plans looks very much like an Oriental)
Apr 78;  "Chipmonk"; Peter Tindal; .35; 57"ws; 688 sq"; I-beam. SS; take apart  model.

Aeromodeler (ref Claus Makais)
60:  Skua / Christopher
       Spitfire/ Pentland
61:  Stuka/Still
62:  Stampe/ Warburton
63:  Moskwa/ Sirotki
65:  Nakke/ Kari
       Mustang/ Bjornwall
67:  Supermaster/ Gabris
69:  Zlin/ Warburton
       Heinkel 100/ Cappi
71:  Yak9/ Quek
72:  Nimrod/ Mannall
73:  Commodore/ Maikis
74:  Loriot/ Maikis
       Kittyhawk/ Draper
76:  Focke Wulf/ Maikis
       JU 87/ Dyke
78:  Tango/ Compostella
       Chipmunk/ Tindal
79:  Crescendo/ Maikis

Thanks to Allen Brickhaus we have some more N30 planes to choose from.

MAN June 1978 Flying Red Horse, profile, Fox .40.

MAN August 1979 Folkert's SK-4 profile. Fox .35.

MAN Dec 1981 Buccaneer 46, (built and flown in 1979) as documented in May 1979 Stunt News. Flown at theGLSMA June 1979 contest. (Greater St Louis Modelers Association).  Note: I am not sure if this group still exists as many of the clubs that belonged to it are defunct. But they had political power, something to think about.

MAN December 1982 Pirata, flown in the late 1979 Indianapolis contest. Jack Sheeks refered to it as "Red Sails in the Sunset".

Buccaneer II,  Fox .35, CSC foam wing. Flown in summer of 1977 and soon to be an RSM kit. No article was published of this model. See it at VSC in 2010.

Musketeer, shortened Shark 45 wing to about 55 inch span, trike gear, Century Series 21 .40 engine.

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Re: NOSTALGIA 30 preliminary eligibility list.
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Several of Scott Bair's Stuntfires  are  legal now others will be in a year or 2

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Re: NOSTALGIA 30 preliminary eligibility list.
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Got a couple more from issues I happened to have that filled in where Ty's fell off.

Man December 1979, Whitely's Derringer 46

MA March 1979 Roger Green's Aetos, a .25 sized profile.

MA January 1980 Jack Sheeks Heinkel 100. This shoud be legal now, as it was already built, flown, and the article written before the end of 1979.

Getting a line on life. AMA 1601

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Re: NOSTALGIA 30 preliminary eligibility list. Updated
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SIG, Top Flite  ,Jetco, VECO, M&P, and many others had Kits of stuntships that were done back in the 70s, these are also N-30 legal, Such as the AkroMaster. Anyone remember kits that are not listed here? was Keil Kraft still in business during the 1970s?


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Re: NOSTALGIA 30 preliminary eligibility list. Updated
« Reply #4 on: August 09, 2009, 06:13:14 PM »
First Patternmsater 1971 the 60 version 1977 windy dint build PM's until 1986 or 87
 Windy was flying the Bj design with the 72" span wen he gained his first five top five finishes.

 Big jim has LJs, BJ's SJ's 40-46--60 PM's a highli mofifies Banshe that are all nostalgia 30 designs.
Jose Mosdesto

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Re: NOSTALGIA 30 preliminary eligibility list. Updated
« Reply #5 on: August 24, 2009, 12:21:59 PM »
Referring to your listing MAN, Jan 79, the unnamed stunter is my Eagle 5.  It place 4th at the 78 NATS because I don't like doing hourglass maneuvers.  Alan Brickhouse has plans and I recently found my original 77 velum drawings.  Have been carrying them all over the world.  I should have never wandered away from that design.  Bob Hunt cut the wing and stab and it was powered by a HP 40.

Norm Whittle

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Re: NOSTALGIA 30 preliminary eligibility list. (Revised 2-2-10)
« Reply #6 on: November 15, 2010, 09:41:42 AM »
Just to add another plane to the list. I talked with Don Schultz and his Seahawker is eligible. Designed in 1977.
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 Randy Powell

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Re: NOSTALGIA 30 preliminary eligibility list. (Revised 2-2-10)
« Reply #7 on: November 17, 2010, 03:45:03 PM »

Found these messing around, they look kinda neat.
Lucky 14

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Re: NOSTALGIA 30 preliminary eligibility list. (Revised 2-2-10)
« Reply #8 on: November 17, 2010, 03:45:42 PM »

Two More:
Spectre (this says 1982 but I think he flew/built it in 1981)
Tindal Chipmonk

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Re: NOSTALGIA 30 preliminary eligibility list. Updated
« Reply #9 on: March 10, 2011, 01:37:08 PM »
Referring to your listing MAN, Jan 79, the unnamed stunter is my Eagle 5.  It place 4th at the 78 NATS because I don't like doing hourglass maneuvers.  Alan Brickhouse has plans and I recently found my original 77 velum drawings.  Have been carrying them all over the world.  I should have never wandered away from that design.  Bob Hunt cut the wing and stab and it was powered by a HP 40.

Norm Whittle

Worth noting that Norm flew that Hourglassless" pattern in either the first or second round of the top twenty flyoff ('79 was the third year for the multi round concept).  In his other flight he scored 560 something the single  highest flight of the flyoff!  In those days a 560 was a very "big" deal.  He could'a been a champ! 

I watched that flight and was very, very impressed!

Ted Fancher

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