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Author Topic: Opinions wanted  (Read 4370 times)

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Opinions wanted
« on: February 20, 2017, 09:09:11 PM »
This is just an informal inquiry that carries no official weight, but tell me what you think.
Do we need to drop any AMA racing events from the rule book? Do we want to make any NCLRA events into official AMA events? Yes, no, which, why... Let's hear it.

Bill Bischoff, NCLRA Pres. /CL Racing Contest Board Dist VIII

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Re: Opinions wanted
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2017, 08:34:23 AM »
"If you have it, they will come....well, hopefully."  "If you don't have it, they won't come...definitely." Does that make sense? AMA rulebook events should obviously be popular everywhere to insure there is lots of participation. But, popularity of events ebbs and flows, different locales have different events.

The sanction classification of Contests is determined by the number of AMA rulebook events, A, AA, AAA, etc. That's a criteria in some places.

Some events with lesser participation are the most competitive, ie, FAI Racing events.  We need them and those people who fly them to represent the US on a global scale.

The easier to fly events, Texas Quickie, Super Slow Rat, Sport Goodyear, are not official AMA events, yet we need them to keep Racing available to more people....

It's a tough balance to maintain...the opinions change with the aging of the contestants, I can attest to that.

If a rulebook event has no following, why should it be in the rulebook? Well, suppose the popularity returned?   It doesn't cost anything to leave it in the rulebook, does it?   If a very popular event is flown all over the country, why shouldn't  it be a rulebook event?  Efforts to have rulebook events increased don't have a drawback...just that someone has to put forth the effort required.


PS: Sport Goodyear and Super Slow Rat would make for nice AMA Rulebook events...jmo

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Re: Opinions wanted
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2017, 01:07:52 PM »

C/L guy of one here so not much if any weight

But do have an opinion

my early fun as a kid was combat... where I went when I returned

Too badly beat up so no good at combat for competition, so am currently trying to have fun with self taught stunt plane flying

Motor head by nature but never exposed to speed or racing events

I can see myself gravitating to being on a racing team in the future

I too think it does not hurt or cost anything to leave in or add to the current AMA events

"A good scare teaches more than good advice"

Fred von Gortler IV