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  The "SkyWriter" arrived today and its the first kit that I am building in many years. Everything has changed since the 50's & 60's but this kit is above & beyond any that I've seen in recent months!

I am a firm believer in giving credit when its due so here goes. Everything about it is 1st class, the package, the lazer cut balsa is all separated, no burn marks, nothing to punch out, no scrap. The wing is symmetrical, the ribs are hollow, all together by size, the leading & trailing edge are marked in red for the rib placement.
This kit comes COMPLETE, The Bell Crank has the Leed cables made up & attached, the control horn wire is also attached & ready to hook up to the horn which is also installed on the flap and its done much better than I could ever do! The landing gear wire is bent with the wheels attached. I talked with ray about the engine I planned on using a 049 TEE DEE. So in the box is a Pressure Tank made up from a 35 mm film container with the balloon & tube, ready to fill and done very nice!

So do yourself a favor and check out the Minnesota Modeler and order your next kit from Ray Stone!

RK Flyer

ray copeland:
Totally agree!!  You'll love the way the Skywriter flies!


--- Quote from: RK Flyer on September 09, 2013, 07:53:33 PM ---
 Everything about it is 1st class, the package, the lazer cut balsa is all separated, no burn marks, nothing to punch out, no scrap.

RK Flyer

--- End quote ---

Just noticed the interest of full disclosure, balsa parts are NOT lazer-cut, but hand-cut (fuselage on jigsaw; ribs, etc. with a good ol' #11 Exacto).  That's why no burn marks!

But thanks for the good words!

Ray Stone

John Paris:
I just opened another Skywriter yesterday that I am planning on building as a take apart so I can take it with me around the world to fly.  It has been a few years since I built the first one and I forgot how complete this kit is as well great cutting on the parts.  It even has a balloon tank that I will need to find a home for when I get back to the colonies as this one, like the first one, will be electric.  Keep up the great work.

Bill Little:
I can understand the confusion over laser cutting.  Ray cuts everything so well it all looks "laser cut".  I have two kits (Queen Bee and 1/2A Snapper) from Ray and both were little jewels of manufacturing.  And the most complete kits I have seen!  All that is needed is an engine and finishing materials.

BIG Bear


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