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Specializing in 1/2A kits


My area of concentration is 1/2A kits, both original design and old classics.  I also offer accessories such as flying handle/line reels, bladder pressure tanks for combat, etc. 

The designs I offer range from basic trainers (Minnie Delta, etc.)  through sport models (LilGeo, LilPearl, etc.), to serious competition designs (combat Rumbler, stunt LittleAxe).  Latest kits are the oldest designs (Snapper, Queen Bee)!

See details of all these, and prices, at my website:

frank carlisle:
I don't know if it's proper to post on these business threads but I really want people to know that kits from the Minnesota Modeler are very high quality. The parts fit well and Ray does a lot of work to make sure that the kits are right. Everyone I know that's built one of his kits has nothing but good things to say about them.
If your interested in a 1/2A model you won't go wrong getting a kit from the Minnesota Modeler.

The picture below is the 1/2A Snapper I built from a kit I got from Ray. I'm very pleased with it and you will be very happy with your kit from Ray.


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