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Title: Completed Primary Force short-kit Now With Paint!
Post by: Doug Burright on July 17, 2015, 01:22:32 AM

I was fortunate enough to purchase the Primary Force short-kit, on the first new laser-cut run of very few! The chosen wood is great, the pieces were accurate, and all the parts were there, as promised! I just needed to find some outstanding balsa, to match the wood included in the kit for the leading edges, and sheeting. I think that was all. I supplied the bellcrank, lead-outs, pushrod and hinges, and made the landing gear from aluminum. just the normal stuff you need to finish a kit. I did go a step further, and make wheelpants, like the type shown on the SIG ARF advertisement. They may be removed, if weight is an issue. Power is a Big Art O.S. 35, with muffler. I have not installed a fuel tank, and the trim colors are not applied, so right now, it is all white. Let's see if a picture, or two, will stick on here...(http://)