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 on: Yesterday at 09:44:16 PM 
Started by Lyle Spiegel - Last post by Motorman
Brodak control horn # BH-754


Bellcrank- I cut down a Fox 2" and drilled new holes but I think  2" will fit If you mount below the wing.

 on: Yesterday at 09:24:46 PM 
Started by Steve Helmick - Last post by Mike Haverly
Well, I did sandbag a little on my first flight to see what Alan would put up.  About the only way I get to beat any of you guys is when you don't show up, Alan needs to lie a little better.  Hopefully by the time we return from NATS he'll be up and running.

 on: Yesterday at 09:21:45 PM 
Started by RC Storick - Last post by RC Storick
If you have received a notice this site is not secure it's because I was asleep at the switch and let the SSL certificate expire. I just renewed it and it will be an hour or so to update.

 on: Yesterday at 09:00:09 PM 
Started by Dennis Adamisin - Last post by mike londke
Dennis, I tried to use a continuous loop set up on my speed limit stuff with 100lb test and quickly found out there was really no good way to do it. Same set up as the 1/2A handle, but the nylon tubes I was using bent and dug into my fingers pretty bad.Then I tried carbon fiber tube, it was better but the spectra line split the tube after 3 or 4 flights. I then tried brass tubing but it became apparent that even after smoothing the ends it would fray the line quickly. I'm sure you could do it with a larger handle like a Reyco with the overhang it affords, but I like smaller line spacing for combat. So I am currently using a cabled handle that has about 3" of adjustment with 2 looped spectra lines and connectors at the handle. Its easy enough to make lines within adjustment range of the handle. For 1/2A the continuous line works great. I was not successful in my attempt in translating it to larger models but would love to see others solutions.

 on: Yesterday at 08:43:54 PM 
Started by frank mccune - Last post by RandySmith
are you pressurizing  the uniflow tube?

 on: Yesterday at 08:42:07 PM 
Started by Motorman - Last post by Brett Buck
And its also well  known that with my win, in the "World Famous Fox .15 Hurl" last year, I am now tied with you with four titles.
I know your tactics and I know what a competitor you are, I have judged you and the best dozens of times.
 But just so you know, You better  bring your best to the Meet and Meat. I have been Hurling three times a week and I wont let the "Clash of the Titans" go lightly.
I feel sorry for those that wont be there to witness history.

  It will indeed be glorious. Not since Ali-Frasier, or perhaps Hector VS Achilles, has such a clash been met.


 on: Yesterday at 08:41:21 PM 
Started by Skip Chernoff - Last post by Steve Helmick
Worth noting that clunk tanks are not willing to agree to a "cutoff loop", but tin tanks are. Getting in your pattern within the 8 minutes with an engine is more challenging than with an electron burner, but in exchange, we get to savor the thrill of the grease, noise, vibration and glory.

I've never done this, but Brett may or may not have posted before about adding nitro as density altitude increases to get somewhere close to the same NV setting as at baseline. It makes sense. That should let you run about the same volume of fuel.

The other thing Brett may or may not have posted before is to always fill your tank and then remove the known quantity, or quantity that you'll have to determine on site.

Then again, if you are flying when the density altitude is much lower than normal, you'll be stressed to get enough run time, so then you make a quick run to buy some Coleman lantern/stove fuel and add a bit to the fuel you'll run that day...4 to 6 oz per gallon will get it done, so 1 to 1.5 oz per quart. We flew one contest at something like negative 1,100' density altitude...high baro pressure, low temp.  Coffee Steve

 on: Yesterday at 08:36:21 PM 
Started by Skip Chernoff - Last post by Dan McEntee
Ok I'm confused then. Wouldnt everyone cut out on the clover being it's the last stunt and the tank should be pretty empty at that point?


       One thing to keep in mind in all of this, is that you have 8 minutes from signal to the judges ( and you flip the prop or hit the switch) to do the pattern and land until the wheels stop. If you are a "typical" Joe Bellcrank, most guys fly in the 5 to 5.4 seconds per lap range. If you don't take any extra laps, you should be finished with the pattern between 5:45 and 6 minutes. As you practice and even sport fly, time every flight from engine start to when the model stops to get a real good base line on what you need. Some guys count laps after the clover, and adjust fuel for a certain number of laps after the clover, 8 or 10 laps which is another 50 to 60 seconds. When you do the clover, if you have at least a half ounce or more of fuel in the tank, you should be OK in the clover unless you make the loops really tight. Making the maneuver the proper size here is important. If you find that you are running long at say, 7 minutes and 15 seconds, you can try a nice big loop followed by a nice tight loop and see what happens. If it continues to run normally, give it another few laps and try again. This is something that takes some practice also, so by timing each flight with a given amount of fuel, you can tell by your watch when you think it will quit on it's own, and try a cut off loop 30 seconds before that time to see what happens. Like the rest of the whole pattern, practice makes perfect! NOW!!! One thing to keep in mind also after this whole long discussion is that the cut off loop doesn't really work with a clunk tank. It basically only works with a metal tank with stationary fuel pick up. So iff you use a clunk tank, Bretts whip method is your only recourse, and keeping the model low while doing that will help also.
  There sure is a whole lot more to this competition stunt game than a lot of people realize, isn't there??? If you want to split the hair even further, in FAI events, you only have SEVEN minutes to do all of this!
    Type at you later,
   Dan McEntee

 on: Yesterday at 08:36:16 PM 
Started by Steve Schoenecker - Last post by Ken Burdick
ditto re the grey primer and good results

 on: Yesterday at 07:46:05 PM 
Started by Steve Helmick - Last post by Chris Cox
Never the less, Alan showed his concern and competitive spirit by phoning in his scores all the way from British Columbia. His flight scores weren't quite on par with Paul and Chris, but way better than Howard's.  Hoff Steve

For a guy recovering from back surgery, Alan posted a couple of very nice scores.  It is a shame the rules committee decided not to allow appearance points, due to Alan's lack of ... "appearance".

Alan may need to arm wrestle Mike Haverly for the Third Place plaque, as I suspect Mike feels the judges (whoever they were) may have been overly lenient based on Alan's physical state.


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