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Title: Late notice - Hoyt Hawkins
Post by: Ty Marcucci on September 08, 2021, 11:56:17 AM
I just learned this morning that Hoyt Hawkins died last year. I believe from complications of Parkinson's. I had not received any email from him for sometime, now I know why. I first met him at an USA contest in Salt Lake City back in 72.  He was a Major in the USAF and stationed at Hill AFB near Ogden.  He was more into speed than stunt. He really liked the P40 and built many models of them. Tom Morris has his models and they are being sent out to Hoyt's son.

About 6 months after moving here to Huntsville, I got a phone call from him.  Found my name in the PAMPA listing.  He invited me to his home for lunch and to see his basement hobby shop. He used to travel to various contests  in the SE with Tom until no longer able, due to Parkinsons.

I miss his enthusiasm. H^^
Title: Re: Late notice - Hoyt Hawkins
Post by: dale gleason on September 09, 2021, 08:03:43 PM
I met "Hawk" at the VSC many years ago. He was having balance difficulty flying his P-40, the winds weren't helping him at all.
I video-taped one of his flights and it dawned on me that he was prevailing in spite of his difficulties. It looked like a ballet performance.

Later, back home, I watched that tape many times and got the idea of putting Hawk's flight to music..."Little Wing". It was amateurish, but, with help from my son-in-law it turned out sorta' okay.

I sent a copy to Hoyt's brother, Phillip, I think, who said it was okay, too.

I didn't know Hoyt had passed away, another genuine gentleman.  RIP

dale g   
Title: Re: Late notice - Hoyt Hawkins
Post by: dennis lipsett on September 09, 2021, 09:46:18 PM
I met Hoyt Hawkins at the far East contest in Tachicawa AFB in 1966. He was a Captain at the time and he had the ability to capture everyones attention when he spoke. He did fly speed and I did launch for him. I used to contact him when I retired from work and I had an amusing conversation with him on one of our chats. It was about Golf and I really liked the one answer he gave. He hits the ball falls down gets up finds the ball  hits it falls down etc. You get the idea. he thought that it might have been the chemicals in the fuels that he used that caused it but I told him probably not so.
Really sorry to hear of his passing he was a dynamic individual and a really good modeler
As to Parkinsons disease my Mother passed from it and My brother has been fighting it for a few years. Not sure if it is genetic in the family

Title: Re: Late notice - Hoyt Hawkins
Post by: Phil Hawkins on September 13, 2021, 07:39:41 AM
Thank you Ty for starting this thread.
Hoyt "Hawk" Hawkins was my dad's first cousin and namesake of my grandfather (whom I never met)
As a kid Hawk was my real life hero. A world traveler and man of respect (he would show up at our home in Ontario California in full dress uniform!) It was he who talked me through my first complete flight, including the snipping of my shirt tail! I still remember him cutting my favorite t-shirt unexpectedly! I still wore it that way for a good long time! Including for "show & tell" at school that week.
I had hoped to make the trip from So. Cal to Alabama after his passing to help clear out his basement and rescue a few planes. Health, finances and time just did not align up for that to happen. Enter Tom Morris - he was the only person I knew I could contact (and was for certain one of Hawk's most trusted friends) and Tom was able to make the trip and he picked up a number of planes, engines, support gear, etc...
I can't even think how to thank him! He is currently crating up the airplanes to ship them to my home in Winchester California.  Including two of Hoyt's own designed " Hawk's Warhawk" one built and flown by Hawk and one of two built by Tom. Hawk must have passed one of the two Warhawks  on to someone but we don't know who or where that second copy ended up.
Anyway, I could ramble on forever when it comes to Hoyt, I will just leave it here for now that I miss him terribly and am eternally grateful to Tom Morris for rescuing the Warhawks. 
 Just to clear up Hoyt's legacy; he had two daughters, Terri who is married and now living in Arizona with her mother Ann, and his baby Sandy, who preceded him in passing a few years ago. Losing Sandy was definitely a very difficult time for the whole family but Hawk took it particularly hard. 
I am his second cousin, but he was without question both me and my dad's most cherished relative! My dad passed in 1983 at age 50, Hawk talked me through those dark days many times.
Thanks guys! I will post pictures of the airplanes I inherit when I get them. I don't know when, Tom is a busy guy and I am not in a hurry at this point so the agreement is Tom will work on getting stuff to me as he can fit it into his schedules.  I am so grateful for Tom's intervention and help... Hawk would be happy to know his planes are not going into a dumpster!
Title: Re: Late notice - Hoyt Hawkins
Post by: Phil Hawkins on September 13, 2021, 07:43:51 AM
I vaguely remember the video of Hawk flying. If it is still available I would love to get a copy of it! Any pictures would be awesome as well.
Thanks again!