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Author Topic: The Imitation Kit Pricing and Information  (Read 899 times)

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The Imitation Kit Pricing and Information
« on: November 30, 2017, 11:00:34 AM »
We are ready to start taking orders for the Imitation Kit.  Here is the information regarding contents and pricing.


We are giving you a couple of options on purchasing.

1.  This is the complete kit less hardware.  This kit will include all laser cut parts, sheeting and sticks.  I will also include bent wire landing gears and a full size plan.  The price for the kit is $159.95
Shipping is $20.00 and ships by USPS Priority Mail Service anywhere in the continental US.  International shipping charges are calculated by country Zip code.

PLEASE either post your complete mailing address here, by private message or e mail (  so I will know where to ship your kit.

2.  Deluxe control hardware kit.

Here is a list of the hardware components you can buy as a package that will give you a complete control system for your model:


1.  Carbon Fiber Bellcrank (see picture) - RSM List price ($19.99)
2. Carbon Fiber Bell Crank Mount (see picture) - RSM List Price ($5.95)
3. Set of Lead Out Wires -   RSM List Price ($3.25)
4. Adjustable Leadout Guide (see picture) -  RSM List Price ($4.25)
5. Wing Tip Weight box (see picture)  - RSM List Price ($3.99)
6. 1/8” wire flap horn – RSM List Price ($7.50)
7. 1/8” Wire elevator horn – RSM List Price ($7.50)
8. 36” length of Carbon Fiber tube for push rod (5mm OD and 3mm ID) – RSM List Price ($5.99)
9. 4 (2RH thread & 2 LH Thread) #304 Stainless Steel push rod ends.  Capture type (see picture) – RSM List Price ($23.98)
10. 4 Heavy Duty Dubros ball Link – RSM List Price ($11.96)
This hardware would cost you $94.36 if purchased separately from RSM.
If you purchase the components as a package with your kit, your cost is only $64.99You save  $29.37.  
The other option would be to furnish your own control hardware from whatever source you wish.  We are just offering this package as an option.
I have included a few pictures of some of the components in this post below. When you place your order for your kit and wish to buy the hardware package, just say “With Hardware Package.”

PayPal:  Use this e mail address to make PayPal Payments –
Personal Checks:
Make out to Mike Griffin and mail to
Mike Griffin
4431 Karen Ave
Jefferson, LA  70121

Just a couple of notes FYI

The engine mount for the Imitation is an RC type mount that is manufactured by Dave Brown Products.  The recommended glow engine for this model is a .46 size engine.  However, if you wish to use a larger .51 size engine that is your prerogative. The model has a 59" wingspan and is 631 sq in. 

I checked on Tower's website for these mounts and it seems that a company named Ohio Superstar Products has bought out Dave Brown and you can order directly from them as I did for my mount.  Tower shows them out of stock but order pending so order from where you feel best.  I will personally be using an OS.46LA glow engine on mine but the choice is certainly up to you.

Here is the URL for Ohio Superstar:

Also,  we will be showing on the plan a conversion to electric.  I can furnish a complete Black Tiger electric system that is equivalent to a .46 glow engine that is completely assembled and programmed and all you have to do it screw the motor to the front fire wall and the battery will fit where the fuel tank goes with a glow system.  This is probably the easiest conversion I have ever seen.  Just contact me for pricing on the electrical system and battery and I will get back with you on cost.

You can e mail be at or call me at 504-250-6166 with any questions you may have.

Thank you

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Re: The Imitation Kit Pricing and Information
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2017, 02:04:09 PM »
FYI on those Dave Brown RC mounts.  Recently needed some in the 1/2a sizes and Tower either did not stock or was out of stock.  I tracked down Ohio SuperStars like Mike did and was able to order direct from them at Tower prices..  Was easy to do business with them.
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Re: The Imitation Kit Pricing and Information
« Reply #2 on: November 30, 2017, 06:44:58 PM »
A couple of pictures of the Imitation