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Author Topic: Pricing and Details for the Profile Peacemaker Kit  (Read 393 times)

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Pricing and Details for the Profile Peacemaker Kit
« on: October 02, 2017, 10:30:52 AM »
After a good response to the release of the profile Peacemaker kit, I am happy to say that the kit will be produced. The kit will sell for $69.95. Since it is a .15 size model we can get up to 3-4 kits in a kit box. If you buy two or more kits, I will give a price break of $5.00 lowering the price to $64.95 each. I am doing this to try and help the folks overseas to defray some of the shipping costs. These kits will be laser cut for me by Eric Rule of RSM distribution in California and will ship from there. To ship a kit from California to the East coast by priority mail, the cost is $18.00. The cost will go down some the closer you get to the shippers location. This will give you a good idea of what you will pay for postage. To ship a kit box to Australia or New Zealand, they go by Priority Mail International and the cost is $51.00. I can give you an exact shipping cost if you will furnish your zip code.

Now, for the kit itself, this is what you will receive.

All laser cut component parts you need to build the kit. This includes:

Wing Ribs
Wing flaps
Wing Tips
Slotted front and rear spars (see picture for wing construction)
Ply wood bell crank mounting platform
Laser cut fuselage
Plywood fuselage doublers
3/8" x 3/8" Maple motor mounts
Stabilizer, elevator and vertical fin.
Full size building plan

There is no hardware or sheeting in the kit. You will need to furnish the strips of 3/32nd balsa to sheet the leading edge of the wing and a piece of 1/16th balsa to sheet the center of the wing and the trailing edge.

Payment options:
PayPal - my PayPal email to make payments is . PayPal only for international orders.
For checks (within the U.S) I do take personal checks and please make them out and mail as follows:
Mike Griffin.
4431 Karen Ave
Jefferson, LA 70121

Please e mail me with your orders and shipping address. My email is
I think we can start shipping kits by the middle of this month.
Here are some pictures of the kit parts and the finished product.
Thank you

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