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Users guides for my timers

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Igor Burger:
I often get requests for guides for my timers, so I decided to collect them one place and I am posting links to them. I hope I am not braking some rules.

Simple c/l timer with delay, flight time and throttle:

programmable timer/sequencer with jumps, loops, input, output, interupts etc:

active timer with accelerometer and power controll:

If posting user guides for timers is wrong I don't want'a be right.


Tim Wescott:
Are you sure those things are big enough?

Can I use the Jeti-box protocol, too?

Igor Burger:
What means "big enough"? what is or not big? ... and big for what? :- ))))

Jetibox is nothing else only simple terminal with 2 lines and 4 buttons ... so yes it is easy to use  8)

  H^^   D>K Thanks  #^  H^^


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