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Hi all.

I have decided since the one part of model building I personally have stayed as far away from as I could and also
since the Predator has molded parts and we want / need to make sure that we got the mold bucks right I should
start there. So please bare with me.

Okay here we go...

Below are the four main fuselage and also the two leading edge mold buck/s frames.

**Please note that some parts may be adjusted or modified for the actual kit.

edit: Sorry but the first photo says balsa on it but it is actually plywood, I copied the balsa part for the buck but forgot to change the text in the file when I cut it in ply...  Oops!   :-[

More pictures...

Few more.

What material-technique are you going to mold the pats?
Here is a stupid question. I understand that you are copying the original predator. So most likely there is a central box with the molded parts on top and bottom nose etc. My question is wouldn't it be easier to just mold two halves with parting line in the vertical plane and have a whole fuselage? With that you mold 2 parts instead of 3 and you make it easier for the end user to make the plane and eliminate most of the formers aft of the wing trailing edge.

I used different types of foam only because I didn't had enough of each to
do them all plus I wanted to see how easily workable each one was.
Here's the turtle deck with blue foam, from start to wrapped.


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