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John Rist:
A while back I bought an E-Cavalier from Ty.  Ty had built it quite some time back and the covering was brittle.  I had repaired many holes with clear packing tape.  However it's a really good flying aircraft.   I decided to strip the old covering off and recover the wing.  I also made a couple of changes.  I added an arming plug and and reinstalled the electronics.  Anyway results ain't half bad if you stay back 6'.   My plan is to use this ship to learn the beginner's patter.  The only thing I haven't tried yet is the over head 8.  I have a stiff neck and I will have to work out how to do the overhead stuff.   If it survives and if I get off my lazy rear-end and learn the pattern I should make my first stunt contest next summer.

Nice plane, looks like fun. Overhead 8, my favorite stunt, no ground to worry about.

Motorman 8)

John Rist:
More pictures of the electronics setup.   D>K

Ken Culbertson:

--- Quote from: John Rist on October 13, 2020, 09:27:08 AM ---More pictures of the electronics setup.   D>K

--- End quote ---
Really nice job.  The Cavalier is one of my Classic favorites.  Just for reference, I used the clamshell on my profile Twister.  I ran the shell over the wing as you did thinking that enough air would make it out the back to cool everything.  I was wrong.  After cutting slots in the shell and cutting off the part over the wing, all was well.  It had about 300 flights on it when it died in our house fire but that was the only time it ever overheated.


John Rist:
Kin Good point.  The motor should be OK.  It is out in the open on one side.  On past flights the battery was warm but not what I would consider hot.   However, in the future I will keep an eye on how hot things get.

John  y1


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