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Mike Spiess:
Now that we know there are guys out there that are willing to help. How about some that need some help to post here, so we can hook you up with someone. I'm sure someone is out there that could use some hands on help. Just let us know here and we will do our best.

james dean:
I'm a stunt guy who's just getting serious about sanding and polishing dope finishs.  I have some materialsfor polishing but it would be great if someone could get me started? D>K Your suggestions would be most appreciated.

Howard Rush:
Where do you live, James? 

See Phil Granderson's article in Model Aviation a year or so ago.  That's how you do it.

james dean:
Thanks Howard,  I've found that edition and visited the autopaint store for the stuff Phil recommended.  Can you reccomend a supplier for the "flex Shaft" as there doesn't seem to be a current mfg. co. for this item.  Also, how long should one wait for the "Dope" to harden before attempting this polishing evolution?

Frank Egyed:
Greetings Forum Members
I'm a noob to this forum so please forgive any faux pas...
I'm returning to flying after a 34 year "sabbatical" and am now overwhelmed by the choices and information available ! I'd like to fly F2B again. My last model was a SIG Super Chipmunk and I was capable of putting it through a semi-respectable pattern.
It pleases me no end to see the Chipmunk kit is still around (I had mine painted like on the box :-) ) and am considering building another. Would you say it's still competitive, or have things come a long way since then? I've also seen a SIG Akrobat for sale which looks very similar to the Chipmunk but with built up rudder and elevator - any idea which is better?
I was thinking of sticking to a 40ish engine to keep the model size able to fit in a car, so I found the Vector40 in my googles. I see it has won/placed at the US Nats, but have read it's a "good intermediate" aircraft. Would you know if it's better than the two SIG models? And am I better off going for a bigger 51 or 60 powered model - is the performance THAT much better? (I have an enclosed trailer to carry a bigger model if needed))
I LOVE the 4/2 style of flying, but I'm finding it hard to get info about which motors will still do this. And now there is electric apparently available I'm interested (in avoiding cleaning), but again finding it hard to get useful info. Can you have throttle to replicate the 4/2 thing without too much weight? And what kind of motor would be equivalent to 40?
So after twenty questions, one more - any recommendations for my new bird ?
Thanks in advance for any input.


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