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Eastern Massachusetts


We fly control line at the 107th R/C Flyer's club in Saugus, MA.
Please contact me through this forum if you would like some help
getting started.


Ryan Grimm:
I'm an old stunt flyer from the 70's...if you have the gear and want to learn, I'm in Plymouth MA.

Right now my gear is buried and needs serious maintenance, so it's unlikely/unavailable for use.
Having said that, if you supply the fuel and a decent starting battery, I can get you started with some .049 trainers which I have, and move you up to stunt the slow way LOL!

I used to do strange stuff with CL planes, from flying the round disc from a pizza box(!), to multi-engines, to halfway decent scale carrier.
I even designed a 1/2A (.049) carrier setup for training.

Brian Stas:
Ryan Grimm, are you still flying in the area.  We fly a lot in Kingston

Brian Stas....Ryan only ever had 2 posts .....He was Last Active:December 29, 2012, 05:46:08 AM

Very unlikely you will get a response

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