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Title: Any one near Lampasas or Killeen Texas
Post by: Fredvon4 on March 02, 2014, 12:20:10 PM
I mean to visit Mr. Mears in Lubbock this year but that drive is also to long to do frequently

Old fart (58) trying to gain skill and competence to fly competition combat again

Primary interest is high performance 1/2a (lite hawk variant with Cox, Norvel, and Fora .049s)
I also have Jeff Dawson planes designed to have Nelson 36 up front but for now using ASP 25BB for training

Did not get kitted up to fly with .15s but as the world is ever moving to ONLY speed limit and F2D I may have to adjust my inventory next year

I am in line for 2 of the new Nelson 36s being brokered through the North West (Jeffery Rein) and Henry nelson
I will be at the Bladder Grabber again this year and would like to fly (last year I watched and pitted)

Bottom line is I need someone near Waco, Austin, Killeen, Salado to fly two up combat

Right now I have to drive to Houston to play with R Stubblefield, SA with Jeff Dawson, or Lubbock and Mears