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  • July 20, 2019, 12:50:23 PM

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Author Topic: ZTW and Cobra ESC  (Read 474 times)

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ZTW and Cobra ESC
« on: October 15, 2018, 09:52:37 AM »
My eParrot used the Cobra 40+Amps. ESC for two years.
I have used the entire system (Cobra 2820/12 motor with Igor's 11x5x3 prop., Cobra 40+ Amps. ESC, 4S 3000 mAh Zippys and the KR Governor) very close to its limits and the ESC started dying after about 160 pattern flights. It started heating up too much and finally switched itself off in the middle of the pattern. I managed to land and replaced a very hot Cobra 40+ Amps. ESC with the ZTW Mantis 65 Amps. ESC.

ZTW ESC stayed cool but there were small RPM fluctuations in the last 15-20 seconds of the flight. Also, a momentary dip and then 2-3 seconds long RPM increase governed by the KR Governor in the very end of the flight disappeared. I could finish the pattern but the RPM fluctuations affected the OH eight and the cloverleaf. The cut off voltage under load was set as 3.0 Volts. The batteries drain was always 78-80% with the average in-flight current around 28 Amps.

Today, I have replaced the ZTW Mantis 65 Amps. ESC. with the Cobra 60+ Amps. ESC and the problem was solved, but not completely.

After 5 minutes pattern flight, there is now again a momentary RPM dip, followed by the RPM increase for 2-3 seconds and the motor stops.

I wrote "not completely" because I still do not know what the difference is between the ZTW Mantis 65 Amps. ESC and the Cobra 60+ Amps. ESC and there must be some.

I have compared the programmable setup in both ESCs and it is identical. For example, the cut off voltage is set as 3.0 Volts under the load in both ESCs and both have the hard brake function activated and working.

It is certainly possible that the ZTW ESC uses the electronic components that are different from the Cobra ESC components and these components react differently to the voltage and current changes in the last 15-20 seconds of the flight.

I would be grateful for your comments.

Thank you and Happy Flying,

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Re: ZTW and Cobra ESC
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2018, 06:13:56 AM »
Might be a low voltage warning shut off procedure initiated by the ESC. That being said your motor is waaay to small for the job. Going up in motor size would solve all your problems.
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